Thursday, February 14, 2013

To Prez Obama: Ram Chuck Hagel Nomination Til GOP Bleeds

, U.S. Senator from Nebraska.
, U.S. Senator from Nebraska. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  Can the Republicans get any nastier than they have for this Sec. of Defense nomination of former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel?  Apparently, when you divorce the GOP, like he did because he is a moderate who was told he was no longer welcome at the political table, the Republicans are hell bent on revenge and his destruction.  

The personal attacks are so vicious in the hearings that even Mr. Nasty Himself, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) - a former best friend and now sworn enemy of Hagel - told the party to back off as he did in the recent committee right before the whole Senate vote.  When McCain thinks something has gone too far you know it's really bad as he revels in mean-spirited and nasty attacks...

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So, I say this to the Obama White House, don't you dare back off this nomination.  The man is in the midst of combat and he will come through.  He also will have a very long memory of who attacked him and what state from which they hail.

It's obvious why the Republicans are fighting his nomination to the ends of the scorched earth - besides being angry he left the fold denouncing them.  The Big Business defense contractors are pulling their hair out worrying about the deep defense cuts we all know must happen.  Unspeakable financial horrors:  they might be forced to sell off one of their 30 McMansions.

Let's just choose first and foremost to cut things - long before the consideration of cutting people.  There exist many a billion dollar boondoggle project at the Pentagon like the 13-year long failure of a billion dollar computer system that doesn't interface as promised with older computer systems - and then there are those crazy costly billion dollar planes.

Then there are those 300 tanks on order that the Pentagon keeps trying to cancel but the politicians keep ordering for them.  We already own over 2500 tanks of which the majority are languishing out in the desert out West because there is nowhere else to store them we have more than we require for warfare.  Why not sent the Syrian rebels a few hundred tanks as a gift?  At least they would go to good use.

And then there is that little matter that the Pentagon is still unable to account for $2 trillion in its budget.  How can you not find $2 trillion?  Could it be that it's tied up in 1,000 shadow intelligence agencies without Congressional oversight that Bush-Cheney created in order to circumvent Congress and the CIA?  Could it be the million man shadow army that Bush-Cheney also created off the books, outside of military discipline and accountability?  At least President Obama absorbed some of that shadow army as protection for Congress and diplomats when they travel overseas.  But what about the rest of them?

The Republicans should curb their bad attitudes toward Chuck Hagel.  He will get in, even if Obama has to re-nominate him repeatedly and re-nominate Hagel he will just for spite because the GOP has been so spiteful.  Shove ugliness down our throats and Hagel will end up closing bases in your states and cutting your favorite pork projects that are in his budget.  Are you Republicans really so sure that continuing this political vendetta is in your own best interests?

What is saddest of all in this national political drama:  Chuck Hagel is a Vietnam veteran, wounded for his country and in possession of two purple hearts, and this is how they honor his service?  Chuck Hagel is a man with a big heart and he should be accepted as the next Sec. of Defense.  No other outcome is acceptable.  After all, it is Valentine's Day.

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