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Poll: Obama Steadily Losing Disenfranchised White Voters

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WASHINGTON - JANUARY 25: U.S. President Barack Obama makes a statement following a meeting of the Middle Class Task Force at the White House January 25, 2010 in Washington, DC. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden announced their support for an expansion of the child- and dependent-care tax credit for families that make less than $85,000 a year as well as other initiatives designed to help the middle class. Obama's State of the Union address will be on January 27. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

From Denny:  People like me are walking away from the Democratic Party to join the fast growing third alternative, finding a place in the Independent/Unaffiliated column.

Democrats - and Republicans - are so fed up with Bought Government ruining our lives we are leaving the dominant national political parties in droves.  This 2012 election will prove to be a stampede of voters away from the mainstream - and now highly corporate money corrupted - politics.  In fact, 52 percent of America wants a third party because the two national parties do such a poor job.

This presidential election, predicted by all the official prognosticators, will be won by a razor thin margin.  The pollsters are beginning to bring home the obvious all the rest of us already know:  the voters no longer want to vote this president into a second term.

President Obama's support has dropped steadily since his fast track 2008 election.  Perhaps too much was expected of him.  Perhaps the country is so irrevocably screwed up by Wall Street and corporate puppet politicians that no one can fix it now.  One thing is for sure, President Obama had many forks in the road where he could have defended the Middle Class against the rapacious Republicans and Big Business, choosing to do little or nothing.

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* Health care has risen and is far too expensive for the majority of Americans.  A public option is direly needed and Obama and the national politicians ignored the cries of millions of suffering people.  When people run out of money, that's it; they're done.  Health insurance is still not affordable four years later.

* Unemployment and under employment is so bad that 31 million jobs are required to help bring balance back to the economy.  Team Obama chose to ignore starting up millions of jobs from government projects to help innovate and repair the badly dilapidated national infrastructure from highways to the electrical grid.  This White House chose to chase after a weak health care reform that only helped a fraction of the country and passed on the majority, again leaving the middle class in the dust when they should have concentrated upon jobs.

* A week ago Netroots demanded the Democrats push a $10 minimum wage to get near what the middle class can pay their bills on.  What did the Democrats say to us?  "Oh, we can't do that."  In the private sector women are still denied equal pay.  Good ol' Congress voted down a bill to give women equal pay - and it included far too many Democrats.  So, why should women or the middle class vote Democrat?

* Millions of Americans have lost their homes to foreclosure and sleazy illegal mortgage practices.  What did Obama do?  He arranged this huge multi-state settlement with the Big Banks to let them off the hook.  The biggest insult?  Most homeowners never saw a dime as it went to the states' government.  The Middle Class gets screwed again.

Then there were the mortgage programs Obama put out there to supposedly help the Middle Class. Again they were screwed over by sleazy practices from the very subcontractors and banks administering the programs.  No one was investigated and no one went to jail.  The final insult was the $1 billion put out there for the programs.  The majority of the funds actually were sent back to the federal treasury.  In short, it was just a program to look good for political reasons, not to actually help the distressed homeowners.

* The BP Oil Crisis was another Obama fiasco of sucking up to Big Oil and screwing over the Middle Class.  Here in Louisiana, and on the Gulf Coast, two years later, we are still reeling from home and small business foreclosures.  The $20 billion BP Claims Fund was never fully funded as touted by the Obama political strategists.

There was zero transparency on the accounting of how BP claimed they dispersed $2.5 billion, saying they gave it out to the homeowners and small businesses.  The reality is that BP used the majority of said funds for advertising to rehabilitate their brand on TV, YouTube, newspapers, radio and anywhere else they could find.  They also used it for state and federally mandated toxic cleanups.  Meanwhile, Obama gave yet another oil lease to BP far out in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana in spite of unresolved safety issues.

* The price of gas is outrageous and this White House has done nothing to lower it.  The Middle Class cannot sustain these record levels near $4 a gallon that has remained this high for four years now.  These high prices are devastating the Middle Class and small businesses.  In fact, under Obama's leadership, half of the Middle Class has evaporated, descending into lower income or outright poverty.  It will be another two generations - about 50 years - before we see a thriving strong Middle Class again unless bold leaders step forward who are not seduced by corporate money.

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A recent Gallup poll says Obama has dropped a minimum of six points on the average, including the following groups:

* non-Hispanic whites
* college-educated voters
* non-religious Americans and other groups
* unmarried non-Hispanic whites
* low-income non-Hispanic whites

This poll is significant because whites make up about three-quarters of U.S. registered voters.  In short, a slight increase in white support could secure his election.  A slight decrease in white support Obama could lose the election.  His situation is that fragile.  And yet, armed with these numbers, Obama commits political suicide and does nothing to pass a living minimum wage.  What is the Democratic Party thinking?

Since his election in 2008, Obama's support is down for the following groups:

* whites - down 6 percent
* blacks - down 4 percent
* overall registered voters - down 5 percent

* white men - down to 34 percent support
* white women - down to 41 percent support

* non-married men - down 12 percent
* non-married women - down 7 percent

* non-religious - down 10 percent
* Jews - down 10 percent

Only among Hispanics is his support basically unchanged and at 67 percent.  The youngest voters were the most supportive in 2008 and seniors the least supportive.  Recently, support among youngest voters has been dropping steadily, down 9 percent, probably due to the huge student loan debt not addressed by Congress and Obama to help them with high loan shark styled interest rates.  They are being labeled The Lost Generation because of being saddled with such high debt that will take decades to pay off at such high interest rates.

It does not look promising for a second term for Obama.  He has lost significant support from those who did support him in 2008:

* young adults
* postgraduate women
* postgraduate men
* non-married women
* non-married men
* non-Christians
* non-religious adults
* low income

Is it any wonder the Democrats have lost us?  In a few weeks I'll be renewing my driver's license.  I'll also be changing my political affiliation from life long Democrat to Independent/Unaffiliated.  I've had enough of the lying, the deceptions, the games and general political corruption.  The stiff-arming and lack of real concern for millions of people suffering in this country is unacceptable.

I've decided to not vote for any more Democrats, good or bad, until the Democrats get serious and flush the party of all the corporate money.  Until then, my vote goes elsewhere.  In fact, I just might vote for Romney out of pure spite.  Two national political parties that don't accept corporate funding are the Green Party and the Reform Party.

Like my late father-in-law used to say, "Sometimes you have to teach these politicians a lesson.  Don't let them take you for granted."  Works for me.  How about you?  Are you going to continue to enable political corruption or choose to hold your vote from the crooks and thugs that don't represent you anyway?  You make the call.  Your vote does count, especially when you refuse to give it to them.

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