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Romney Self-Destructs: Chose Tea Party Favorite Paul Ryan As VP

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, right, jokes with U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin in April during a pancake brunch at Bluemound Gardens in Milwaukee.

From Denny:  If you thought the Romney campaign could not get any worse with the political gaffes and missteps, now hear this.  Yes, Romney just chose ultra conservative - and nationally hated - Rep. Paul Ryan as his VP running mate.

That certainly is a game changer, boys, the wrong one.  Well, guess Obama can now count on a second term after all - provided he keeps his political strategists like Axelrod and Plouffe from being his surrogates.  They really are just too sleazy for public viewing.

Romney's VP pick certainly increases Obama's chances at a second term, especially with Papa Joe as the ever-endearing Obama VP that is good for the country.  VP Joe Biden is the stark contrast of a caring person with a stellar foreign policy knowledge and experience compared to the punk attitude of Ryan.  Joe will eat up Ryan in any debates.  That stupid decision of the Republican strategists to fire up the conservative base will cost Romney the election as it did for McCain when he chose Sarah Palin.

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Vote for Real Change?  Third Party Alternative to Republicans OR Democrats

Of course, this election is so nasty that the voters may still pull a surprise rabbit out of their proverbial hats.  No one is really excited or trusting of either Obama or Romney, as evidenced by poll after poll.  A third party candidate like the two women ticket from the Green Party might actually stand a fighting chance.  Eventually, the Green Party will eclipse the Democrats and replace them a generation or two down the road - unless the Democrats walk away from corporate and lobbyist money.  Stay tuned for that political science history lesson.

The Green's had better have their game face on.  You never know when you might win an election as a fluke.  So, get ready Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein and VP choice Cheri Honkala, the nation's leading anti-poverty advocate.

It sure would be most interesting to see a long shot dark horse win - and one that puts the middle class, women's issues and health needs first on their platform above corporate and lobbyist money.  In fact, the Green Party does not accept corporate or lobbyist money so they are not dancing to the tune of the top one percent of greedy billionaires.  As a result of that good decision it gives the party and their candidates integrity, a characteristic missing from both the Republicans and the Democrats.

Jill Stein at rally

Never heard of the Green Party?  Take a good look at your state ballot this year.  From the Green Party website here is the status of which states and where they are now listed on the ballot, which states are still in petition process and which states where they are a write-in status.  If you are living in one of these states where they are petitioning, why not help them out by signing the petitions?  Americans need more choices than "bought and sold government."

Green Party website:
We are currently petitioning in: Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming.
We are on the ballot in: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawai'i, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah (convention pending), West Virginia and new states Alaska, Kansas, Maryland, Washington, and Wisconsin!
We will appear as write-ins in: Connecticut, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, and South Dakota. 
Some states have not yet begun their official petitioning period.

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate Rep. Paul Ryan speaks during a rally, Saturday in Manassas, Va.  Mary Altaffer/AP

Better VP Picks for Romney than Ryan
As to Romney's VP pick, he would have been smarter to choose someone like former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.  It would have interested women on both sides of the political aisle.  She's from Texas, sporting all those rich electoral votes.  Of course, Rubio would have made a good choice as he appeals to the vital Hispanic vote, the one demographic where Obama still polls well.  Portman or Pawlenty would have been the sensible choices that could attract Independents and some centrist Democrats.
But Ryan?  This is the guy that wants to dismantle health care and Social Security, throwing your grandmother out into the street.  What Romney-Ryan really want is for you to shoulder the entire financial burden of your parents and grandparents, all this in a struggling economy with low wages and part time hours.  It's bad enough Romney would strap your grandmother to the car's roof and drive off.  Now Ryan would toss her out homeless.  This has to be the worst duo in political history, aside from McCain-Palin.

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Did I mention that Paul Ryan was known in high school as Biggest Brown Noser?  That explains Romney's infatuation with him, after all CEOs are famous for their relationships with brown nosers.  Yes, Ryan is a rich target for the Democrats beyond his character flaws.

It takes big ones - or stupidity - to run as a VP mate when you were the recipient of Social Security growing up when his father died while Ryan was in high school - yet he wants to deny the program to just about everyone - all those hard-working people that paid into their future retirement.

Clearly, both Ryan and Romney are The Billionaire Brown Nosers, throwing the middle class, the elderly and the vulnerable from the train because the so-called "Job Creaters" are too cheap to pay their taxes or a living wage to their workers.

So, what did the Republicans buy into by foolishly adding Ryan to the ticket?  They managed to alienate almost all of the Independents, the few Democrats they might have peeled off and, frankly, 80 percent of America.  They should have chosen someone bland and moderate, not a lightning rod for the opposition.

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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both support taking away women's rights, gay rights, elderly rights and care, truly user friendly health care for the nation, privacy rights, jobs - is there anything left?  These two guys have life time health care, courtesy of the taxpayers who gave it to them, yet they deny proper and affordable health care to the entire nation crushed under high health care prices.

This ugly duo wants to take women's rights back to the Stone Age.  Gays are not deserving of even human rights, according to these guys.  And the elderly?  Just let them die in pain, thrown out on the street.  "If you can't afford pain meds then it's your fault for not working hard enough" is their motto.

It is never wise to ignore the suffering of millions of your countrymen and women.  It's cruel to dehumanize others.  It's also stupid to hold the belief they can continue to harm others and there will never be a backlash.  Heaven's wrath will be visiting these two soon enough so let me stand out of striking range while there's still time.  

One Example of How National Politicians Have Created Homelessness

BTW, please be sure to visit Denny Lyon Gifts at Cafe Press as this is how I'm funding my charity to help homeless female military veterans.  Currently there are estimated to be over 5,000.  Many are single mothers living on the streets with small children.

Today I was driving down the road to get an early breakfast and saw what looked like a still working homeless woman sleeping at the bus stop, all covered up.  You just don't see that here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and my heart - and prayers - went out to her.  

She had a bike to which she perched a small wooden stool so she could avoid sitting on the ground where no seat was available.  Two small pink canvas suitcases for her clothes were hanging from the handle bars.  Her socks were sparkling clean underneath her sandals as were her clothes and pink jacket covering her head from the morning dew.  

Clearly, this woman was desperately trying to make it in spite of her circumstances.  I wanted to drive over and give her my breakfast but felt checked since she looked like she had just nodded off to sleep.  I didn't want to scare her with my approach.

Think of all the thousands of people just like that homeless woman trying to survive and keep her dignity.  Do you think any of these national politicians like Romney and Ryan really care about them?  How long before you or me, or someone among our friends and family ends up homeless because of this lagging economy and lack of political will to create new jobs in the millions?

Give what you can to help the many homeless.  You would be surprised how many of them used to be stable middle class, educated or had families.  We just can't stand on the sidelines any more.

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