Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is This Syrian Opposition Leader al-Khatib Really Trustworthy for the U.S.?

Sec. of State Kerry, left and Mouaz al-Khatib,
Syrian opposition leader

From Denny:  Today, newly minted Sec. of State Kerry met with the one man the West hopes can create a way to end the civil war mess in Syria where President Assad has massacred countless thousands of his own people.

Far too many are children Assad chose to torture and then kill, throwing their bodies out like garbage for their parents to see.  Of course, this idiot actually thought those heinous acts would intimidate the people, instilling fear for their leader, when all it did was convince them to fight harder to topple him.

Meanwhile, the West, especially America, has been desperately seeking one man who can unite all the various disorganized and disparate factions who are fighting their own tyrannical government.  Today's situation must be a lot like it was when Americans were fighting the British in the early years of the American Revolution when the other European countries were unsure with whom to talk and if it was wise to arm them.

Now, enter on to the world stage this Sunni Muslim geophysics engineer and Islamic preacher who supposedly professes equality for women, political plurality and does not want foreign military intervention.  He sure talks a good game.  Anyone remember Ahmed Chalabi from Iraq?  While this man, Mouaz al-Khatib may not be as oily or as greedy as VP Cheney's Chalabi, can we really trust him?

The perfect mug to describe the Middle East political mess:

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Perhaps it would be wise for Obama to slow down the love fest with this man al-Khatib even if he is the new leader of the Syrian Opposition.  Sec. Kerry may be keen to rush headlong into a virtual romantic relationship with him but it might be wiser to step back and observe more of him as we all get to know him a lot better.  Something just doesn't feel right here.

It's clear al-Khatib views America as supporters of some really bad leaders in the Middle East, harboring some serious resentment about Egypt.  It's clear he believes he has no other choice than to get what he can from America, telling us whatever we want to hear.  He may be a "man of the people" in Syria but I doubt he would be considered the same in America or the West.

Perhaps it was the translation today.  Perhaps it's just my internal radar perking up and flailing its arms wildly for alarm but today al-Khatib's words did not come across well at all.  He referred to the Syrian people as "those people" not "my people."  Red flag, folks, red flag.  Go back and check the translator but I don't think the problem is there but with al-Khatib, perhaps a typical analytical engineer who is too detached from what should be his passion:  his people.

Tread lightly and walk slowly.  This opposition version of Syria will betray America in the end.  Don't be lulled into believing America really has any influence, stroke or trust in the Middle East.  It's just about the money.  In the Middle East they hate us if we don't dance to every demand and then hate us when we give them what they demand.  It isn't smart to get too involved because they will never have any loyalty to us and America is surely not interested in spilling more American blood for those who will betray us in the end.

This is not the kind of man you bring home to meet your parents.  Politically speaking, America shouldn't date him no matter how many good references he has amassed into his dossier from the easily deceived.  Everything about him screams cold-blooded spitting cobra, capable of using anyone and everyone to achieve his goals.  After all, he just may be aligned with Iran.  Who knows for sure about that relationship?

Mouaz al-Khatib is a bad bet to pin America's hopes to for the Middle East troubles.  Let's step back and see how long he lasts in power and how willing the Syrian people are to follow him long term.  Then America still should not invite him to dinner.  Either that or get inoculated for the poisonous snake bites America will be sporting in the years ahead.  No whining allowed about how America is unlucky in love if we choose that position.

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