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Updates: Wisconsin, Islamaphobia, Newsman David Broder and Political Cartoons

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From Denny:  This past weekend 100,000 protesters came out again into the Wisconsin winter weather, committed to carrying the fight to the public court of opinion. While the governor and the Republicans believe they have won they may find they have ignited an Employee Firestorm across America against all politicians.

Recall petitions are gathering steam for the four Republican State Senators that voted against the workers. Another recall petition against the governor is in the works as well, though it cannot be executed until the governor has finished one year in office. Count on it these workers and the unions will be ready and waiting to pounce as soon as the minute past midnight strikes, signaling Gov. Walker has finished his first year on the job.

The workers have also gone to court to question the legitimacy of violating state Open Meeting Laws. No ruling as of yet on that count.

It's clear why the Republican Party has pushed so hard the past 30 years to stack the federal judiciary and the Supreme Court with conservatives they could bribe. What it amounts to is there is no longer any justice in the land for any but the small percentage of the wealthiest among us. If all employees in every sector stick together, unions or not, like they do in Europe, striking as one mass, is the only way to turn the tide of injustice.

Wisconsin Uprising cartoons: 

Gary Markstein

Ed Stein

Chan Lowe

Gary Markstein

Dan Wasserman

Dan Wasserman

Actually the 14 Democrats are now back in Wisconsin but this was a cute cartoon:

Steve Kelley


Oh, how thrilling that Republican Rep. King (New York) is acting like the reincarnation of McCarthy from the Communist hunts of the 1950's. Well, people finally figured out McCarthy was suffering from a really mean-spirited form of dementia. Is Rep. King also suffering from dementia? Maybe it's about time some of these crazy Republican politicians have to pass a sanity or dementia test to prove they are worthy to remain in office. They have caused enough division and hard feelings in this country that are completely counterproductive to getting our economy back on track.

“The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response” by the House Committee on Homeland Security was a complete waste of American taxpayer money.  This did nothing to ferret out homegrown terrorists or help our national security concerns.  As it is, about 20 percent of the tips coming into the FBI about terrorism come from the American Muslim community.  That's about the same percentage you will get from any community.  We must also consider just how many Muslim-Americans serve in the military - and have been killed in action in Iraq or Afghanistan doing their duty as Americans.  Do  Rep. King and other Republicans honor their military service or not?

As to homegrown terrorism, that's the job of the FBI, state and local police.  The House committee on Homeland Security is just playing the usual destructive politics.  The truth is most of America's homegrown terrorists are KKK and other white supremacy groups, all Protestants.  Yeah, the Muslim terrorist cells are far fewer in number.  It's our fellow white guys we need to worry about going crazy shooting up the country, angry they have to share political power with women and minorities.

This current Islamaphobia is just plain obnoxious. We are a nation of many religions with a constitution that demands we respect them all. The Republicans demonstrate their usual hypocrisy about following the Constitution: only when it's convenient for them. Promoting the hatred toward different races, religions and cultures only seeks to further divide a nation. Throughout history it is the divided nation that always falls flat on its face, never to rise again.  Is that the legacy we really what we want for ourselves?

Islamaphobia cartoons:

Rob Rogers

Dan Wasserman

Steve Breen

John Sherffius

Steve Sack

Walt Handelsman

Chris Britt

MIke Thompson

Bill Day

Nick Anderson

Newsman David Broder, a moderate Republican who was known as a little "d" democrat: Those who passed away - I may not have agreed politically with this guy but he was a real reporter. He nailed down the details and he got his stories straight from the source. He had a superb work ethic and was not so lazy as to go copy and paste someone else's hard work like too many reporters today.  He was not pretentious nor self-serving.  A good man who worked hard and kept his integrity will always be missed.  Smooth sailing in the Spirit, David Broder, and may Heaven rise up to meet you...

Robert Ariail

Jeff Stahler

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