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Im Just Saying: How To Protect Your Vote

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From Denny:  Middle Class America watches the national political scene play out and we have all come to the same conclusion.  Yes, both political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, are so ridiculously compromised by corporate money they are morally rotten to the core.

Neither party listens to their base.  Neither party seriously considers doing anything for their base to improve their lives for such obvious areas like the outrageous cost of health insurance or equal pay in the work place.

Don't believe the moral rot to be true?  There was a time, like the 2008 election, when $100 million won the campaign.  Consider this:  President Obama bragged about how he and Team Obama were collecting $1 billion for his reelection campaign.

The Republicans' Bragging Rights?  They are collecting their own $1 billion - via the Karl Rove machine - and adding to it as we speak.  Over $300 million alone has been donated from The Koch Brothers in this election cycle, the ultra conservative billionaires that hate unions and the unemployed.

Expect major political ad carpet bombing from both camps right before the November vote.  Yes, moral rot has disintegrated two once interesting competing political parties.  No longer is it about the issues that face this country and the practical solving of those problems.  Those days are long gone.

It's all just devolved into the The Game of Shoveling BS by armies of political strategists and media news producers out to line their own pockets at the taxpayers' expense.  The problem is that the public is no longer so willing to give any of these parties the benefit of the doubt.  Could it be it has to do with their lack of deeds to back up their claims? Ya think?

Of late, in the national battle of Big Money Lobbyists to completely control and devastate the American and world economy, they have taken to wiping millions of people off the voting rolls in all the states across the country.  Of course, it's primarily the Republicans going after Democratic voters but don't put it past the Democrats to do the same to Republican voters on a smaller level.

They are especially obliterating the names of Democrats who only vote occasionally, like every four years in a presidential election cycle.  The GOP is also going after any Democrats, especially black voters, who do not vote but maybe once a decade, if at all.

You would think that since the Democrats have witnessed this nasty GOP practice in election cycle after election cycle they would start a campaign to get Democrats out to vote in every primary election.  Yet, we see none of that.

The GOP has done an excellent job of impressing upon their base just that voting habit and  it is how they have managed to leverage elections in their favor time and again.  Democrats continue to sit on their hands in Washington and the voters stay at home when desperately needed.

Well, at our house, sitting on our couch watching all the mental and emotional garbage that passes for Informed News, we have devised a far better plan to help the vulnerable and screwed over voter.  After all, who can expect the Department of Justice to get the job done?  The only reason Team Obama is offering up any opposition on this front about voter suppression is because it personally benefits them.

Well, those of us lounging upon the Middle Class Couch - and fighting over the remote - have a superior plan.  We suggest that ALL Democrats protect their vote by leaving the Democratic Party.  What?!!  Are we crazy?!  All my fellow Democrats should dump their membership in the national Democratic Party and enter into the new label of Independent or Unaffiliated.

You see, the GOP is searching for all those voters who declare as Democrats.  If you are a declared Independent or Unaffiliated then you won't get kicked off the voting rolls no matter how infrequent you vote.  The GOP won't be able to properly identify you.  You can still vote for the Democrats but the GOP won't know how you cast your vote.  It's called hiding in plain sight.

The Republicans should also leave their party.  The party leaders aren't listening to the voters any more than the Democrats are listening to their voters.  Why should the Republicans leave?  Hey!  You want respect?  You want them to take you seriously?  Quit with the silly Tea Parties, you look ridiculous.  Get serious and make the GOP work for your vote.

Democrats who favor getting serious and working on the nation's social issues, income inequality and the environment, then the Green Party is for you.  Republicans that favor getting the nation's budget in line and fair taxation policies then the Reform Party is for you.

Bing search for Green Party News
Bing search for Reform Party News

Imagine two political parties without the mess of Big Money involved and pulling the strings of the political muppets.  Both the Green Party and the Reform Party do not accept corporate money.  Can it be there is someone out there in politics that are finally authentic?

The hard truth is that if the American voter does not soon take matters into our own hands then this country is headed for some serious hard times ahead.  It's just common sense:  you cannot continue to allow the selfish and the greedy to take and take out of this economy and not eventually collapse it.

When you take you must also give to create a steady balance.  America is teetering near economic collapse.  Fire these politicians and leave behind the dominant national political parties.  They no longer represent us and following them off the proverbial cliff is stupid. We must forge ahead without them to create a healthier economy and country.

Yeah, a little voter guerrilla warfare never hurts.  Think of it.  We can collapse two crooked political parties and frustrate both in their crooked schemes.  I'm Just Saying...

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