Monday, June 4, 2012

Im Just Saying: Funny Way 4 U.S. Govt 2 Handle Mexican Drug Smugglers

Images of Strauss-Kahn's perp walk were condem...
Grubby Creepy French Old Guy:  Images of Strauss-Kahn's PERP WALK were condemned in France, where it is illegal to publish such photos before the subject is convicted. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  Take a peek inside a living room as Middle Class America watches the news, offering up outrageous solutions to the nation's ills.

For decades, Mexican drug smugglers have been devising all kinds of effective methods to penetrate the American coastline.  The news anchor seems to think the various government agencies have proven effective at containing the Mexican drug smugglers on land.

Lately - yes, this is a real news story - the smugglers have turned to retrofitting simple Mexican fishing boats with multiple engines to skim across the water so fast you might blink your eyes and miss them.

Apparently, the Coast Guard and other government agencies working in unison, are on watch every night, seeking out the more than several dozen runs by the smugglers all along the California coastline.

This news clip shows how the law enforcement agencies are successful, and arresting all kinds of smugglers, all lined up for The Perp Walk.

Yeah, Middle America is sitting on the couch taking it all in, fidgeting with the remote, when a stellar idea pops into their heads.  All that arrest business sure is a lot of unnecessary work.  We have a more effective solution of how to deal with these cheesy Mexican smugglers.

My husband turns to me and says, "Why do they waste so much effort and time on arresting those loser smugglers?  Why not just blow them out of the water?" (Don't you just love this guy?)

To which I reply, "Yeah, where is a good drone attack when you need one? (Serious snickering follows.)  Can you just picture all those whales and dolphins high on the drugs from the sunken boats?"  At least it will break up the BP oil slicks and save the American people a lot of court costs.

Someone send this post to the President.  He's always saying to America, "Send me your great ideas for which I can take credit."  Maybe the President could see his way to our logic:  What good are drones if you don't use them more often?  Hellfire missiles anyone?  Or we could rent out the baby dragons on the HBO series, Game of Thrones, to do the job?  Bet they work cheap.

Yeah, just think America, drone attacks here might prove popular in Pakistan.  It's called international diplomacy.  Excuse me for a second while I contact Fox News to get the real definition of diplomacy and procure my weekly cheat sheet for brainwashed contemplation.

Next week we plan a house party primer on the self-correcting markets and how to gin up the economy.  Stay tuned. I'm just saying...

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