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Breaking: ALL Rush Ads Suspended. 140 Advertisers Abandon Limbaugh, Conservative Hosts Too

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From Denny:  Breaking news at 9:00 PM:  ALL national advertising for the Rush Limbaugh show has been suspended for two weeks.

Keep up the pressure on the advertisers.  Right now this looks like an attempt to cool down the national temperature so they can return to business as usual.  Don't count on it, Good Ol' Boys Network.

There is nothing like a woman scorned.  American women are fed up with the mean-spiritedness of GOP talk show hosts aimed squarely at all women.

During the past two weeks women, all across the nation, took measures to let national advertisers know loud and clear they will not purchase their products.  Utilizing social media, the internet and blogging proved to be quite effective for a relentless campaign in real time.

As a result of the campaigns of liberal groups emailing and phoning in their complaints to the various targeted companies, more advertisers fled the controversy.  By Friday when I was posting about this advertiser runaway it was 50 companies.  This Monday morning it was 98 companies.  By nightfall the tally grew to 140 advertisers abandoning the Rush Limbaugh ship and other conservative talk show hosts.  There are only 350 advertisers on the entire Premiere Radio Networks for a variety of shows.

It is quite stupid, and business suicide, to trash talk the very prized advertising target in America:  women between the ages of 24 to 55.  After all, it is women who do the majority of the shopping in this country, everything from clothing to food, cars to housing choices.

Apparently, with the anti-Rush campaign in full swing, advertisers soon witnessed their economic chances dwindling if they stayed with a sinking ship.  Women are justifiably angry at the constant beat of Hate Merchants on the airwaves, from the conservative talk show hosts to music lyrics.  The time has come to an end and we all say, "Good riddance!"

By the way, the U.S. Army is one of Rush Limbaugh's advertisers.  Is it any wonder they refuse to take him off Armed Forces Radio?  They should be ashamed of themselves.  They also need to resign their positions in disgrace. Update:  the U.S. Army just pulled their advertising.

Rush Limbaugh's demographic is aging, white men - just like the Pentagon brass.  Over the past decade Limbaugh has been steadily losing female listeners to the point he is left with a dying niche of mean, fat, old white guys.  Is it any wonder the Limbaugh supporters in the Pentagon "leadership" do not care about the hundreds of thousands of service women raped in the military universities and military service?  What a depraved mindset.

Angry White Male Radio
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There are 96 national companies that were listed in a memo from Premiere Radio Networks, the distributor of Limbaugh's program, that want to "avoid environments likely to stir negative sentiments."  Some of the most high profile listed in that memo are:

Carmakers:  Ford, GM, Toyota

Insurance:  AllState, GEICO, Prudential, State Farm

Restaurants:  McDonald's, Subway

Those same national advertisers have requested to be removed from the following other shows as they "deem them to be offensive."

Glenn Beck
Sean Hannity
Michael Savage
Mark Levin
Tom Leykis

Here's the first 50 that left Limbaugh early:  Rush Limbaugh: Who Are Still Running Ads? 49 Companies Left (updated to 50)

Here's a list of the most recent 91 companies that abandoned Limbaugh and other controversial talk show hosts:

• 21st Century Insurance 
• Rite Aid 
• Ace Hardware 
• Honda 
• Robitussin 
• Acura 
• Sam Adams 
Advance Auto Parts 
• Icy Hot 
• Sam’s Club 
• Advil (All products) 
• Intuit/Small Business 
• Schiff – Digestive Advantage • Alacer/Emergen-C 
• Schiff – Mega Red 
• Allegra (all products) 
• Johnson & Johnson (All Brands) • Schiff – Move Free 
• Kohl’s 
• Schiff – Sustenex 
• Ally Bank 
• La Quinta 
• Scotts Miracle-Gro (all products) 
• American Express 
• Lifetime 
• Autozone 
• Little Caesars 
• Sony 
• Lowe’s 
• State Farm 
• British Petroleum 
• Luxottica 
• Staples 
• Bullfrog Sunblock 
• Macy’s 
• Sterling/Kay Jared Jewelers 
• Caltrate 
• MasterCard 
• Subway 
• Centrum 
• McDonalds 
• Takeda Uloric 
• Chapstick 
• Midas 
• The Home Depot 
• Clorox (Pinesol/Homecare) 
• Napa Auto Parts 
• ThermaCare 
• Cortizone 
• National Realtor 
• Toyota 
• DeVry 
• Discover Card 
• Office Depot 
• Twinings of London 
• Domino’s Pizza 
• Office Max 
• Tyson/Wright Brand Bacon 
• Exxon/Exxon Mobil 
• One Main Financial 
• Unisom 
• Farmers Insurance 
• United Healthcare 
• Ford 
• Orkin 
• U.S. Army 
• Outback 
• U. S. Postal Service 
• General Motors (All products -GM Certified Service 
• Chevy 
• Onstar 
• Cadillac • etc) 
• Preparation H 
• Visa 
• Gold Bond (all products 
• ProNutrients (all products) 
• Walgreens 
• Grainger 
• Progressive Insurance 
• Wal-Mart 
• Green Mountain Coffee 
• Prudential 
• Wells Fargo 
• Hallmark 
• Radio Shack 
• Wrigley 
• H&R Block 
• Rent-A-Center 
• Yahoo!

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