Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cartoons, Jon Stewart Video: Funny Newt Gingrich 2012 Corner

From Denny:  The ridiculous figure of 67-year-old Newt Gingrich - running for any political office or standing at the marriage altar - is tailor made for the late night comics and the cartoonists. Newt Gingrich lampoons and mocks himself every time he opens his mouth.

His latest gaffe has been trying to explain what he is doing with a $500,000 dollar credit account with the jeweler Tiffany's. Easy way to funnel bribe money for a presidential candidate? Does make a person wonder. But then he is married for the third time to a woman 23 years his junior - so that explains all the necessary baubles to keep her distracted from whom she is married to every minute of the day.

What is more striking is how the Republican presidential candidates are much too quiet about Newtie's jewelry account. Could it be they are also guilty of the same offense? Does make a person wonder about that too.

His current wife is Callista, who is supposedly  touted as a Gen X fresh young face to grab the youth vote. Check out this article if you believe that drivel.  The reality is that she was working as a staffer in the House and was getting lobbied by Tiffany's while working for Agriculture.  Hunh?

Callista Gingrich

Yeah, according to Spy Talk blogger, Jeff Stein, "The diamond and silverware firm was spending big bucks to influence mining policy in Congress and in agencies over which the House Agriculture Committee - where she worked - had jurisdiction."

Stein: "Filings by Tiffany's lobbyist, Cassidy & Co., and other government records show that the firm's spending on 'mining law and mine permitting-related issues' in Congress, as well as the Forest Service, the Interior Department, and Interior's Bureau of Land Management shot up sharply between during the period when Callista Gingrich was chief clerk at the House Agriculture Committee."

Turns out one skunk marries another.  Callista was busy giving out insider information to Tiffany's.  Why else would they lobby her as chief clerk at the House Agriculture Committee?  So why isn't Attorney General Holder investigating garbage like this that is clearly in need of investigation?

Turns out Tiffany's lobbying expenditures went from the usual suspects of $100,000 in 2005, zooming up to $360,000 in 2009.  (Source: the Center for Responsive Politics)  And, oh, yeah, the Gingrich campaign got Tiffany to issue a complete denial it ever happened.  It does make us wonder just how much Tiffany did get their hands on from the country's silver mines.

These guys sure are entertaining in an election year when they were busy getting their hands on loads of silver on the cheap - for several years in a row - and finally the public discovered the truth.

Yes, there is a God.  Now I know why Gingrich really ran for president.  And here I thought it was to dial for dollars to help pay those Tiffany bills.  Looks like it was to expose more government corruption.  Investigation, anyone?  I see lots of hands up in the audience.  Let's get Newtie; his turn.  I'm sure President Clinton is off in some corner grinning his a$$e$ts off for the worm has turned on his old nemesis.

Check out Jon Stewart on Newt Gingrich not doing well to win over his own GOP:

Wednesday May 18, 2011
Daily Show: Fast Dive
Newt Gingrich jeopardizes his presidential campaign by appealing to the moderate wing of the Republican Party.

On with the crazy cartoon opinions about the 2012 election!

Moderately Confused

Jack Ohman

Bill Day

Dan Wasserman


Drew Sheneman

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