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Japan: Lying About Nuke Plant Meltdowns, Evacuate Americans

Japan Earthquake LIVE NewsImage by [ Mooi ] via Flickr
From Denny:  Watching CNN interview Japan's ambassador to the U.S., Ichiro Fujisaki, one thing is clear: the official word from the Japanese government to all their diplomats is to lie and hard sell the official party line. Right now, in the middle of all this devastation, they are lying to President Obama and other world governments.

Japanese deception about nuclear meltdowns 

Mr. Obama, contact your "Lie to Me" guys over at the CIA and get them to run the tapes, pointing out the facial micro-expressions proving the shame, lies and deception on the face of this ambassador.  You have a serious problem here, Mr. President, as nuclear containment is no longer possible.  Take precautions for America now.  Don't wait for the Japanese to tell you yet another lie before you make a decision or act.  It could be too late. This is no time for taking your time to decide or it could backfire on you.

History of Japanese government deception created war 

Remember when Japan's ambassador during W.W. II was in the office with President Roosevelt assuring him "all was well between their countries" and then a phone call came into the White House confirming the Japanese just bombed Pearl Harbor? The Japanese are addicted to the practice of "saving face" to the exclusion of common sense and decency. Their pride matters more than anything.  Have they learned nothing since W.W. II?

11 March 2011 photo by Kyodo/Reuters

Conflicting reports about impending nuclear meltdowns 

There are conflicting reports from Japan about the veracity of statements concerning the containment of the nuclear reactors. What kind of hubris does it take to build dozens of nuclear reactors on an island nation that is located on top of not one, not two, but three continental plates that continually chafe creating earthquakes on a regular basis? It was only a matter of time before a disaster of this proportion would happen.

Containment wall of nuclear reactor destroyed 

Today it was verified that the containment wall on one of the nuclear reactors is destroyed. The Japanese claim they threw their Hail, Mary Pass and pumped in salt water to try and cool down the reactor. It isn't in the manuals to use salt water but hey it's water so why not try it? The alternative is a huge gas cloud filled with invisible radiation that will poison the population for 100 miles around. I would have tried the same desperate measure with the idea to pump in the appropriate  water later after it stabilizes.

Japan refuses help from atomic energy agencies 

Japanese officials have been too proud to accept help from America, 50 other countries and nuclear agencies with this impending greater disaster. They are more worried about their stupid pride instead of taking into account the safety of their country as well as the surrounding countries of China, Taiwan, the Philippines and more.

Sendai airport engulfed by tsunami. Sendai is near the epicenter of the 8.9 earthquake that created the huge 23 foot tsunami wave. photo by Kyodo/Reuters

At least 5 nuclear reactors overheating, rushing toward meltdown 

Today it was also verified there are now as many as five nuclear reactors in trouble, reaching crisis levels. The 8.9 earthquake and then the 23 foot high tsunami created catastrophic damage as evidenced from the videos and photos that overwhelm the mind. Over 125 aftershocks earthquakes have occurred within the past two days as this nation sits upon the deadliest place on Earth, The Ring of Fire.

Evacuate American troops from Japan 

Mr. Obama, it's time to emergency evacuate our 50,000 American troops.  Two reasons: one, our American troops are spread too thin as it is around the world.  We cannot afford to lose them to another earthquake we all know will come.  We cannot afford the health care that will be necessary from the ugly cancers they will develop - and many of them have their families with them too so it goes beyond just the 50,000 number. These radiation clouds are far worse than the Japanese government wants to admit, already affecting everyone in the country.

The second reason is real estate: As what's left of Japan tries to recover they are going to need places to house the thousands, and perhaps millions, who will end up homeless.  Military bases are the perfect places to handle large populations as they are already set up to do so efficiently.  It could be a staging area for clean-up too.

Minutes after the earthquake, residents stepping over erupted street pavement - photo by Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images

Evacuate all Americans from Japan 

Bring home our diplomats, intelligence people, any American business people and their families.  The worst is not yet over for Japan.  It is also the responsible thing for all foreign nationals to leave so we don't use up what little food, gas and other resources the Japanese people will need in the coming months.

Bring our troops home.  And, as you bring them home, get them checked out medically and monitor them for the next two years on a month by month basis to check for radiation exposure issues.

Japan disaster could become American disaster 

Mr. Obama, you did the right thing and got Americans out of Libya before going public on your new policy toward Gadafi.  Do the right thing now and get all our Americans evacuated out of Japan.  It's time.  Japan's disaster can become America's disaster if we do not get out in front of this impending mess.

The CNN Interview:

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