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Can The President Control Gas Prices? Yes, If He Learns How

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From Denny:  As usual this White House gets things as ass backwards as the backward Republicans by just skimming the surface of political issues instead of drilling down into the details to achieve success and truly move the needle.

The Obama White House goes at everything from a frontal assault, never considering good old-fashioned guerrilla warfare, something women well understand and have practiced out of necessity for centuries.

Getting gas prices down to normal has not been a priority for this White House for three years and, now, years of ignoring the obvious has backfired.  Americans are furious at the lack of inaction and the high prices as evidenced by the recent polls.

You just can't suddenly turn your attention to an issue that could prevent your reelection at the last minute.  Yet this political White House has done just that, all because of the glaring bad polls.  Instead, President Obama goes on the airwaves to whine about how he cannot do anything about the gas prices as the markets are out of his hands.  Who believes that?

Obama cites how he has reduced our dependence upon foreign oil and inched up the fuel efficiency for cars.  But those are long term efforts that do not affect the short term greed going on in the market place.  Obama also cites that rumors of wars, like the Republicans so love to promote, knowing it frightens the markets into sending gas prices through the roof, plagues his efforts to get prices under control.  The opposition party's antics are just part of the problem as to why Obama cannot get a hold of this economy.

Democrats attacking Democrats not the way to go for reelecting the president

You would think Obama's Chief Political Hack, David Axelrod, who is fond of torpedoing fellow Democratic politicians to ruin their careers and reputations, using the Justice Dept. for trumped up lawsuits like the one against Senator John Edwards (that recently is falling apart because of a lying witness), and sabotaging fellow political consultants at every turn because of real or imagined slights, that this Karl Rove style hack would have figured it out by now what to do about lowering gas prices.

Political hack, misogynist, Obama senior adviser Axelrod detrimental to reelection campaign 

Maybe he has; he just doesn't have the nerve to carry it off.  Which is why he is always attacking only Democratic critics, pundits, politicians and political consultants, and, most especially, the super delegates who will vote against Obama come the convention, no matter what they are promising Obama to his face.

Yes, Axelrod has ticked off the Democratic Party at large that much after three years of non-stop petty political vendettas Axelrod style.  But, Obama will never take off the training wheels.  It sure looks like he will go down in flames with Axelrod because he holds the erroneous belief that it was Axelrod that propelled him into office.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi first to promote Obama and Obama slaps her politically every day

The reality is that he has Speaker Nancy Pelosi to thank for his office.  It was she who promoted him at the Democratic convention.  It was she who promoted him within the Democratic Party, with women and the youth vote.  All Axelrod did was hitchhike off her efforts and massive fund-raising she has done for decades.

Axelrod's bad advice, manipulating machinations cause more harm than good for nation and party

This White House listens too much to the one voice of Axelrod as President Bush did to the lone voice of Karl Rove, neither of whom were chosen by the voters.  Axelrod continues to run the country "his way" which is misogynistic for one and insensitive to the needs of the American people for the other.  Both are bad for the country and both are just plain playing to the stupid column.

If Obama and his co-president sidekick Axelrod would spend as much effort in destroying the Republican message and the GOP politicians as they expend destroying fellow Democrats, they would never have had all the national issues like gas prices and women's rights slam them so forcefully in the face as are occurring right now.

Women slam Rush Limbaugh comments and organize campaign against him, not White House

What am I talking about?  Consider the uproar over the Rush Limbaugh comments of "slut, whore, prostitute" for a young woman testifying before an all female House committee when she was denied that testimony in the Republican-controlled House.

All this has done is remind American women of just how fed up and angry we are at how we are treated in our own country.  Women are fed up with being told to go to the back of the bus.  It's time we move forward and claim our rightful place in society, the work place and politics in spite of the critics and the enablers of the misogynists.

Even hard core conservative female Republican voters are fed up with how the Republicans insist upon regulating women's health and the conduct of our bodies as The Taliban in the Middle East.  Many female Republicans are now considering voting for Obama against the Republican choice no matter who it is.

Republican women consider voting for Obama, maybe handing 2nd term to him

Should the Obama camp be jumping up and down for joy about his reelection prospects because the Republican Party has so pissed off the women's vote?  Maybe.  But consider this: "Be careful what you wish for."

Obama's second term, if he gets it, may turn out to be so overwhelming even he wants to give it back and walk away.  If women's issues do not dominate and finally get satisfaction on all levels - political, health, the military and the work place - then expect impeachment, one that will stick and force Obama from office.

How will impeachment stick?  Easy. It's because of Axelrod's foolish vendettas that have broken the law one too many times.  A small investigation into that web of wrongdoing is enough to bring down a presidency.

2nd Term must champion women's issues constantly or face impeachment

Women have been denied for 40 years since the beginning of the modern women's movement, Rush Limbaugh derisively labeled "FemiNazis."  When Obama first came into office he showed some promise on the new law guaranteeing women truly equal pay.

Since then, nothing has changed.  All employers did was fire the men with the same jobs and kept women at the same bad pay.  As hiring starts to pick up in the next year or so, it will be interesting to see if Obama has the courage to enforce his new law or face the withering fire of women turned upon him as Rush Limbaugh has experienced.  See this post:  Breaking: ALL Rush Ads Suspended. 140 Advertisers Abandon Limbaugh, Conservative Hosts Too 

9/11 attacks that put women's issues on hold, rapes in the military unanswered, no justice

Since the 9/11 attacks, women's issues were placed on the back burner to simmer in American politics.  Women understood the needs of the nation at the time and chose to be patient.  What did the political parties choose to do?  They chose to be greedy, preventing women from rising in the work place and sending women deeper into poverty, never seeing daylight at the end of the tunnel.

Rapes of service women in the military have skyrocketed in the past decade with no justice for these women.  Nor have the men been properly prosecuted, charges knocked down to meaningless judicial drivel and lame excuses.

Worse, decades later, these same rapists are high up in the Pentagon, continuing to compound the issue for justice.  Defense Sec. Panetta should consider firing the entire upper command, and the next three tiers down, and start over with a fresh attitude determined to be honorable.

Pentagon cowards refuse to give justice to raped service women

The double-wronged service women ended up having to slap a federal lawsuit on the Navy and the Marines to get past the stone-wallers in the Pentagon who didn't give a rat's ass about the rapes.  Many of those Pentagon brass told the women they deserved what they got.

Do we want these kind of perverts running our military and teaching in and running our military colleges?  It's no wonder they still refuse to dump Rush Limbaugh off the Armed Forces Radio Network - because they are in agreement with him about mistreating and hating women.

What President Kennedy did to rein in Big Business successfully

So, with all this back story leading up as the reasons for a president to learn how to control gas prices in order to bring down the national political temperature, what can the President do?  Hardball Chris Matthews suggested for President Obama to take a page out of President Kennedy's playbook when it comes to dealing with Big Business.  In other words, ignore Axelrod's continuing bad advice for starters.

How President Kennedy handled Big Business arrogance and double crosses

Here's what Kennedy did when faced with hyper inflation, engaged in a huge bitter fight with Big Business, he cut a deal with labor.  Kennedy cut what he thought was a great compromise for both sides.  Kennedy cut a deal with the steel industry, and corporate rivals, to hold back on their prices if he could also convince the united steel workers to hold back on their wage demands.  It should have been a win-win for the country as well as Big Business and labor, keeping inflation in check.

Kennedy, like Obama today, thought if the deal was struck that both sides would honor said agreement.  Not so for Kennedy any more than for Obama today.  Here is where the guerrilla warfare comes in that I mentioned at the beginning of my post.

The showdown between Big Business and President Kennedy

What happened to Kennedy is that after the deal was struck, the U.S. Steel President, Roger Blou, requested a meeting with Kennedy.  He boldly walked into the room and dropped a press release down onto the table in front of Kennedy to taunt him.  That press release announced a big price increase in steel prices, contrary to the agreement Kennedy brokered.  He flouted it in Kennedy's face, then walked out, confident Kennedy could do nothing about it.

The steel execs' double cross of a President

That fool sure was wrong, thinking Kennedy politically impotent.  After all, Jack Kennedy was the son of Joseph Kennedy, a former bootlegger and all around devious kind of guy, accustomed to the criminal element's double cross.  Whether Kennedy counseled with his father or figured it out on his own just from observing his father's political dealings and business practices, he devised a plan to deal with the double cross from Big Business.

How Kennedy handled the double cross to rein in Big Business

Kennedy told the U.S. Steel President, Roger Blou, that what was he was doing was "in the best interest of his shareholders but, as President, I'm going to do what is in the best interest of my shareholders, the people of the United States."

Kennedy was furious that Blou was screwing him.  Not only were the steel execs raising prices, they were doing it with great relish and impunity.  Blou also knew he had politically, and publicly, fried Kennedy with labor, leaving him out on a limb to dangle helplessly.

Kennedy used his powers as President, the details mattered

Kennedy, a WW2 war hero, was not well impressed with that slam dunk so he went into action, guerrilla warfare tactics, government style.  He enlisted his brother, AG Bobby Kennedy, to pursue the steel executives in a way they could not take the searing heat:  expense accounts were scrutinized, hotel bills checked and other efforts that involved the tiny details of life that often trip up the devious and scheming.

Anything and everything was utilized to embarrass these Big Business guys who really could not handle close scrutiny.  Oh, how the IRS is a useful tool as much as the Justice Dept. for a president.  It's always about the details.

Kennedy knew these steel execs were willing to drive up inflation, hurting the country, just to drive bigger profits for them.  Sound familiar when you fast forward decades later to what Obama is facing today wrangling with Big Business?

Kennedy won the fight with Big Business

Who won that fight when you have the IRS and the Justice Dept. and other government entities at your disposal?  You guessed it:  Kennedy.  Big steel buckled and capitulated, agreeing to the terms of the original deal.  Kennedy did not fashion a new deal to mollify the greedy execs.  Instead, Kennedy found several ways to force them to honor the deal as originally created.  Unlike Obama today, Kennedy did not back up one inch.

Kennedy championed the American people instead of greedy business people

Kennedy let Big Business know they were on notice and could not behave as dictators of the American economy and quality of life for Americans.  This President proved that the boys in the boardroom are not kings and the rest of the country just has to tolerate it, thinking we have no recourse.  It's time for Obama to start putting the heat on the oil industry to quit holding America, and the rest of the world, hostage to their greedy profits.

There are far too many ways to rein them in that Obama has yet to utilize.  The national oil reserves can be released though Obama is on record saying he thinks that should only be done in an emergency.  A struggling middle class, that has imploded from massively high unemployment and high foreclosures, does not qualify?

Another avenue is to pull the oil leases immediately or condition them heavily.  It's time to get serious and start collecting the oil and gas royalties and send them to the various states to bolster the economy and state budgets.  The Gulf Coast is in dire need of those oil and gas royalties to rebuild the barrier islands and the economy still struggling hit or miss.

Obama can employ the EPA and other agencies to breathe down their necks and the list goes on.  Obama would have realized that by now if he did not allow Axelrod to distract him with stupid political vendettas against members of his own party.

Vendetta lawsuit against Sen. John Edwards falling apart, embarrassing for Obama reelection

FYI, Obama, Holder and Axelrod, your political vendetta against Senator John Edwards has lost.  You fashioned your entire case around a guy that has now been found to have perjured himself in another related case.

You fashioned your case around trumped up charges and changing a law to apply that was not in effect at the time of the supposed crime.  Besides being just plain scummy, it was stupid because now no one in the Democratic Party trusts you since they figure it is only a matter of time before you do to them what you have done to Edwards.

President Obama, if you are actually so proud - and indelibly stupid - to not drop all charges immediately, then Team Edwards will be mopping the floor with your federal prosecutors when the case begins later this month.  Yes, they have that much against you, enough to disbar said prosecutors and force Holder to resign in disgrace.  Get in front of this so as to not embarrass the Obama bid for a second term.

Offering Edwards stupid deals in the hope that he will cave when now he is in the driver's seat only delays the inevitable.  Obama, get serious, call Holder; drop the charges, apologize for the inconvenience and pray Edwards does not pursue a malicious prosecution lawsuit against the Justice Dept.

If Obama truly desires a second term then it's high time he get serious and restore confidence in the Democratic Party.  Allowing Axelrod to run out of control with political vendettas has been unwise at best and destructive to the party at worst.  Trust is everything.  If you cannot create a trustful atmosphere then it's all over but the whining and crying as to why you didn't win the election.

Democratic Super Delegates uncomfortable reelecting Obama because of political vendettas

Judicial misconduct and malicious prosecution are just two of the problems to haunt the Obama reelection campaign. The other is these malicious political vendettas Axelrod continues to do against other Democrats.  Think Senator Specter's recent story in the news of when Obama got his final 60th vote for health care after Specter left the Republicans and became a Democrat. Obama then torpedoed Specter's career.

What makes you think that the super delegates in the Democratic Party, who are increasingly uncomfortable and downright angry with this trumped up Edwards lawsuit and other situations like it against fellow Democrats, will feel comfortable voting for Obama come the convention?  Are you delusional?

Obama, you only have a short time to unravel these unwise political vendettas of Axelrod's doing.  Distance yourself from him quickly if you wish to get reelected as you distanced yourself from Rev. Wright.  Axelrod is a misogynist which will only hurt your chances with female voters.  Take off the training wheels and start governing on your own.

Your decisions made only by you will prove smarter and wiser than those influenced or decided by others. Start trusting your own instincts and toughen up.

Your wife can't stand Axelrod either.  Sometimes, men really should listen to their wives, especially when they are the First Ladies.  If Bush had listened to Laura Bush about a second term, his place in history might have been much different.

Just like this country desperately needs to return to a separation of church and state, our politics must return to a separation of political advisers and pollsters from the White House's daily issues and governance.  Think about it.

Hardball Chris Matthews on how President Kennedy stood up to business bullies:

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