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The How of World Hate: 9 Christians Killed For What in South Carolina?

From Denny:  It really is past due time to get serious about dealing with the issue of World Hate.  Black people think it's "just" about historical racism aimed squarely at them.  Well, that's true - and it's also an ugly part of a much larger and more pervasive problem destroying humanity from within.

Hate is like an invasive weed that chokes out the sunlight and dries up all the nutrients and water that gives Life to the surrounding plants.  Think of this scenario in terms of a nation or a religion and the consequences are staggering...

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Islamic radicals think it's just about "the other side" of Islam that's wrong and deserves death.  Conservative Christians hate intellectual liberals, atheists and Democrats in general.  Conservative Republican Christians promoted the painting on the backs of Democrats bullseye targets to shoot at with guns.  They marched up and down the halls of Congress to prove their point as they pinned the targets on office doors. The NRA was quick to support this madness and actually holds quite a tight grip upon Republican politicians, preventing gun control laws for the simplest measures like dealing with mental health issues combined with guns.

Placard is placed outside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, June 21, 2015.  REUTERS/CARLO ALLEGRI

Yeah, that's really smart:  In social media putting it out that "it's open hunting season on liberals," so go kill you some for sport.  Weak minds like Dylann Roof think they have been given permission to kill at will.  Ivy League snobs, atheists and the most liberal of Democrats are derisive of and totally hate the South, most sincere Christians and all Republicans.  Just check out Twitter, quick to be nasty after this mass killing, making the usual idiot assumptions before they had all the facts.

Clearly, the various groups do not really relate to or understand each other - nor have they been interested in ever learning to do so.  The main problem is the seeming need to paint this group or that region of the country with too much of a broad brush.  It isn't realistic as there are always large numbers of those who do not fit the molded, ever so carefully crafted and marketed inaccurate perceptions.

Northerners hate Southerners because they believe all sorts of Stupid, decades after cultural course corrections took place for what are now anomalies not the norm.  Trust me; there are numerous "rednecks" in the Northern U. S. - just check out parts of Boston and New York City for starters.  Southerners still resent Northern liberals for interfering with and telling them how to live their lives yet the North would never hear of it to be told by the South how to live their lives.  Hence, the real reason for the Confederate flag issue.

African-Americans see the Confederate flag as a symbol of slavery, oppression and racism.  Of course, the average elderly Southerner sees it not as that but as the last remaining symbol of standing up against aggressors who took their ancestral homes away from them and stomped their pride.  Like any of them were actually alive over a century ago and could remember that war.

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Sure, like most people in America, I had relatives who fought on both sides of The Civil War.  My great grandfather Lyon, from Kentucky, fought for the Union side.  He married my great grandmother, a Jayne (also known as De Jeanne), also from Kentucky, whose brothers fought on the Confederate side.  Can you imagine the "discussions" - OK, brawls - that probably initially broke out when the two families gathered for holidays, weddings, funerals or Sunday dinners?  Yet, over time, and with great effort, they managed to make Peace with one another, learning to live side by side.

For the clueless New York City (of which half of my family hails) Northerners, like comic Jon Stewart: the Confederate battle flag is a rallying cry for a group of people and succeeding generations who were ruthlessly taken advantage of by the carpetbagger Northerners after The Civil War.  That resentment never died.

Of course, "what goes around comes around."  Those in the South wealthy enough to be slave owners were far too harsh and cruel with those they "owned."  So, the harshness they visited upon their slaves came back to roost.  It's a cycle of Stupid.  Just ask Lady Karma or consult the Law of Cause and Effect.

The Confederate battle flag really does belong in a museum about The Civil War as President Obama has proffered.  Kudos go out to the brave South Carolina Republicans willing to stand up and say all this killing over a stupid flag is enough. Gov. Haley and bipartisan lawmakers announced today it was time to remove said flag from the public grounds.  Even the usually annoying NRA gun toting Walmart announced it is removing the Confederate battle flag from its stores and website.

Southerners can still remember and honor our Confederate war dead.  Southerners can still enjoy pride in our beaten down South, lifting it up - but it's time to do it without racism or hatred and resentment for any others.  It's also time to take down the Confederate flag from Southern state houses in order to help the nation finally heal.  Maybe those of us in the South should consider developing a new flag to promote all that is good and fine in the South, a new flag for this generation of inclusiveness that Southern states can fly over our state houses of government?

Why are we still fighting The Civil War - in yet just another form and in such an uncivil manner - over a century later?  And do we Americans really have a moral leg to stand upon when complaining about the Islamic Sunnis and Shia fighting their 1400 year war over who is the legitimate successor of the Prophet Mohammad?  It's all STUPID.

HATE comes in many forms:  self-hate projected out onto other groups as I suspect was really the motivation behind this horrific killing in a South Carolina church by a man-child who had yet to figure out how he was to live in the world.

HATE is income inequality where Big Business just keeps growing, often expensing its way to a profit by taking away good pay, bonuses, vacation time and health care from its employees.  HATE is greed out of control because greed is intense selfishness that harms everyone in the nation.

HATE are politicians who insist upon feeding the fear narrative that stir up weak minds like Dylann Roof to carry out acts of violence.  The Republican Party is famous for many versions of speaking out Hate in order to get votes.  The Majority Senate leader, Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is famous for his racism, constantly referring to President Obama as "a mere tar baby."  And we allow this nasty person to determine the quality of our lives in this nation?

President Obama is not completely innocent in feeding the fear narrative either.  This outrageous trade deal feeds the Republicans' racist narrative of how "those blacks are taking your jobs and robbing you of your future."  President Obama only sees this trade deal as a trophy for his presidential legacy, not seeing it in its entirety of how it affects the psyche of the nation for the long term.  The President and his closest advisors see this trade deal as a mere stepping stone to polishing their resumes and making yet more money by pleasing Wall Street.  This trade deal is exactly the kind of thing that blows up in your face.  When you have to create trade assistance for displaced American workers it screams to the world this is a really bad deal.

Congregants from St. Michaels, St. Philips and First Baptist churches attach notes of support to a wooden cross outside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina June 21, 2015, following the first service in the church since the mass shooting...  REUTERS/BRIAN SNYDER

HATE moves around the world in waves every generation.  Come on; in Italy the Northern Italians complain about the dark and loud Southern Italians.  They also openly hate blacks, even those working for them in their government, denouncing them in public with racial epithets.  In Iran, the lighter skinned complain about "the big noses" and in this or that country there is always one region fussing about the other regions as "not good enough" for some silly and insulting reason.

Grow up, Humanity.  Please, get serious about how we are all living and decide it's past due time to grow up.  Embrace others as you want them to embrace you.

Love like you have nothing better to do with your time.

You will be surprised how much better you will feel and even make some new friends along the way who may step up one day when you find yourself in need.  What goes around comes around.  Make it Love not Hate that comes your way.

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