Friday, February 4, 2011

Cartoons: Just Good Old-Fashioned Political Comedy

Official Portrait of President Ronald ReaganImage via Wikipedia

From Denny: Sometimes, Life is just too amusing and these cartoonists certainly have capitalized on the opportunists capitalizing on us. Lots of funnies about President Obama's SOTU address, "addressing" the silly school child culture that surrounded the days before the speech.

 You know, just who asked "you have got to be kidding me!" to sit with them instead of in the usual stiff-necked partisan division. It was all about the political marketing of trying to convince America how Congress and the President are so serious about working together for our common good. Yeah, sure left me speechless too. :)

Then this week was the 100th birthday of deceased former President Reagan. Everyone tries to capitalize upon his charisma too. While I did not agree with his conservative agenda and was not ttoo thrilled about how he was the first president to run up a $1 trillion debt, the guy was a sweetie personality-wise. In fact, he was originally a Democrat until he married money and his father-in-law convinced him to come over to The Dark Side - Republicanism. What that father-in-law saw was what the Republican Party sorely lacked - and still does - anyone with a heart.

GOP 2012 presidential wannabe contenders like Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin have been invoking Reagan's memory and comparing themselves to him. Reagan was an original, folks. Ain't no one like him in the political sphere today. Not even Obama can - or should - compare himself to Reagan.

It is rather creepy how the GOP has been promoting Reagan to God status just like they did the Constitution. Enough already and the cartoonists agree! :)

Just plain good old-fashioned political comedy:

Clay Bennett


MIke Thompson

Marshall Ramsey

Steve Kelley

Jack Ohman

Marshall Ramsey

Jack Ohman

Steve Breen

Steve Kelley

Clay Bennett

Moderately Confused

Don Wright

Bill Day

John Sherffius

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