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Romney-Ryan: Stupid On Steroids, Insults American Voters

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From Denny:  Can the Romney campaign get any worse?  Apparently so, considering the latest gaffe of an open mike recording of Romney speaking to a pack of like-minded empty-minded folks at a Florida fundraiser and barfed up online, courtesy of President Jimmy Carter's grandson.

It went viral.  Clearly, Mr. Romney has zero respect for half of America that are voters.  He basically said that everyone is stupid but him.  What an arrogant self-righteous ass.

Yeah, Romney, that's a plan.  Go ahead.  Insult the very people you are attempting to influence to vote for you.  Wow, what a smart guy, fresh from the Wall Street board room.

Romney has painted millions of Americans (his claim as 47 percent of the country) as "stupid, co-dependent upon federal government, thinking they are supposed to receive entitlements like health care, jobs, housing.  They think of themselves as victims and that it is not his job to worry about those people."  Romney says, "he cannot convince these people to take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

What is the Romney-RNC-Republican Party response?  They have doubled-down and agreed with him to classify half of America as subhuman.  This is exactly what is wrong with the kind of hard-hearted nasty people that promote the Republican Party.

Romney Stupid on Steroids Yard Sign

Romney-Ryan: Stupid on Steroids. Open mouth; insert foot. Lose election. It really is that simple.

Republicans sell this grand idea the Democrats are giving away something for free.  They are not.  Working Americans pay into "entitlements" for decades as a way to take care of themselves in their old age.  That was the whole point of Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid.  It was to lift the burden of throwing aging people out into the street and truly homeless.  It was a national shame at the time during the Great Depression to see Grandma living in the sewer so President Roosevelt started the national old age pension:  Social Security.

Ever since Social Security was started, the Republicans have tried to either get rid of it entirely because employers have to pay a nominal amount into it for every employee.  That means they don't get quite as much profit as their greedy tiny little hearts expect.

Social Security has also been such a huge fund of constant money that Congress regularly dips into to pay for other programs, constantly borrowing when they should leave the fund alone. Both national parties are guilty of this and they have been doing it for decades.

Now it's Wall Street that wants to raid the fund too.  During the Bush 43 years they kept selling how it would be so good for the younger generation to invest in the crooked stock market and they would build more wealth for their retirement.  What a joke that sales job was.  Yet Wall Street keeps on making the pitch to raid the Social Security fund, hoping to convince enough fools to give them the money.

What is so terribly ironic about Romney's sweeping negative stereotyping is that he caught his own supporters in his wide net.  Yeah, Stupid on Steroids.  Couldn't resist creating that bumper sticker over at Cafe Press along with a yard sign and coffee mugs for your grinning enjoyment.

It turns out that 60 percent of that group Romney is trashing as subhuman work for a living, certainly no slackers as accused.  The rest of the group are our grandparents on old age pensions and disabled war veterans along with some students.  NBC News rounded up and dissected the real facts of Romney's slanderous accusation:

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And the political strategists in Romney's campaign?  They are in-fighting to "beat the band" as my Grand Dad used to say.  It's like they are a pack of fools, sporting dunce caps on their empty heads, acting like they are roving a mosh pit.  Call it weird; call it surreal.  This has to be the strangest presidential political campaign ever in American history.

Even before this latest gaffe, the Louisiana Republicans around me were moaning and whining about how "they just know they've lost this election because they have such a bad candidate."  It's amazing what Republicans will say around an Independent.  Did it ever occur to them the Republicans have done so much damage to the economy just to get back the power of the White House that the public has finally caught on to their destructive machinations?

Obviously, more and more of the public is waking up to the fact that the Republican Party has zero to offer the average American.  In fact, over the past 30 years the Republicans have worked their 50-year plan to take away all the gains the Middle Class has enjoyed:  home ownership, a decent wage, the rights to negotiate said wage, civil, voting and privacy rights.  And, clearly, they are not done yet.  They have certainly stacked the courts to ensure their plan succeeds.

The real question is this:  But will enough of the American voters figure out this nasty Republican strategy to take away their Middle Class standard of living and finally vote them ALL out of office?  Stay tuned.  It could get worse in this country.  Hopefully, it will get better as both national political parties finally stand up and take notice of the fury of the American voter and get serious about creating jobs.

If you want to see all of Romney's vomited statements about Obama, the Independent vote, Hispanics, how his campaign is handled go to this link here:  Mother Jones online.

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