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Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 28 Feb 2011

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From Denny: The world is changing at a dizzying rate the past few weeks with all the political upheaval in the Middle East. This kind of change is good and will end up improving everyone's lives around the world. Thirty years of poor economies and human rights abuses brought it to a head. This change was inevitable. When people feel so desperate they no longer feel they have anything to lose is when people take high risks.

Egypt and Tunisia have been decided and they are in transition to developing new governments. Libya has yet to be decided though defections from the Army and other sectors has Gadhafi increasingly isolated from his former supporters - and enablers.

It's best the West stay out of this turmoil. We don't need to arm the rebels or protect the leader in the process of getting deposed. It is up to the people of Libya to rise up and do the work themselves. If America interferes it takes away their pride of their moment in history. It is not for us to be so paternalistic in attitude toward developing nations. They will learn to grow just as we are also learning to take a hands off approach and trust them to choose well for themselves.

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