Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cartoons: Obamas Israel Peace Speech, Register Your Solution to Middle East Peace

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama
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From Denny:  Sagging poll numbers for President Obama has sent him off in the direction most presidents run trying to grab some greatness, this time in the form of the famous Middle East Peace talks. This week Obama kept to the usual American rhetoric of "so, give back the land you took in 1967" strategy that the past three presidents have also tried to sell to no avail.

In case you were not alive in 1967 - or watching the news the past 30 years or maybe living under a rock - Israel did a huge land grab in 1967, taking the Sinai peninsula, the Golan Heights and the West Bank.  To make peace with Egypt they gave back the Sinai.

Of course, in Israel the American idea does not play well since they believe their current borders help protect them. They say they need the Golan Heights for water and the West Bank for expanding population.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians are still ticked off and wanting their land returned, emboldened by the Arab Spring revolutions invigorating several countries across the Middle East.

And, true to their famous stubbornness, Israel says any negotiation about Jerusalem is off the table. Well, considering the latest End of Days prophets in the media lately, maybe that's a good idea. After all, when true peace comes to Jerusalem then they can start rebuilding the Temple and we all know that's when the true End of the World happens, according to scripture. So, just maybe it's a good idea Jerusalem is off the table these days so we all can put off - again - the End of Days. :)

Seriously, though, it appears President Obama and Team Obama are clueless as to how to handle this tough situation. Making public appearances, giving speeches, acting like the political football is in play when it isn't just won't work any more with this generation. Both sides are dug in and both perceptions are intractable.

I have a marvelous out-of-the-box yet historical idea of how to solve the problem. It's radical and either both sides will agree or both sides will run in opposite directions. Hey, there's nothing like bold diplomacy, right?

How about you readers take a moment and think of a bold idea of your own as to how the world can solve this long term problem in the Middle East. For the funnier side, try figuring out what solution I have in mind.


Yes, it's an historical solution that Israel has done in the past.
Yes, it's bold.
Yes, it's controversial.
Yes, it actually could work.

Guess me if you can. What are your thoughts?

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