Friday, May 13, 2011

Funny Donald Trump On Obama Birth, Royal Wedding Cartoons

From Denny: Since Blogger had hacking - oops, maintenance - issues this entire week and we poor pathetic hungry bloggers were starving while waiting to post... Well, let's play catch up on the humor opinions! First off, The Crazy Donald Trump brings lots of national color to the 2012 presidential race as Captain Outrageous. And here we all thought Ol' Newtie Gingrich was vying for that dubious title. The Republicans sure do enjoy their fair share of weirdos and loud mouths.

This week Newt Gingrich announced he was joining the presidential race - and did so on Twitter. Everyone seems amazed an old dog could learn a new trick or two. Aww, come on, he's just copying Sarah Palin. Newtie never did do anything new. After all, he's a history professor who tried desperately to unseat a president AND a vice president in order to replace them when he was Speaker of the House. What is it with this guy? Is he addicted to the promise of power just out of his greedy grasp?

Speaking of the power Gingrich wishes he had - and the promise of being king too - United Kingdom William and Catherine's royal wedding was beautiful and under stated. Of course, the complainers are already calling her Your Royal Blandness because she tries hard not to cause embarrassment to the country - unlike some of the other royals.

I like her just fine so far. I'm sure she will figure out her niche just like any other political wife and work her arena until she becomes a polished expert. As a royal she has a life time to perfect it with "on the job" training. Must be nice to realize you can't get fired. Guess Donald Trump will just have to stand in the corner. :)

The Donald and "The" Birth Certificate:

Bill Day

Scott Stantis

Walt Handelsman


Jeff Stahler

Jack Ohman

Walt Handelsman

Ed Stein

Robert Ariail

Bill Day

If the real news were marketed like a royal wedding:

Rob Rogers

The real royal wedding:

Henry Payne

Henry Payne

Drew Sheneman

Jeff Stahler

Dana Summers

Jeff Stahler

Henry Payne

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