Friday, February 11, 2011

Breaking News: Egypt Jubilant, This Blogger Called It Right: Mubarak Leaves

Hosni MubarakImage by robertxcadena via Flickr

From Denny:  This blogger gets to tell the mainstream media, "You were wrong!" They were claiming Mubarak would not leave. This blogger told them Mubarak was just doing his military leader version of The Long Goodbye. "I told you so!" never felt so good because now the Egyptian people have a real chance at democracy and truly free and fair elections of their own choosing.

It will be exciting to watch it unfold over the months ahead.  Do not underestimate the Egyptian people.  They will not allow a fundamentalist Islamic regime to grab power.  They are fed up with being held down, oppressed, and treated like starving dogs.

Right now the status is that Mubarak left Cairo last night after giving his unwelcome speech as the crowds swelled to millions in the Tahrir Square. The mainstream media were churning out stories of how Mubarak was still in power but with much less power since he transferred much of it to the new Vice President Omar Suleiman.

Right now the Army is taking over the transition to new government, aiding the Vice President who is basically the new President until someone can be elected.  The Army came down on the side of the protesters, giving Mubarak a safe exit.  Today many of the military are out in the Tahrir Square celebrating with the protesters.  After all, how can Mubarak ask the military to fire upon their own relatives and friends?  It was never going to succeed for Mubarak to hold onto power.

Another interesting development is the protesters are demanding to know, "Mubarak, where is all the money?" You guessed it. Follow the money. Turns out today the Swiss banks froze Mubarak's assets until this all shakes out. I guess the next question is, "But did Mubarak move money to Saudi Banks?"  They do own controlling interests in several American banks.  Are they hiding any of Mubarak's money in America? As you recall, the Saudi monarchy wanted to prop up Mubarak because they fear their own people will riot and depose their regime.

Egypt has a lot of well-wishers in the Arab world besides in the West. Palestinians in the Gaza and the Tunisians all took to the streets, horns blaring, celebrating with jubilation.

From Egyptian anchor Amr Nassef, who was once imprisoned in Egypt for alleged ties to Islamists, cried emotionally on the air and said: "Allahu Akbar (God is great), the Pharaoh is dead. Am I dreaming? I'm afraid to be dreaming."

It's a good day in Egypt!  We wish them well.

Watch the video of the celebration as Richard Engel reports: