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2012 VP Debate: Who Will Secure The Womens Vote?

Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springfield, Ill...
Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springfield, Illinois, right after Biden was formerly introduced by Obama as his running mate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  After President Obama's passionless performance in the first presidential debate, the pressure has mounted in the Democrats' camp for Vice President Biden to recover serious losses, especially among women voters.  That's right; Obama went into the debate with a 14-point lead with women over Romney.  After the debate?  Obama lost that entire lead and is barely holding on in a dead heat.

Can VP Biden make up the difference tonight?  Democrats are hoping that is the case.  Joe Biden is as known for his passion as he is for his occasional gaffes of ill-chosen words to speak the truth.  My money is on Biden to make a great showing in tonight's debate in spite of Paul Ryan's aggressive attacks and attempts at feigned deference - and hollow courtesy like Romney pulled on Obama.

Paul Ryan is being touted by the Republican camp and their media enablers as a virile handsome challenger to Biden.  The Republicans are posting photos of Ryan pumping iron and planting stories in the media of how handsome women find him.  Well, that's not the opinion at this house where I am perfectly capable of doing my own thinking, thank you very much.  I do not need to be spoon fed how to think by the clueless manipulative Republicans.

The truth is that Ryan looks goofy and wimpy.  He is known for the reputation of The Agreeable Brown Noser.  Goofy and Brown Noser are not exactly the qualities voters want to see in a possible presidential candidate, even if he is a VP pick.  Why else would the Republicans feel so compelled to create a different persona for him?  "Do ya think?" it has anything to do as well with the fact that Ryan has declared his own War On Women to render us back to slave status if he could pass his idiot legislation?

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And, oh, yeah, I saw that interview out-take of Ryan whining his self-importance of how dare that question get asked.  Oh, please. The guy whines in a high falsetto like a bitchy high school girl, terrified of confrontation.  And this is the guy the Republicans call "the smartest guy in the room"?  That sure doesn't say much for their camp.  No wonder people are leaving in droves to become Independents.

And how about that business of Ryan crowing about how he always sleeps in his Congressional office?  Is he too cheap to get an apartment or room with a fellow Congressman in Washington or is he really sleeping out with the girl/boy friend?  It sure does make a person wonder what he is really doing.  What does his wife think of him rarely sleeping at home?  Is this just a marriage for political convenience and actually a dead one?  It wouldn't be the first time a couple kept up appearances of a real marriage just to advance a career.

My fellow media are busy trashing VP Joe Biden, saying he can't carry water.  They are also not correctly remembering the Cheney-Edwards VP debate.  The mainstream media all declared Cheney as the winner of the debate back then when it was actually Edwards that was perceived - by the public polling - as the winner.  I saw the same thing the public saw:  Cheney lied through his teeth and doubled-down whenever he was challenged by Edwards on the lies.  Edwards won on the facts and hands down a more palatable personal style.

Grumpy, pissy, contentious Cheney won nothing on style - or facts.  The Beltway Media has more patience for politicians like that than the public which is why they miscalled the debate winner then. Too many in the  media wrongly perceive liars like Cheney as possessing gravitas because they deliver their lying in a serious manner.  That isn't gravitas, folks.  It's called stagecraft lying.  Do I need to create a Denny Lyon Gifts Cafe Press t-shirt just for you? :)

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Oh, and the kicker was when Cheney declared he had never ever met Senator Edwards.  How stupid was that?  Of course, he met Edwards.  Edwards was a senator for the full six-year term.  Or did VP Cheney seem to forget that as VP he also presided over the Senate vote?  What a putz.  The public back then were as aware and disgusted with Cheney's constant lying as they were when Romney doubled-down on his lying in the first presidential debate.  Neither went over well at all.  Why else would Bush 43 be forced to steal two elections in a row?

The real question is what will it take to woo the women's vote?  As a woman who is completely disgusted with the lack of political will for decades to put women's issues at the forefront and recently left the Democrats - now registered as an Independent - it's going to take real commitment to get us back.

What will it take to secure the women's vote?  Here's a simple list:

1 - Get serious about developing a comprehensive public option health plan for all Americans that is every bit as good as what the President and Congress enjoys.

2 - Quit farting around with getting women equal pay in America.  We are like last on the list of first-world countries when it comes to women receiving equal pay.  The Lilly Ledbetter Act was a nice start but only applies to a small public sector group - federal employees that does nothing to help the majority of the country.  It's time to expand it to include the private sector on all levels from the lowest job to the highest job.

3 - Adopt the Green Party idea Full Employment Program from The Green New Deal to inject "25 million green jobs into the economy.  These would be "jobs in sustainable energy, mass transit, sustainable organic agriculture, and clean manufacturing, as well as social work, teaching, and and other service jobs."  Guess what; we require about 32 million jobs so this would cure most of the problem to return America to a vigorous economy.

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I'm early voting in two weeks.  If I don't see real progressive movement among the Democrats to meet the above point list my vote is going to the Green Party.  (My husband is voting Green too.)

Also, the VP debate will have an additional candidate giving her answers to the debate in live time:  Green Party VP Cheri Honkala who is on 85 percent of the national ballots.  Go to this link to hear an alternative answer to the usual pablum the American public is fed by the Republicans and Democrats.  Alternative parties were muscled out of the national debates by both the media and the two prominent national parties.  However, a few web sites have endeavored to rectify that wrong, doing the very work  responsible journalists should be doing.

Women have lost patience with weak-willed unresponsive political leaders.  Women don't like wimps like we witnessed in the first presidential debate.  Man up and get on the job or the voters will just leave you behind.

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