Friday, October 2, 2015

Russia: What Is Putin REALLY Doing in Syria?

Shaking hands reluctantly:  Putin, left and Obama, right/AP photo

From Denny:  You know when Putin is desperate for money - and for international cover - when he comes to the U. S. acting like he is bosom pals with President Obama.  Of course, the real reason he was meeting with Obama - after two years of absence because he was pouting - was to see if Obama was clueless as to what Putin was about to do in Syria.  Putin was satisfied that Obama was indeed unaware and easily fooled.

Putin took that as a sign he could pee on Obama and so he did.  Well, that was stupid because Obama does not forget or forgive easily.  It might take Obama some time for retaliation but he will do something Putin will really fear.

As to Syria you really have to wonder where the hell is the Arab League in this terrorism-civil war drama?  Why is it the Middle East expects and blames the U. S. and the EU for not doing enough to stop Russia?  Seriously?  Why are the Middle Eastern countries not doing enough to stop Russia and IS?  It's their back yard.  Why don't the Middle East countries devise their own no-fly zone?  Why should it be the U. S. and the EU to do their job?  "Da ya think?" it has something to do with Middle East wars are money pits with no good outcome seen for decades?

Just because Putin has recently met with the EU countries about Ukraine doesn't mean a thing.  France and Germany and others seem to be convinced of a deadly strategy:  Let's cater to a psychopathic dictator and not complain about what Putin is doing in Syria at this conference. We will complain outside of this Ukraine conference as France did.  Seriously?  Putin sees the EU as weak and easy to manipulate, a psychopath's dream...

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Every interview you see Putin in it's obvious he is lying to the reporter about, well, about everything.  He really is a deceptive guy, trying desperately to pump up his confidence that he can continue to fool the world when everyone knows his game plan.  Putin believes he is terribly clever.

Now why should President Obama and Congress receive President Putin after all that rhetoric inside Russia - about too many lies to bother to list - against the U. S.?  Putin really is in trouble back at home.  When a dictator has to resort to whipping up patriotism by demonizing the U. S. you know that leader is not confident he can remain in power much longer.  Read that as Putin is in fear of staying alive.  He has already dodged and contained several assassination attempts.  He had better get used to it that more assassins are coming in waves, and, at a rate he cannot eventually survive.

Of course, too many of my fellow journalists actually are naive enough to believe the so-called opinion polls from inside Russia about how Putin is so well loved.  Seriously?  Who in their right minds would ever admit publicly how much they hate a ruthless dictator willing to jail or outright kill dissenters at the drop of a hat?  Besides, the majority of those "polls" are engineered by the lap dog public relations press both inside Russia and the unpatriotic traitor lobbyists Putin has employed here in the U. S.  

OK, so we have established that Putin is a huge liar, always deceptive in all his relationships, hunted by assassins at every turn, and desperate to buddy up with Obama to do his bidding just so he can lift his leg and pee on Obama at will.  After all, Putin is all about puppet governments so why not turn the U. S. and the EU into his favorite puppets?  That's pretty much how this guy rolls.

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Putin sent in his military to supposedly lift up the Syrian regime.  The reasons he gives to the world are weak at best.  "Oh, you have to support the legitimate government because that's all it is."  Read that as Russia has lots to lose.  For centuries Russian leaders have wanted to control the Middle East reason the analysts.  

In recent times, under Putin, the reality is that Putin is coveting their neighbors' oil fields.  That's the real truth.  The price of oil has dropped so low that pumping out three times as much as before is required just for Russia to keep its head above water.  And that might not even work.

A small part of Putin's Syria Plan is to thumb his nose at President Obama and the U. S.  Why?  Well, so far, Putin is furious he has been unsuccessful in getting those damaging sanctions lifted.  So, from Putin's point of view it's great fun to embarrass Obama by killing off the few rebel soldiers the U. S. has trained and outfitted to fight the Assad regime.  It's not like Putin believes Life is sacred.  He enjoys killing and the power and prestige he thinks he gains from it.  That man is emotionally warped.

How much of a corrupt training program that was of the Pentagon's inept doing is fodder for yet another post.  OK, I'll give the outline in question form right now:  Come on; the Pentagon needed $500 million to train a mere 54 men?  Where did all that money go?  I'd like to see the financials of all those Pentagon generals - to view with total outrage - just how much money they siphoned off for themselves and their pals.  It's the only plausible explanation.

Why is no Inspector General aggressively going after this out of control corruption that started as far back as 2001 when President Bush announced his War on Terrorism?  Why isn't the FBI or some other alphabet soup federal agency investigating?  Why is President Obama too quiet about losing that much money for so little productivity?  Just how widespread and deep in the ranks is this federal and military corruption?  Yes, my fellow journalists had better get off their lazy asses and start digging and digging fast.  This level of corruption and incompetence must be investigated and quickly before this country goes bankrupt.  What is everyone waiting for - another 14 years to pass?

But this post is really focused upon Putin and his motives for moving into Syria militarily.  Sticking his grubby finger into Obama's eye is just part of the plan, the fun part to get him some swagger respect, or so he believes.  Of course, Putin is the usual dictator idiot who doesn't think deeply or beyond the obvious.  Putin is playing with fire and could easily provoke a deadly response for himself and his military.  After all, Ukraine has been kicking Russia's butt big time while Putin has hidden his losses from the Russian people.

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You should read some of the so-called experts on Putin.  It really is laughable.  So, my far from humble opinion can't be any worse.  Besides, I'm always accurate.  In my own not so humble opinion, of course.

These experts really are exasperating at best.  They make all these assumptions, drawn from both Western thinking and the male gender type of thinking.  That's their first mistake.  Putin is such an easy read:  He's crazy and he enjoys acting reckless and crazy.  He also has absolutely no one to stop him from acting crazy.

Putin thinks like an angry vengeful woman, just like the Middle East terrorists do.  The difference is that Putin was broken in intelligence training so you have an added mindset as an over layer which seems to be confusing most analysts.

You know, the "woman scorned" admonition?  That's how these guys in Russia and the Middle East react to everything.  It's all about the depth of emotion, that for some reason, most Western men and primarily male intelligence analysts just don't relate to or know what to do with it because they are so busy swishing it aside like it's a gnat in their face.  Well, man up, boys, and start learning how to deal.  That's why you keep missing it on analyzing most situations.  In both Russia and the Middle East there is a huge universe of swirling untamed emotion.  You need to learn how to stand still in the middle of the storm and observe accurately.

Meanwhile, back to Mr. Crazy Ass Putin: he really isn't long for this world.  He's beaten several close calls assassination attempts this year and killed off a number of those close to him as a preventive measure in the hopes the attempts will stop.  Well, they won't stop, especially now that he has interjected himself into Syria militarily.  That was a serious miscalculation.

But then, Putin has no emotional discipline.  He wants what he wants and he wants it right now like any unchallenged dictator with absolute power.  Clearly, Putin has outworn his welcome with the Russian people and the world.

Putin doesn't care if the West likes him but he does get emotionally hurt when the West doesn't respect him or dance to his tune like the typical child throwing a temper tantrum.  Putin is quite emotionally unruly and fond of international temper tantrums.  That stupid trait does make him as entertaining as he looks ridiculous.

Analysts studying Putin are always playing catch up - which is exactly what Putin enjoys - leading them around by the nose like some pet on a chain.  Experts waste time wringing their hands trying to find out who is advising Putin.  Like that matters.  That would be logical.  Crazy ruthless people are rarely logical on a consistent basis.  You can't expect an irrational person to be rational in order to reason with them about their bad behavior.

Again, watch his conflicting emotions instead of what he is communicating verbally, trying to sound rational.  Ignore all that he says.  In fact, when watching the video turn off the sound and you will finally see the obvious.  In the end, he is lying about it all because his "rational" arguments are really just misdirection to get what he wants emotionally.  Analysts and world leaders need to keep their focus.  Quit falling for the typical traditional Russian misdirection of which Putin is so very fond.

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Putin is one insecure nasty piece of artwork who enjoys killing those close to him as much as he does on the battlefield.  He has a conscience but overrides it constantly in favor of his greed for power and money.

And now we are at the heart of Putin:  it's really all about the money. 

Putin is less about dominance in the Middle East for Russia.  He just pounced on that to misdirect analysts and make himself sound more grand.  Even the Russian people do not support him on Syria.  Putin is not that personally interested in establishing Russian military dominance on to the world.  He just tells that to his military generals to keep them happy and at bay for assassination attempts.

Putin is all about stealing as much as he can from every country he can do it to and as fast as he can do it.  

Putin visited the Pope at the Vatican, looked around, and thought to himself, "Stealing from the Pope will be like taking candy from a baby."  Of course, the Pope was not fooled and saw the greed.  After all, this Pope is not only a Jesuit but a trained and seasoned exorcist.  If there is one thing an exorcist recognizes easily and quickly it's evil, human or spiritual.  Like I keep saying, Putin is an easy read.

What does Putin want in Syria?  Well, to hear him tell it he is assisting Assad to stay in power which is what he tells Assad until he finishes looting the country.   Putin claims he is fighting the IS terrorists because he doesn't want them to spread to Russia.  Well, that's what he says for cover to get Western powers to let him run loose in Syria. Putin is supposedly interested in maintaining his naval base in Syria too because it's for his military foothold in the Middle East.  Come on; that naval base is one of the areas of which he will use to move the heaviest treasure out of the country.  Duh.

Putin is telling Assad:  "Don't worry.  I'm setting it up militarily to help you get out of the country where you and your family can be safe in exile.  By the way, where did you stash the Syrian treasures and money?  I'll safeguard it for you."

When a Russian crime boss tells you he will protect you, your money and give you safe passage you can bank on it that you will be sent flying out of that safe passage plane after he gets the location of all money and treasure. 

Then Putin will tell the international community yet another lie:  "I don't know what was wrong with Assad.  He must have been crazy.  He just suddenly opened the plane door and jumped out.  What was he thinking?"  After all, has anyone seen Assad lately?  He may already be dead.  He has been a dead man walking for some time.  He actually thought he could get away with torturing and killing Syrian children and not one parent would come looking to kill him?  

Putin is just laying the groundwork to easily secret the Syrian antiquities and treasures out of the country before IS can get their hands on it.  After all, Putin reasons, "Why should IS sell it on the black market for profit when I can take the profit?"

Putin is looting the Syrian banks for cash too as he is cash strapped inside Russia since the sanctions and the price of oil dropped like a rock killing his economy.  There isn't enough cash in Syria to prop up the Russian economy successfully.  Putin has never been much of an economist or decent business man. But he does know how to steal and stuff that wealth into his own pockets.

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Putin has robbed Russia of so much money that his economy is imploding.  Annexing Crimea was stupid as since then he has been garnishing the wages of all workers to pay for it.  There is a whole lot of serious grumbling going on after that stupid move.  And that was over a year ago.  Can you imagine the number of assassination plots in the making because there is so much resentment among the Russian people for being so rudely used by their own President?  Think about it.

Putin and his allies of China and Iran are of the opinion that if they keep up military pressure on the U. S. that they will break through to get what they want.  Really?  Starting war in Ukraine and now intervening in Syria is meant to put the U. S. off balance?  All meant just to gain influence?  All Putin is really accomplishing is the stirring of a hornet's nest at his own peril.

Quit wasting your time and energy trying to figure out why Putin is doing what he is doing.  All that Putin ultimately wants more than anything is money.  He is gathering as much as possible because even he sees the handwriting on the wall that he cannot survive many more assassination attempts before he has to disappear or go into hiding in some dark corner of the world.  He wants to make sure he can live in absolute luxury into old age.

Putin wants the sanctions lifted as a way to stave off the increasing disapproval of the Russian people he knows are getting ready to turn on him.  He figures if he embarrasses the U. S. in Syria - and just about anywhere else - the U. S. will be so beaten down Obama will be forced to relent, recognizing Putin as the better man.  See, I told he was crazy and delusional.  What a warped mindset.

As to President Obama, oh, quit with the whining to the Russian State Department.  You look silly.  That's exactly what the petty Russians want you to do:  complain bitterly and publicly, caught up in the misdirection while Putin gallops around doing as he pleases.  You are not short on options to handle this crisis.

Be smart.  Go silent and throw a pack of new sanctions on his sorry ass and be done with it.  Act like his angry parent and discipline him and then kick him out of the house for disrespecting you.

Putin will not respond to anything reasonable.  Remember:  Putin is crazy.  

Attack Putin on his biggest vulnerability:  money.  

Putin's strategy and goal for being in Syria:

1) Money

2) Money

3) Money

To sum it up this defines Putin:

1) Putin is a global human trafficker

2) Putin is a global drug dealer

3) Putin is pimp of a global prostitution ring

4) Putin is a global money launderer utilizing U. S. and European Big Banks

5) Putin is a crime boss of the Russian crime syndicate that has a stranglehold on the Russian government and police

6) Putin is a thug, killing off political opposition just because there is no one to stop him

7) Putin is a hypocritical liar who is extremely vindictive, petty, jealous and reckless, not interested in the long term strategy for Russia's well being, progress and healthy economy

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In the end, money is all Putin cares about - even more than his life.  All the various reasons think tank analysts offered as to Putin's motives and strategy are secondary and virtually unimportant as those are just his way of coping with various factions to keep them happy.

Money - and lots of it - is Putin's primary and only motivator. 

Yes, Putin really is that greedy, crazy, reckless and ruthless.  Questions?  

Remember:  Denny is always right.  When you have The BEST you don't need the rest.  All you lame Stink Tanks may now start sending paychecks my way.  Thank you, thank you very much. 

It's amazing how many billions of dollars our federal government wastes on lame think tanks that are just spouting off the tops of their heads and calling it analysis.  Perhaps I should hang out my shingle with the new company name of Denny Lyon Think Tank?  After all, I'm "a legend in my own mind."  Oh, wait a minute, that's Putin's line.

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