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The Whole Truth, Funny Jon Stewart On VP Joe Bidens Wall Street Financial Slavery Speech

English: Joe Biden, Vice President of the Unit...
English: Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States. Svenska: Joe Biden, amerikansk vicepresident. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  Me thinks the conservative media doth protest too much.  Yep, they sure are laying it on thick for VP Papa Joe Biden's accurate comment about how the middle and working classes are chained into financial slavery because of the Big Banks and Big Business corporations that are clearly still out of control.

Since this is a nasty presidential campaign where all name-calling and outright lying is utilized by the GOP campaign in particular, they thought they could win some brownie points going after Affable Joe.

Yeah, like that silly attack stuck.  The man sports a Teflon suit, always has and always will.  He's been that popular with regular people - and Teflon fashionable for decades as a real public servant.

The media that jumps on him are the Lapdog Press - and political strategists - owned outright by the likes of the consummate puppeteers:  greedy billionaires like the Koch Brothers and Fox "News" Rupert Murdock.  Hollow opinions from the disingenuous contain no merit and certainly carry no weight with the voters, especially the elderly that trust Biden on issues like Medicare.

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Check out what Biden said:  “Look at their budget, and what they are proposing," speaking about his GOP opponents.  "Romney wants to let - he said in the first hundred days - he’s going to let the Big Banks once again write their own rules. Unchain Wall Street.”  Biden paused for dramatic effect like any good speaker trying to rally the troops for a tough fight, and declared, “They are going to put y’all back in chains.”

Oh, there is nothing like speaking the truth.  Of course, it hit a nerve with the very racist Republican Party.  In order to redirect every one's attention away from realizing what scumbags they are, the GOP strategists were quick to jump on that accurate remark by claiming Biden was racist.  Oh, come on.  Because Biden was speaking to a mostly black audience - and made an obvious reference to financial slavery - the GOP automatically thought they could sell it as a gaffe and racist. 

Get real.  The middle class, predominantly white, has been laboring under financial slavery as much as the black community, both middle class and lower income.  All Biden did was speak the bald-faced truth of how badly the Big Banks are crushing the dreams for financial security of everyday Americans.  Joe Biden also speaks out loud what everyone else is thinking.  Is it really a gaffe to address the core of what is so very wrong in this country:  greed?

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Mitt Romney is strongly associated with the one percent from Wall Street and Big Banks, the very folks who are making the average American's life miserable on the financial level.  Ridiculous credit card rates where the Big Banks are free to rewrite contracts and privacy policies on a whim is the norm.  Big Banks are allowed to sell private information even after an account is closed, whether in good standing or charged off.  

Big Banks ignore the law time and again as they chase down charged off accounts years later, though the person went into bankruptcy.  That case involves Capital One Bank in Massachusetts and it's a douzie.  These guys are so corrupt they belong in jail.  Yet, this Congress and President Obama continue to just slap low fines on these law breakers instead of throwing them into jail.  Capital One Bank is not the only Big Bank committing these outrageous crimes.  It's a rampant nasty culture in the banking and mortgage sectors that continues to this day, no matter how many times you turn over the rocks to reveal the slithering snakes.

After all, where else to make this "Are You Sure You Want To Unchain Wall Street?" speech than in Danville, Virginia, a place with a long history of racial tension.  I remember moving to Virginia from Maine as a kid and ended up challenging the Ku Klux Klan.  They threatened a 13 year old with a hanging because I challenged the status quo of segregation and abuse.  I told them to give it their best shot.   OK, their threats and intimidation ticked me off so I fired back harder.  It so shocked those adults that I pushed back that they backed down quickly. 

Yes, I was ballsy as a kid and I guess some things never change.  I learned a long time ago to never tolerate bullies of any stripe.  Of course, it scared the hell out of my black and white classmates because I did rock the boat.  They feared for their lives.  At least they learned that you can challenge garbage that thinks it can jump into your life and bring the stink.  

And things in our classroom did change after that as it inspired the teacher to do right.  No longer was verbal abuse allowed to be spoken and the black kids were moved from the back of the classroom and sat alphabetically like the white kids.  

It was a start for decency and equality so when our family moved the next year to Louisiana I felt I left that place better than when I found it.  And what level of racism did I find in Louisiana?  Mild stuff compared to Virginia.  So, if you were wondering why Joe Biden made that speech in Virginia, perhaps now it makes more sense.  That kind of attitude tends to linger for generations.

Jon Stewart reacted to Biden's remarks from a New York liberal stance of thinking any time you speak passionately about slavery or racism in the modern era it is so sensitive it should be off limits.  Quit being such a squeamish wimp about a hard issue that needs addressing.  Besides, if you don't bring up the notion of financial slavery then Big Business and Wall Street win and all the rest of us lose.  Bravo to VP Joe Biden for his willingness to risk a controversial stance and tough enough to speak the whole truth.

Check out Jon Stewart's uncomfortable brush with slavery comments in politics.  Better yet, check out the funny video clip of how the choice of Paul Ryan as Romney's VP unites both the Democrats and the Republicans.  They just have a different view of the same facts.  Hilarious stuff.

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Joe Biden & Wall Street Unchained

Vice President Joe Biden stumbles into controversy and simultaneously diverts attention from Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

Yes, two women are running for the White House:  Dr. Jill Stein (physician and environmental health advocate) and Cheri Honkala (anti-poverty advocate).  Since the media refuses to report on them and their platform, check it out for yourself: 

If you want a REAL ALTERNATIVE to the 2012 negative campaign, consider:

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Paul Ryan's Bipartisan Appeal

Al Madrigal and Jessica Williams agree Mitt Romney's selection of Republican Medicare slasher Paul Ryan for vice president excites everybody.

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