Wednesday, December 22, 2010

GOP Grinch Refuse Healthcare to 911 Responders, Dems Say YES to Pass Bill

Saying yes to American heroes from 911. They deserve proper health care and our respect and compassion in their last days.

From Denny: If this isn't the Hall of Shame for America and the world. Especially the financial sector like Wall Street which was the intended target of the terrorists who did absolutely nothing for the 911 responders who rescued. gave aid comfort and closure to countless thousands and their families in America and around the world.

Jon Stewart sat down with four responders who are all dying of heart-lung diseases and various cancers because of the horrific toxic exposure. It was President Bush and his administration that declared the air quality to be safe for rescuers. Yet now we find these same courageous people to be dying slowly from exposure from the Twin Towers devastated site.  Where is former President Bush now when these 911 responders need him?  Answer: silent.

American health insurance companies have the nerve to actually deny these rescuers coverage because they don't believe their strange illnesses are due to exposure at the Twin Towers site. Cowards. OK, the real truth is Big Insurance companies are total scumbags to lack any compassion for these brave souls who literally gave their lives to the effort of rescuing fellow Americans - and people from other countries - because it was the right thing to do.

Now these 911 responders have spent almost the past decade getting denied health coverage and need our help paying their bills from ongoing treatments. Their families are as devastated as they are. What a legacy for Congress to allow. What a shame for America and the world. What ever happened to respecting those who risk their lives to save us? How depraved has society become to no longer care?

Well, the public outcry has been so great that the Republicans' resistance to helping the 911 responders is caving in to political reality. After all, these Republicans were the first to hail these responders as "great American heroes" and took their photos with them. Now, when the 911 responders need them the Republicans have resisted the $6 billion bill to help them.

Today, New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand announce the impasse has been broken down. The passage of this bill may be the last act of the 111th Congress. Let's hope so.

"The Christmas Miracle we've been looking for has arrived," the New York senators said in a statement. "Over the last 24 hours, our Republican colleagues have negotiated in good-faith to forge a workable final package that will protect the health of the men and women who selflessly answered our nation's call in her hour of greatest need."

The current agreement is not expected to encounter any road blocks. It reduces the current cost of the bill which was split between $3 billion for the health care of the responders and another $3 billion for a compensation fund. Many of the responders did not experience severe illness until after the previous compensation fund closed. This new compensation fund will close after five years. The bill also limits attorneys fees.

This bill still needs to pass the House. Well, the House, in compassion mode for the holiday season and eager to help the 911 responders, has remained in session in hopes the Senate would pass this bill to them for approval. If the House approves then the bill bounces back to President Obama to sign.

Let's hope for the 911 responders and their families this will be their Christmas miracle. Many have waited for as long as seven years to see this day.

*** UPDATE 4:29 PM: The House just passed the bill overwhelmingly of a vote by 208 - 60. The bill's total amount was reduced from $6 billion down to $4.2 billion. The money goes to health care for the 911 responders and survivors of the 911 terrorist attack.

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