Monday, August 23, 2010

Funny Video: Stewart Rips Fox News Lies About Ground Zero Mosque

*** Comics have endless material ripped from true headlines, like Fox News creating controversy to keep from sinking lower in the news ratings.

From Denny: Fox News has been on a desperate mission to pump up their news ratings as they are an abysmal last, trailing far behind the big networks. So, what to do? Well, start spouting racist garbage in an effort to galvanize what's left of their crazed base before they get exiled to retirement homes as far away from their kids as their kids can send them.

Stewart enjoys demonstrating to Fox News opining pundits just how contradictory they truly are by pulling their own news clips. Ridiculous is as ridiculous does. Stewart visited the bizarre debate in this country about the planned mosque building that is near not on Ground Zero.

Of course, Stewart's favorite to lampoon is really odd Glenn Beck who worries about Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man spearheading the project: "We don't know what he's planning to do in that cultural center." Roll tape and there is Imam Rauf actually sitting on the Fox News couch saying the same thing.

Stewart turns to British comic John Oliver to get his take on the controversial construction. Oliver pointed out that it's not a question of "right" or "wrong," but of "can" and "should." For example, "You can build a Catholic church next to a playground - but should you?"

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