Thursday, February 24, 2011

17 American Uprising Cartoons: Wisconsin

From Denny:  Have you heard the latest humor twist on this jerk of a governor in Wisconsin? Turns out the fool sent out a pink slip to the teacher wife of his own GOP Speaker of the House in Wisconsin. Yeah, now when it happens to Republicans suddenly it isn't so funny any more. I bet that Speaker's wife now wants to take a baseball bat to the governor.

The Republican governors in Louisiana (my state), Indiana and Ohio are all backing down from their high horse attitudes of firing every one and taking away their rights. Talk about public outrage and backlash this past week.

I'm sure the GOP strategists are telling them to back off to put this issue to bed quickly before no Republican can get elected. Sure hope they stay stubborn and keep pushing the issue. :) At least now, a lot of people who were never quite sure this union-busting was true are sure of it now. The public is also now aware of just how much our wages are in peril in every industry because of corrupt politicians.

And the Second American Revolution begins in  The Heartland of America: Wisconsin

Bill Day

Chip Bok

Steve Benson

Gary Varvel

Gary Varvel

Clay Bennett

Drew Sheneman

Michael Ramirez

Ed Stein

Drew Sheneman

Don Wright

Walt Handelsman

John Sherffius

Nick Anderson

Paul Szep

MIke Thompson

Steve Sack

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