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Wisconsin: Dark Side Karl Rove, GOP War On Working Families, Anti-Union Ad

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From Denny:  It's official. Karl Rove, the lying hyena Bush political strategist is running an ad against the unions and paid for by the Koch Brothers. They have dropped the pretense it's all about balancing the budget. Now they admit it's all about busting the unions to benefit their billionaire employer handlers.

Of course, the figures are wrong. Even the conservative GOP think tank from which they inflated the figures, Cato Institute, corrected Rove and said he lied.

This lying ad from American Crossroads GPS, the obscenely well-funded Republican super PAC, is a 60-second spot that goes up today.  They take square aim at public employees as well as President Obama because he received support from the unions in his 2008 campaign.

Their high drama ad starts with showing Wisconsin protesters while a snippy narrator asks, “Why are Democrats shutting down state capitals?” And then goes on to claim, “To protect a system that pays unionized government workers 42 percent more than non-union workers, a system that collects hundreds of millions in mandatory dues to back liberals who support government unions.”

Of course, red meat for the GOP is a scene of Prez Obama at a SEIU event as he thanks the union members for their help in his election. Oh, horrors, look at that, Obama is linked to those stinking unions. Get your emotions in a wedgie and vote to help Gov. Walked destroy unions - and your own wages along with it.  But Rove and the GOP decide to omit that juicy fact amid the lying and innuendo.

Rove goes on to drive home the point that unions are all thugs and selfish.  (Amazing just how easy it is to brainwash weak minds.) They roll tape of Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Michael Capuano's line about protesting: "get out in the streets and ... a little bloody when necessary"  as hard evidence of how unions and Democrats are thugs. Never mind the GOP spends most of their waking time on Fox News claiming Democrats have no spine or courage.  Can these guys ever keep their stories - or their accusations - straight?

Then Rove also claims, via an NEA official, who has decided the reason teachers' unions have so much power is because their members are so willing to pay "hundreds of millions of dollars in dues."  Let's see, and Rove and the GOP accept millions from the puppet masters Koch Brothers.  How silly is this statement about how horrible it is to pay union dues?

This lying GOP ad is running primarily on cable like CNN, CNBC and Fox News.  Guess how much this stinking ad costs?  Try an obscene $750,000 for one week.

Why was Karl Rove called in to the Wisconsin fray?  Try the governor's poll numbers were dropping like a stone.  Try the GOP Wisconsin Senators are in deep trouble with the voters because of a number of recall efforts begun.  They can't recall the governor until after his first year in office but they sure can go after the GOP Wisconsin Senators to make their lives miserable. " Take my job; I'll take yours" is their answer.

Today another sad development: Gov. Walker and the Wisconsin GOP decided to remove the collective bargaining issue from the budget vote.  They need a quorum for the budget vote only.  They do not need a quorum for the vote to strip the unions of their rights to negotiate for their wages and benefits.  Talk about scummy and a bunch of hyenas.

Bring The Dark Side Karl Rove into it and things always get really nasty and evil.  It's garbage like this that sparks violence.  This was definitely not a good move from the GOP.  Who knows how this will escalate now?

Here's the lying GOP ad aimed at Wisconsin public unions when clearly the public in Wisconsin and across America support unions:

Adam Green of talks with Ed Schultz about the response campaign:

Here's the answer to the GOP ad:

**** If you wish to contribute to help combat Karl Rove, then check out Act Blue.

Here is Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio, explaining the strategy of the GOP to bust the unions and why they desire it so much:

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