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What to Do With China Stealing Business and State Secrets

Figure 6. Medium and Intercontinental Range Ba...
Figure 6. Medium and Intercontinental Range Ballistic Missiles. Note: China currently is capable of targeting its nuclear forces throughout the region and most of the world, including the continental United States. Newer systems, such as the DF-31, DF-31A, and JL-2, will give China a more survivable nuclear force. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  For generations of Westerners China has always been a place of intrigue, deception and manipulation of the truth.  Well, face North and smell the coffee, folks, because it isn't going to change any time soon - so it's time that governments and Big Business learn to deal with it.

For the past two years in particular the world has been complaining about how aggressive China is in ferreting out state secrets and business secrets via cyberattacks.

They also have started specializing in attacking American news media outlets, even tiny niche journalist bloggers like me.  Guess I should feel more "special" than annoyed? America thinks that calling China out into the open about the issue will shame them into stopping.  How ridiculous can you get?  Don't you understand these people?  

This mug is America's tech community frazzled with cyberattacks:

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And what was President Bush 43 thinking when he outsourced stupid unwise contracts to China to manufacture computer chips that are integral to our Pentagon computer systems?  Is it any wonder how China gained access to our internet via our military?  Is it still going on or can it be confirmed those contracts are all voided?  After all, the political powers in the Bush White House fired Bunny Greenhouse who was adept at ferreting out suspicious and unwise contracts for the Pentagon.  Are the computer chips now manufactured here in the USA under proper security? 

What are the ambitious communist Chinese known for?  They are ruthless, ambitious and greedy for gain.  They don't waste much time on charm offensives as they view anyone other than Chinese as stupid and deserving of whatever happens to them.

Most of all the Chinese are known for reverse engineering everything from computers to fashion.  How stupid were Google and other American companies for actually being naive enough to think the Chinese would not lure them, promising American companies would make huge profits from opening a three billion population new market, just long enough to finally figure out their systems, products and way of doing business?  

Once the American companies bit the greed hook China's next step was to make the business atmosphere so untenable that the businesses would finally leave out of pure frustration.  Then the Chinese happily nationalize said setups, all ready to go, making huge profits for China.  Game over; game won for China.

Geesh, can it be any more obvious?  After all, the Chinese are also extremely long term planners and it's foolish to underestimate them.  In their traditions, long before communism took hold, they thought nothing of spending a hundred years on a political plan or a health study over generations.  They are, if nothing else, patient in the pursuit of their ruthless goals.  In fact, they were capitalists long before America was even a twinkling thought in General Washington's eye.

President Obama came out recently to complain again about China's interference with our technology - like satellites that monitor the environment (or so they claim).  Of course, it isn't only China that is cyberattacking America.  Russia, Iran and Israel rank right up there with China, and, while China was obvious they were being ever so obnoxious, the Russians, Iranians and Israelis thought they would join in with the fun to see what they could grab for themselves too.  After all, we Americans keep telegraphing we are not capable of protecting ourselves from these attacks.  In their minds, weak stupid people deserve attacks.  Game over; game lost for America again.

From U.S. Trade Representative, Ron Kirk: “For an economy like ours, that’s going to win based on our innovation of what we produce and create, this is a critically important issue.” As a consequence many affected companies  moved their corporate operations back to U.S. soil.  Do Ya Think?  “If you’re going to take our core technology, then we’re better off being in our home country.”

Of course, China officially denies cyberattack involvement.  However, a long very detailed 74-page report from Madiant, a U.S. security firm, confirms the involvement of both the Chinese government and Chinese hacking groups.  This was the report that located the source as the headquarters for the People's Liberation Army Unit 61398 in Shanghai, China.  They stole from 141 companies.  How many were American companies?  115.  Sure looks like damning evidence to anyone other than a mind-numbing moronic lying Chinese government official.

Apparently, the young guns in the cyberwar community are frustrated and viewed going public was the way to end or curtail these issues.  Why did President Obama go along with this strategy from geeks?  Diplomats and trade negotiators they are not.

Fortunately, six years late the Pentagon finally woke up and started hiring more defensive as well as offensive for their cyber command unit. The harsh reality is that America has to step up its game faster and to higher levels than ever before - and then step it up once again.  We cannot lag behind waiting upon just the Pentagon to grind those slow wheels to get to the obvious starting line.  

We are playing multi-dimensional chess with several players simultaneously on the world stage, often involving rogue elements in many countries including our own.  This is the new reality in the technology world and it's at a dizzying speed, trumping the many ruthless old Cold War Era antics.

The best way to deal with China is to start drawing down many of those trade deals and bring all the businesses back from overseas.  American workers tried to tell Big Business and national politicians this obvious fact of what would happen but they would not listen because they were so greedy for extreme profit, unwilling to share with their workers and ensure their companies' security.  

Since 2006 China has waged cyber war against America, thinking they are anonymous in their threat.  Well, the secret is long since out.  Now is the time to take back what they want most:  money.  Like the old saying goes, "Greed will bring them to their knees."  This saying could be applied to our American Big Business and national politics as much as to the Chinese government and military.  Game on.

And, remember, when dealing with intricate tough Life situations like the Chinese cyberattacks, get a woman to solve it.  After all:  "women invented guerrilla warfare."  Yeah, I'm feeling cheeky today. :)

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