Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fathers Day Posts: Quotes, Photos, Humor, Music. Poetry

happy fathers day

Happy Father's Day! photo by jwlphotography @ flickr, All Rights Reserved with embed code available

From Denny:  Enjoy some funny quotes from fathers about being a father. Get inspired from some inspirational quotes about fathers and from fathers.

Enjoy two musicians - Keith Urban and Abel Ullon - and what they have to say about what it is like being a father and observing their own fathers as parents.

Most of all, enjoy some wonderful photography from a variety of amateurs and professionals, revealing fathers in their most intimate moments with their children. Taking a snooze, playing sand castle on the beach, riding on daddy's shoulder, hanging out with pregnant mom, daddy gazing into the eyes of  his newborn, daddy cookies baked just for him, playing "kids in the bucket," learning to play music, and getting kisses from his little girls on his special day to be honored - at least once a year! :)

Funny Fathers Day: Cheeky Quote Day

Fathers Day Quotes: Funny and Inspirational

Fathers Day Music: Keith Urban Sings Song For Dad

Christian Music: Fathers Day Song - My Dad by Abel Ullon

Dennys Photo Gallery: Fathers Day

Angel Diaries: Samuel story poem - How do you recognize when an angel has truly come into your life? Do you remember your angel sightings or did the moment pass you by?

3 Kinds of Men to Honor - Today is Father’s Day on the calendar and I will be thinking of them throughout this week, we choose this day to honor the good examples of quality men who have influenced our lives beneficially. Most people reflect upon a father, a brother, an uncle, a grandfather, a husband, a good and trusted friend, even a mentor.

Video: Making A Difference - Father's Heart Ranch - This is a wonderful story full of love to heal abused and abandoned boys in California. A retired professional baseball player turned non-denominational minister took his life savings to begin this endeavor.

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