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NSA Protest, The Day We Fight Back: Greed Cartel Be Wary of the Three R's

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency....
The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency. The first use was in September 1966, replacing an older seal which was used briefly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  What the last eight months of revelations about the wholesale spying and collections wrongdoing of the NSA, the Pentagon, Congress, Wall Street, our federal judicial system - in the form of the harsh and devious DOJ, the rubber-stamping secret FISA Court, the weak Supreme Court that appointed said rubber-stamping secret FISA Court, the expansion of odiousness from this Obama White House of President Bush 43's start-up programs have brought to light is the callous disregard for the American people, even the people of the world.  Congress and now this White House are peopled by billionaires and millionaires - too many profiting from defense contracts - making decisions that will impact regular people for generations...

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These wealthy people believe themselves to be beyond - and exempted from - the very surveillance upon which they subject billions of people worldwide.  Oh, and the surveilled are simply not allowed to complain or demand these millionaires and billionaires - who are draining the U.S. Treasury for their federal government so called "defense" contracts - cease and desist, let alone rein themselves in from their excesses.  Yeah, the money is really that good and too difficult to resist.

It's like a well organized intentional onslaught military styled 360-degree attack upon the American people's psyche, all these screeching protests from leaders of the military, the NSA, the IC, Congress, this White House, Wall Street, the previous White House administration, you name it - even the head judge of the much too secretive and unchallenged FISA Court.

The ex-Deputy CIA Director Mike Morell goes out and outright lies to the press, claiming the government does not collect the metadata.  Yeah, so the DOJ twists their arms and forces the telecom and internet companies to do it for them and then hand it over to the federal government, the NSA, the rest of the intelligence community in the form of "publicly acknowledged" 17 agencies.  How is that any different?

Michael Morell, December 2012.JPG

Mouthpiece for NSA, CIA, IC, defense contractors:  Ex-Deputy CIA Director Mike Morell

Then President Obama places this ex-Deputy CIA Director Morell on his NSA investigative panel.  That's like placing the TV show king of serial killers, Dexter, on your government health care panel.  Morell might have started out his CIA career with the best of intentions but 30 years later he's a lying mess.

The guy is a study in how the intelligence community - and a long career of everyday lying and ordering the killing of people - can take it's toll.  He should have gotten out a very long time ago.  He's spiritually shut down and emotionally depraved.  The fact is he enjoys lying and finds it secretly amusing that people are stupid enough to believe him.  What a putz.  He does not respect me enough to tell me (the American people he is claiming to protect) the truth: ever.

Michael Hayden, director of the CIA.
Michael Hayden
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Smug Mouthpiece for NSA, Pentagon, Defense Contractors:  Ex-NSA Chief Michael Hayden

Well, this is a short commentary on this despicable guy.  Hayden is known for being a self-important blabber mouth everywhere he goes.  No one likes this obnoxious guy.

He handpicked the current NSA Chief Gen. Keith Alexander to succeed him like the Pentagon culture is so fond of doing in order to maintain control over every President and the rest of the civilian government.  Why?  So he could control Alexander to do his bidding and stay "in the loop" for defense contracts to enrich himself and his business buddies.  That's not rocket science for the lamest bird brain out there to figure out.

Hayden has added "bully" to his resume when he tried to bully a member who heard him "gossiping" national secrets and goings on when Hayden was riding the commuter train.  The guy rightly thought he should pipe down about such important matters discussed in such a public arena.

Did Hayden take such sage advice and realize his error, making a quick correction of his lack of proper discretion?  Of course not.  Pentagon style Hayden went to the guy's chair and stood over him to bully him into silence.  Hayden is lucky that wasn't a woman he tried that with because he would have ended up a rooster no longer.  No woman would have put up with that dominance bullying stance and would have delivered his balls to him, decorating his precious gossiping cell phone.

Hayden is also a professional liar for the NSA.  Of course he is.  He's the guy who put the majority of these disgusting programs into place to spy upon the world.  Alexander has just upped the ante, continuing the wrong path for our intelligence community and this presidency.

Hayden is the darling "expert" of many idiot media outlets who actually think this guy is worthy of any interviews.  Hayden lies like a rug, folks, all over the place.  How is anything he has to say even worth the time you give him?  Don't you get it?  He IS the corruption, the crook, the liar in chief, king of liars that has spawned more liars.  He enjoys getting paid to feed you propaganda and idiot opinions.  Quit wasting your money as he is laughing all the way to the bank, making fools of you all.

He also enjoys telling the media how NSA Leaker Edward Snowden should be assassinated.  Yeah, from his perspective, I guess so.  Does Snowden have something on Hayden and Alexander that even he and his journalist friends don't know?  They had better start digging - and fast - to find it and release it.  Why?  Because Hayden and Alexander are not going to stop trying to assassinate any of them because that's how they control their power and cover up their sins.

If Alexander actually leaves as the NSA Chief (supposedly in March), expect him to worm his way into another powerful position in the IC.  The word is he is already whining and a$$ kissing DNI Clapper for his next big plum assignment.

Yes, if DNI Clapper hires Alexander for anything, even dog catcher, then we all see the finger pointing to Clapper is dirty too.  If Clapper values his reputation then he should be smart:  cancel those high security clearances for Hayden and Alexander immediately, black ball them for any future government jobs or contracts.  It's the only way to begin to get a handle on the government corruption that is out of control.

Geeesh!  How naive and stupid can my fellow media get anyway?  What ever happened to journalists with spine in this country?  Are they all dead and buried?  Or are they just quivering in some corner, afraid to investigate all this government corruption, outting people like Hayden?

One more tidbit that goes to the nasty mindset of Hayden and the Pentagon and the IC in general:  Back in 2007 it was Hayden that lobbied hard for the CIA to be able to conduct drone strikes literally "at will" based only upon the behavior of ground vehicles.  The CIA did not have to prove any further evidence that targeted person had any connection to terrorism.  Basically, Hayden unilaterally decided he was the Supreme Judge and Jury of a person's fate.  And it sure doesn't look like he is willing to give up that power any time soon.

How did someone like this ever rise to become an Air Force four-star general (39 years), a CIA Director (2006 - 2009 after the buffoon Peter Goss was thrown out because of gambling and using taxpayer money for prostitutes for Goss' deputies) and an NSA Director (1999 - 2005) and yet go unchallenged and not investigated until now?

Oh, by the way he is a principal with the Chertoff Group which is a security consulting group that was co-founded by Bush 43's former Homeland Security Sec. Michael Chertoff.  Hayden is also on the Board of Directors of Motorola Solutions a data communications and telecommunications equipment provider.

Motorola is a real sweetheart.  Looks like Hayden found his kind of people.  Hayden is on the Board of Directors and part and parcel of this corruption.  

Check out some of the most recent expensive settlements:

* 2007 settlement of $190 million for concealing from shareholders a huge loan.

* 2011 settlement of $3.15 million because Motorola intentionally misstated the earnings projections and sales demands for the RAZR2 during the 2007 holiday shopping season.

* 2012 settlement of $200 million for artificially inflating the stock price through false and misleading statements.

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Image:Sen dianne feinstein d calif smiles along with her husband richard blum left at a democratic election party in san francisco tuesday nov 7 2006.jpg
Senator Dianne Feinstein with her husband Richard Blum
at a Democratic election party in San Francisco, November 7, 2006.

Mouthpiece for NSA, Pentagon, her husband the defense contractor Richard Blum:  Sen. Diane Feinstein

Does anyone recognize Sen. Diane Feinstein as a champion of the American people any more?  In her early career she did a lot of good for the country on a wide variety of issues.  Once she married third husband, Richard Blum, a crafty investment banker, she went over to the dark side.  Feinstein doesn't look like a liberal these days.  Her husband's various companies have sure benefited as war profiteers during the Bush and Obama years with far too many exclusive defense contracts bringing this Washington power couple billions of dollars of taxpayer money.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) is a government agency that insures bank deposits up to a certain level if that bank goes bankrupt.  Well, in 2009 the FDIC awarded Blum's huge global real estate firm, CB Richard Ellis, quite a money maker contract as a result of his wife's influence in Washington.  The Washington Times said it was "a lucrative contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry norms."

Now Feinstein and Blum are benefiting from the foreclosure meltdown with yet more exclusive contracts to sell foreclosed properties for the government and the 56 buildings that house units of the United States Post Office.  Blum's company will also negotiate the new leases for the displaced USPS offices.

This guy Blum has more shell sites to do his secretive dirty work than a squirrel has food holes for the winter.  Just check out his main site Blum Capital (which is a static page without a menu or links, therefore, weirdly suspicious) and Perini which at least has links and behaves like a real site.

Time and again Sen. Feinstein's votes on trade issues and the NSA have been called into question for "conflict of interest" as well as just blatant corruption.  Her husband has enjoyed many business dealings with China upon which Feinstein was voting.  Feinstein's husband has also enjoyed billion dollar defense contracts with the NSA and the Pentagon.  Yeah, Feinstein is so in bed with the Defense Department it looks like incest.

As to Sen. Feinstein's claim about her holdings are held in a separate blind trust from her husband's money, well, so what?  It all belongs to both of you anyway.  Just how stupid do you think the American people really are that they can't figure out you can spend his money and he can spend yours because it's community property in your state?

PHOTO: House Intelligence Committee Chair Representative Mike Rogers on This Week
House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) 

on 'This Week'/ABC News

Mouthpiece for NSA, Pentagon, defense contractors:  Rep. Mike Rogers

Famous stupid Rogers quote concerning the NSA spying he is protecting just a little too ferociously:  “You can’t have your privacy violated if you don’t know your privacy is violated.”

A former FBI agent, and, since 2011, he is House Chairman for Intelligence Oversight he certainly knows better than to lie to the American people and the world, and, yet he chooses to continue doing it.  Why?

Rep. Rogers complains the U. S. Drone Policy has "too much red tape."  Guess who contributes $162,000 to his campaign?  You guessed it:  drone manufacturers.  Rogers is also quite popular with telecom donors.  Is it any wonder he is a chairman of intelligence oversight?

Rep. Rogers is also the same guy who pushed the ugly legislation known as CISPA which was a bill to make Americans' personal data accessible to the U. S. government from a knowledge-sharing agreement with private companies.  He received 15 times more money from the pro-CISPA groups than those who opposed it.

Oh, but it gets better as to why Rogers is so keen to destroy truth tellers like NSA Leaker Edward Snowden with idiot accusations that Snowden was really a Russian spy.  Why?  Rogers has his own wallet to protect.  His wife, Kristi Clemens Rogers is the former CEO of Aegis, a global security company and has been awarded many contracts as a federal defense contractor.  Of course, Aegis would have received great benefit if the CISPA legislation had passed.  Fortunately, it was voted down in the Senate and Obama threatened to veto it if the Senate did not shoot it dead.

Currently, Kristi Clemens Rogers works as a lobbyist for Manatt, a lobbying firm.  Of course she does.  Would we expect anything different?  Apparently, she concentrates on executive-level problem solving in the areas of the defense and homeland security areas.  Read that as she takes credit for the work her aides do for her anonymously.  Most executives are putzes that never do their own work.  "Do ya think?" she and hubby ever talk about upcoming defense contracts that will be available for Aegis to snatch up first?

OK, does everyone now see why Rep. Mike Rogers should not be a chairman for the intelligence agencies' oversight in the House?  He has a serious conflict of interest as much as Senator Diane Feinstein does.  Yet both continue to be this sleazy, making millions and billions of dollars for personal profit.  "Do ya think?" Rogers and Feinstein have a vested interest in the defense industry or what?

Three R's:  Restlessness, Resentment, Rebellion

OK, Denny, tell us what you really think.  Here's the deal.  Americans are fed up with poor national leadership that ignores the majority in favor of just a few who want to profit by dipping their greedy little hands into the national treasury.

Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005 the country has grown restless, unhappy with national leadership and the uneven economy.  In almost a decade the resentment has sprung up and grown to a rage in this country because the national leadership from the White House to the Congress is deaf and indifferent to the wishes of the country for two administrations running.  The rumblings of rebellion have already started when the spark of the NSA revelations lit the fire.

If today's greedy cartel of politicians, Pentagon and business people think the American people will allow you to continue on this same path then you are sadly mistaken.  Crooks like AG Eric Holder may be smart to leave now as he claims he is to do this year.

The longer he remains the more problems he will draw to him like a magnet.  Never in the history of this country have the rights of Americans been so abused as they have under the "leadership" of this Washington weasel political suck-up AG Eric Holder.  How can this guy live with himself after what he has done to people whom he has falsely accused and tried to prosecute, even causing a suicide?  How many others are there we don't know about?  He is an embarrassment and a shame to the country.

And President Obama and his Pentagon, NSA, House and Senate cohorts actually believe that NSA leaker Edward Snowden is the real problem?  Come on; really?!

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