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Obamas Axelrod, Bushs Rove: How Corrupt Are They? Have They Hurt The Country?

President Barack Obama talks with White House ...
President Barack Obama talks with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Senior Advisor David Axelrod during the flight from Paris to Caen, Normandy, June 6, 2009 in the Boeing C-32A (usually the Vice President and First Family air plane) being used as Air Force One. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  If Obama's Axelrod's lips are moving, then it must be a lie.  Same goes for Bush's Rove.  They both have strongly demonstrated they are political opportunists and willing money whores, selling out to the highest bidder.

For more than the past four years I've watched this political strategist called David Axelrod.  He claims to be a Democrat but has yet to convince me this is true.

Like I said, his lips are moving but his deeds say different.  What has happened is that he has been found out in so many lies, misstatements and half-truths that they are piled so high upon one another like a pile of bones on a weathered battlefield - out in the open for all to see.

His latest gaffe is "leaking national security secrets" like the special computer virus that so annoyed the Iran regime at their nuclear facilities.  Of course, he "protests too much" that everyone strongly suspects he personally did it.

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Even I still have that computer virus attack news story sitting in draft on my global politics blog months later.  I was shocked any paper was so unwise as to publish it.  I did not publish anything about it - which could keep the story going (giving it "legs") and compound the error - because I was concerned it had far too much detail for public viewing.  Read that as enemy terrorists' eyes prying into how to screw the West.  So, to date, this is my only mention of the successful computer virus attack.  It's called journalistic integrity.

What kind of idiot goes around like a peacock trumpeting how we bested an enemy and then proceeds to reveal all the details of the big secret?  Political strategists like Axelrod, that's who.  Dummies.  Now we can't use it a second time for good effect.

It's foolish greedy people like Axelrod that get intelligence and military people killed in the field and leaves the research and development guys tearing out their hair for cutting short their successes.  It also causes the American taxpayers yet more millions for the military and intelligence sectors to come up with new strategies and weapons.  Oh, thanks, clueless greedy political strategists who only think about themselves for personal political gain and financial profit.

Then there was the big promotion for the one year anniversary of killing Bin Laden where Axelrod featured Obama highlighting upon the Navy Seals' achievement of the long overdue execution of the terrorist. (America helped create the Bin Laden terrorism by abandoning him in Afghanistan to the Russians many years ago but that's another story of political stupidity).

For this year's anniversary of the terrorist's death Obama gave out far too much information that endangered the Seals and their families concerning the details of the operation.  Since it was Axelrod who told him it was fine to do so he figured to go ahead, right?  To this day there is lingering resentment and mistrust in the Navy Seal (and entire military) community for this White House.

For two White House administrations now the American public has experienced lying, crafty, manipulative political strategists making policy - and ordering about the cabinets as well as the president.  They act as doorkeeper guardians so much so that it took two years of public complaining before Obama finally allowed cabinet members to meet with him individually when a crisis occurred.  Otherwise, they were relegated to the official and occasional cabinet meetings to bring up issues.  Read that as nothing gets done.  Yes, Axelrod has that much control over this president.

What every voter - and investigator - should be asking are the following questions:  Just how easy is it for one or a small group of wealthy donors to control the gatekeeper who controls who gains access to the president?  This is always a person who has never been elected and a person the public rarely knows much about either.  Are the political strategists of our time holding the American public - and our government - hostage?  Should we trust these people?  What can we do about them other than shrug our shoulders and say:  Well, it happens?

Talk about ineffective government with two lazy presidents mocking the job during a time of terrible ongoing  national crisis, be it weather related or economic, relegating the decisions and policy making to their political strategists.  The same nonsense happened during the Bush years with Rove as the gate keeper.  During the Bush era it was Karl Rove for eight long years and now it's David Axelrod in the Obama White House.  Neither one of these political animals has been good for their political parties or the country.

Axelrod goes on these Sunday talk shows and does media interviews spouting the same garbage he has for years.  He has even managed a puff piece of glory hound, declaring from the rooftops how awesome and stellar brilliant is Axelrod, in a national newspaper in the UK.  Yuck.  OK, Ewwww.  I wonder how much money Axelrod threw at that writer for a public relations piece to try and rehab his name with the Democrats?  Rove is no different.  Both mislead the public in an attempt to get votes and maintain their personal power.  The voters did not elect them.

Axelrod and Rove should be investigated for just how many times they have broken the law and amassed wealth on the sly using insider information.  Then there are those juicy Super Pacs as vehicles for massive political corruption given the blind eye by the Republican led and seriously compromised Supreme Court that make it easy for these political strategists to get wealthy.

Of course, Axelrod and Rove both have their respective presidents so well fooled and manipulated to their personal advantage that these strategists manage to wrangle "immunity" from most possible prosecutions, all the while finger-eagle flying it to the rest of us and any possible investigators.

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Let me share a thought with you, it's time they - and many other political strategists from both the Republicans and the Democrats equally - were fully investigated.  Too often their net worth is one figure before their candidate ascends and then skyrockets when they enter the White House.  It certainly does make a voter most suspicious.

I've watched that sharp rise in excessive income happen with my own Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, currently the possible vice presidential darling of the Romney camp.  He was a Congressman.  Let me share a thought with Romney:  don't go there.  Jindal has so much corruption here in this state that it is best to leave him far behind.  Choose another.  Don't even put this guy in your cabinet; he's that nuclear once a lot of his issues come out.

Another nuclear guy is Karl Rove who refused to shed his stock in companies doing business with the federal government during his time at the Bush White House.  Clearly, he got mighty rich and that's just one avenue that is in the public domain.

What about Axelrod?  How has he been making his sudden wealth in the Obama White House?  Is there anything to it that the Obama camp is the first presidency to raise $1 billion in donations ever?  Where is that money, who donated it and how are they using it?  It sure isn't getting used for the Democratic Convention which is still short by millions of dollars.

Just how is this $1 billion being used to further the Obama second term?  Or is it getting divvied up among Obama, Axelrod and Plouffe whether they win or lose the election?  Just how common is this practice among both the political parties and for how long has it been going on, if so?

Don't you think it's time to pass legislation to keep political strategists out of the White House both physically in office on the premises and in policy-making?  The American people are not getting taken care of properly because the political wolves are too busy raiding the national treasury and political donations to line their own wallets?

It's definitely time to start thinking seriously about addressing this politics of corruption on a national scale.  And the majority of the country agrees with me, according to many recent polls.  The real question is when will anyone in Congress or any White House get serious and rein themselves in, refocusing upon the greater good of the country?  Stay tuned.

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