Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gabby Giffords Speaks 1st Words, May Attend NASA Space Launch

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From Denny: It's only been one month since Gabrielle Giffords was so seriously injured, shot at her political meet and greet. She has astounded doctors with her strong will to recover. She has met with shouts of joy when she first understood commands, moved her legs, and now has uttered her first words. Just this week, Monday morning, Gabby requested the one word, "toast" with her breakfast. I guess she was tired of yogurt and oatmeal, wanting something that tasted different.

Currently, Gabby is doing speech therapy every day, several hours a day she is so motivated to get back to her life as she knew it. When she was shot, the bullet went through the left side of her brain, the side that controls speech. Doctors were not sure she would speak again.

It's good to know Gabby is able to eat three meals a day, a good indicator her appetite is back and her body healing well. The doctors say "she is recovering at lightning speed but that this is a marathon process." Hopefully, if all goes well, Gabby will be able to attend her husband's space shuttle launch for the Endeavor.

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