Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Funny News: Fake David Koch Punked Idiot GOP Wisconsin Gov. Walker

From Denny:  Talk about hilarious. A liberal blogger, Ian Murphy of, decided to place a call to Gov. Walker, claiming to be billionaire businessman, David Koch, left in the above photo, of the famous Koch Brothers. The governor bought it hook, line and sinker.

The Koch brothers are these guys who are bankrupting America and whittling away at basic rights, employee rights, affordable health care and much more. These guys are really nothing but anarchists trying to overthrow an elected government by ruining the economy and national wages in order to concentrate the country's wealth into fewer and fewer hands: theirs. These billionaires are so damned greedy that they crave more billions and not enough politicians seem to have the will to stop them.

The Koch brothers are also the same guys who sponsor all these crazy political think tanks that, on the surface, sound like good American values - until you dig deeper. There are literally hundreds of these so-called think tanks on the internet.  Many people claim they get no pay for working for them which is more lying.  There are other ways to get compensated than directly.  Yet we all know they are nothing but fact-twisting propaganda sites that churn out the manufactured lies on a regular basis.

Well, turn about was fair play in this Wisconsin uprising. For some time smart media has maintained that Gov. Walker's position never was about the budget. Rather it was always about a GOP agenda - a Koch brothers agenda - to break the unions. The unions are the last thing left to help a portion of the middle class hold on to what wealth they still own. Too bad most of the white collar workers in America never unionized like they should have decades ago. We all would have had the power to own our government - not the lobbyists.

Gov. Walker completely bought it as if this prank call was for real.  He believed he was actually talking to his supporter David Koch. Walker talked about taking baseball bats to beat up the Democrats, laughing  like it was deliriously funny.  What a jerk.

What this phone call, in Gov. Walker's own voice, shows is the strategy of the GOP to destroy American workers and their livelihoods. And for what? Money. Money in the pockets of all these GOP corrupt politicians like Gov. Walker.  Why are the Wisconsin voters not recalling this corrupt governor?

The workers already agreed to make all the necessary budget tightening concessions the state needs. There is no need to take away their employee rights. This is all about the GOP salivating over union-busting. Once that happens, hold onto your hat because if you think wages are low now they will drop like a rock if this catches on across the nation. It's already happened among white collar workers as our jobs were shipped overseas. What remains are lowered wages because of the glut of employees to fill too few jobs.

Gov. Walker says he thinks his state is the start of the Domino Effect the Republicans and the Koch brothers are looking for to happen. The workers and the unions know if they don't stand firm it will spread across the nation. This just may be the beginning of the Second American Revolution as other Republican governors have been trying to do the very same thing as Walker.

Currently, the Koch brothers consider Wisconsin to be so politically friendly they are opening a downtown office in the capitol city of Madison.  They are adding to their staff of four an additional seven lobbyists.  During the 2010 campaign the Koch brothers gave $43,000 to now Gov. Walker.  What they did that was far more effective was run a multi-million dollar ad against his opponent in the race, helping Walker to win.  The Koch brothers are estimated to be worth beyond $43 billion.

The red flags flying all over the place about this expanded lobbyist presence is because of the cozy situation with Walker.  You see, Koch Industries will now be allowed to purchase state-owned power plants in no-bid contracts.  The good people of Wisconsin had better brace themselves for high energy bills of which they will have no control. That little factoid was buried in Walker's repair bill that no one is mentioning.  Now we know why the Koch brothers bought this GOP politician.

"It's curious that the Kochs have apparently expanded their lobbying presence just as Walker was sworn into office and immediately before a budget was unveiled that would allow the executive branch unilateral power to sell off public utilities in this state in no-bid contracts," says Lisa Graves, executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy.

Photo: left is David Koch, photo by Robert Caplin/New York Times - right is Charles Koch, photo by Dave Williams/Wichita Eagle

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