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Obama: From Most Admired to Unpopular in America

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From Denny: According to the usually accurate Gallup poll, President Obama's popularity is not doing well at all at the end of the year 2010. In fact, his popularity fell in as many as 50 states.

Where does Obama do exceptionally well?

As expected in his native state of Hawaii, he is ranked with a 66 percent favorable rating. In the District of Columbia he is ranked higher with and 84 percent favorable rating.

His worst rating?

In the small state of Wyoming, notoriously very conservative and Republican they rank him as only a 28 percent favorable rating. No surprises there. Yet Obama continues to court the conservative strongholds to no avail - while stiff-arming the more traditionally Democratic strongholds. Obama has watched his support slowly evaporate in just two short years, mainly for rejecting the progressive agenda to curtail the outrageous influence of Big Business lobbyists in our government who are hell bent on destroying the middle class and driving the poor deeper into poverty.

Where did Obama rank higher on approval?

The states where Obama did well on approval were located half in the Northeast:  New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. He also did well in Maryland, California, and his other home state of Illinois. All of these states are well known for tilting strongly in favor of Democrats than the national average.

Where did Obama do the worst?

Try out West:  Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Alaska, and Montana. The other states where Obama has few fans are located mostly in the middle of the country: Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Kansas. Remember Kansas?  They the guys with those really harsh church types that protest soldier funerals and Elizabeth Edwards' funeral.  That Kansas church is full of haters, especially of gays or anyone who chooses to be kind to them.

Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arkansas, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana and Kansas are also areas where there are a lot of anti-government homegrown terrorist groups arming themselves with every gun they can find. In fact, hate groups are at an all time high of at least 1,000 active groups nationally.

Jack Ohman

How well will Obama do for the 2012 election cycle?

Answer, probably not well at all.  The states he took in 2008 he no longer holds sway:  Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Minnesota and Florida.  To a state his approval rating dropped by double digits,  plummeting below 50 percent.

Lowest to highest approval rating

Lowest is in Wyoming: 27 percent.  Remember, this is the Dick Cheney state.  Enough said.
No change: Mississippi.  I don't know if I'd call that a win or a loss.
Highest is in Hawaii: 66 percent. All that sun makes for mellow folks with kind hearts.

Dan Wasserman

Which states did Obama drop the most?

Try Vermont where he dropped by an astounding 15 points. Arizona was close behind Vermont in their disappointment with Obama where his popularity dropped by 14.5 points.

What about the Democratic states?  Did his approval drop there too?

Yes.  Even the staunchest Democratic strongholds like Maryland, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts saw a 10 point drop in approval for the President this past year.

Which states were close to the national average in approval and why is that important?

There were 18 states where he suffers from a 43 percent approval rating considered average. Yes, and most of those states are considered "red" states or Republican dominant. Hanging Chads Florida, Move Aside Spector Pennsylvania, Jesse Helms North Carolina, Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks We Vote Republican Every Time But We Are Jobless Ohio, and Home Mortgage Foreclosures Nevada are the current focus states. They currently are all within one point of the national average.

Pollsters are looking at the 20 states that are three points within that national average rating to see where the 2012 political camps will focus their most intense campaigning.  These will be perceived as the possible swing states to win the election.

Marshall Ramsey

Even my state of Louisiana Obama has about a 51 percent disapproval to a 46 percent approval.  You can bet that is a direct result of  the BP Oil Spill Disaster, the Obama promise "to make everyone whole on the Gulf Coast harmed by this BP Oil Spill" and didn't. The BP Claims Fund is a sick joke, a nightmare and an insult all rolled into one. Political corruption abounds from the Obama camp, Feinberg and BP.

Even with these close numbers this state still could be competitive in 2012 if the Democratic Party would get off their lazy selves and organize and fund these Southern states.  They remain noncommittal and lacking in passion to win. And they sure do nothing for the middle class and small business people that were hurt by this oil spill.  Home foreclosures have shot through the roof the past few months in south Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.  Banks refuse to help people, holding back the federal funds set aside for this very problem. Guess it's a good thing Gallup didn't interview this blogger. I would have bent their ears fire breathing dragon red. :)

What is President Obama's overall approval rating?

During 2010, his approval rating was 47 percent.  He did enjoy a high of 58 percent approval when he first entered office.

How large was this Gallup poll?

They interviewed as many as 179,503 adults where the margin of error is plus-or-minus 1 percentage point. This was a long poll that was conducted from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010, interviewing as many as 500 adults a night.

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