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Obama Speaks To Hate Merchants, Rush Limbaugh Insults To Women

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From Denny:  Rush Limbaugh refuses to apologize for "slut, prostitute and whore" comments against American women in general and against Sandra Fluke in particular.  President Obama jumped into the fray, denying Limbaugh any satisfaction, phoning law student Fluke for an encouraging conversation.

Georgetown law student, Sandra Fluke, was prohibited from testifying to a House committee about support of government mandated contraceptive health care coverage.

The Republicans refused to allow any woman to testify unless they chose said woman for the all male religious panel that amounted to a predetermined outcome kangaroo court.  The female politicians in the House were outraged so they held their own hearing for Fluke to testify publicly and honestly without editing from the Republicans preventing her liberty and free speech.

GOP Hate Merchants hurl accusations against women and minorities 

Well, the Hate Merchants - in addition to Limbaugh - didn't waste any time doing their usual dirty politics and started off with the character assassination of Susan Fluke.  They called her a whore, a prostitute and a slut all because she supports the need for birth control as part of a woman's health care coverage.

Hate Merchant in Chief and Creepy Pervert At Large on the radio airwaves is GOP darling and talk show host Rush Limbaugh.  He demanded that Susan Fluke and all other American women video themselves having sex and then send him the evidence so he can feel he "got his money's worth for helping to pay for their health care."  What a vile nasty pervert.

Worse, none of the Republican female politicians denounced this tirade - and many others like it.  In fact, they help promote the Kick the Victim mentality.  The Republican "leadership" cowers at the feet of Limbaugh, refusing to reject his rhetoric.  Why?  Because they ALL repeat it daily and agree with it.

ALL the Republican talk shows repeat these character assassinations and bigoted comments on a regular basis against anyone who disagrees with their political views - from Fox News to Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and all the other top GOP darlings of the Hate Merchants.

In fact, GOP Senator McConnell of Kentucky is the one who got in a flap a few months ago for talking openly about how he hated President Obama and called him "a tar baby."  What is this - a re-run of Mad Men where white men can say and do whatever they please, be as abusive as they enjoy and not suffer any consequences?

Rush Limbaugh's current marriage on the rocks

Limbaugh's bully tirade sure sounds like his fifth (or whatever number) marriage isn't working out.  Obviously, said recent trophy wife has finally figured out that living with him is too difficult even with all the money surrounding her.  Some situations - like an abusive condescending bully spouse - are just not worth it no matter how high a lifestyle she can enjoy.

Limbaugh is a loser at relationships as attested by how many marriages he has failed.  Guys like him have to buy a wife because he does not understand or accept the concepts of love and respect apply to him to give to another person.  His recent bad behavior makes a person wonder if he is acting out because his current marriage is disintegrating so recently after the wedding.  He is the one who needs to change but he will not recognize it.

Another point, considering his recent extreme rapid weight return, is to point out that perhaps he has slid back down into his former drug addiction.  He sure sounds like a guy who is detoxing and in bad need of a fix.  People get extremely grumpy and mean when their body is in heavy detox.  Whatever the reason, there really is no excuse for his bad attitude, rude and crude behavior on the airwaves and the Republican enablers that encourage it for political reasons.

Should we pay for Limbaugh's Viagra on his health coverage?

One interesting development from this situation is how many in the media are wondering if women should have to pay for Limbaugh's Viagra in his health care plan so he can continue to get his private erector set up to performance level.  Obviously, Limbaugh must be having a boatload of difficulty in the sexual arena.

Guys who talk this nasty are always the ones who are not getting any sex or can't perform to get it.  It's the quiet ones who are smiling on the sidelines and so easy to get along with are the men who are sexually happy.  Limbaugh does not live in that camp as evidenced by his constant hate tirades against women.

Obama talks to Sandra Fluke

President Obama put in a call to the college student at the center of this firestorm, Sandra Fluke.  She was surprised to receive his call.  The President made a point to encourage her in this situation, commenting upon how very proud her parents must be of her for taking on this public comment when she could sit on the sidelines and avoid the Republican vitriol.

Was the President trying to make brownie points with the women's vote?  Did his advisers see a political opportunity and jumped on it?  Or did it just tick him off to see a young woman so derided in the media by the Hate Merchants that he felt he had to phone her and register his comment?  Maybe he thought to the future when his daughters will have to field this same vitriol just for being women or black?

Whatever the reason that prompted him, probably all of the above since this is a very political White House, the President did the right thing by entering into the fray.  He needs to keep up the pressure on the Republicans, and with withering force, not relenting until they all back up in reverse and run for the hills.

Women are fed up with abusive treatment and no one stopping it

Women are not taking this abuse and incendiary crap.  We are about to proverbially light Rush Limbaugh's and the GOP's hair on fire.  We will not sit by idly and tolerate this any more.  While Limbaugh is unrepentant, refusing to apologize - along with other GOP numb nuts - women are organizing all across America.

The move is to hit them in the economic balls.  They want to worship at the altar of money then money it is that will be taken from them.  They have done a bad job of proper stewardship of that money.  It's because Limbaugh gets paid outrageous money in the millions to spew his hate that he believes he is untouchable.  No one is untouchable and unaccountable.

Women are taking note of who are the advertisers for Limbaugh's show and have started boycotting their products.  To date, four of Limbaugh's advertisers have pulled out of sponsorship of his show because of the extreme controversy.  After all, how smart is it to alienate over 55 percent of America against your products?  More advertisers will follow dumping their sponsorship.  Limbaugh will be cancelled before this situation is finished.

Limbaugh can howl and rail against women all he wants.  It's too late for him and his ilk because they are cooked.  Remember the old proverb:  "When Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody gonna be happy."  And, right now, American women are not happy.  No one gets our vote until this situation is righted and respect and civil discourse restored.

To all the decent men who have stepped up and defended women against abusive perverts and creeps like Limbaugh and the GOP:  You are appreciated more than ever.  Thank you.  You truly are "The Man"!

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