Monday, February 10, 2014

President Obama: Can I Please Use My Drone to Kill a U. S. Citizen Overseas?

American Terror Suspect
In this Jan. 31, 2010 file photo an unmanned U.S. Predator drone flies over Kandahar Air Field,
southern Afghanistan, on a moon-lit night.  (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth, File)

From Denny:  Are you ready for the latest weird out of this White House that popped like an ugly zit today?  

Apparently, according to "them" (intelligence community [IC], Pentagon, White House), there is a U. S. citizen who is a member of Al-Qaeda.  They claim he is planning attacks on U. S. targets overseas and they want to kill him using a drone.

Enter President Obama's supposed new stricter targeting guidelines the government claims are hobbling their efforts to kill said U. S. citizen who they claim is a terrorist.  Now, mind you, has the guy had a trial?  Nope...

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Does the government have any proof this U. S. citizen actually is a terrorist and a member of Al-Qaeda?  Not any proof they are willing to share with journalists.  

Has the DOJ finished pulling together a case against this unnamed U. S. citizen accused of terrorist activity?  Nope, a definite "uh, not yet" in their camp.  But hey! Let's go kill him anyway.  We can fade the legal heat later because he was a  citizen.

Who is watching this suspected terrorist of U. S. origin?  The CIA drones.  But the CIA drones are no longer allowed to attack and kill him at will since the new guidelines went into effect.  Read that as they are not allowed to play the role of God on a whim.  There's a lot of responsibility being the Creator of the Universe and it should not be lived so cavalierly as our Pentagon and IC have been doing for well over three decades running.

Well, now on to the stricter guidelines about drone attacks - if Obama is actually enforcing them.  It's the military that can only go after this accused terrorist and kill him with a drone.  OK, fine, so why haven't they done it already?  Because this terrorist is located (or actually hiding) in a country that does not welcome our U. S. military drone strikes.  

Since when did that ever stop the Pentagon?  Their usual shtick is to go ahead and do whatever they want and then label it with some fictional story as an accident, a gas leak, or other terrorists attacked.  They do like to get inventive with their fantasy stories. (See ridiculous NSA Chief Gen. Alexander.)

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Of course, these anonymous White House officials talked to the press today about an anonymous U. S. citizen accused of terrorism.  They claim he is an Al-Qaeda "facilitator" who "would" use improvised explosive devices against U. S. citizens overseas.  Well, last time I checked my memory banks the concept of terrorism  generally involved improvising whatever was found in the environment to use and it was expected to explode and cause damage to buildings, creating dead people.  Did I miss anything in the definition?  Come on, seriously lame White House; really?!

White House officials are worried this U. S. citizen-terrorist is well guarded and in a remote location.  Duh.  Of course he is.  Is it any wonder this White House comes across so badly, bungling government service and proper workings?

You see, this White House is terribly upset they can't send out anyone for a unilateral attempt to kill him since other countries would be mighty upset the U. S. is yet again trespassing onto their territory.  We all know that could be politically explosive even more than a U. S. missile strike.  

And there it is:  this White House is all about the superficial and the political perception rather than substance.  Six years into this weak and spinning out of control presidency they still don't know how to handle a prickly situation like this one because they put all their efforts into political perception and style without substance.  

This President is so accustomed to delegating his authority to wrong people and following the commands of the Pentagon to just do whatever they want and however they want during the official war on terrorism it's now that Obama is unable to proceed.  Well, if Obama had bothered to be user-friendly and actually trustworthy with the American people and other world leaders he would not find himself in this situation.

Obama's speech last year concerning this subject of killing U. S. citizens overseas who are suspected of terrorism:  "When a U.S. citizen goes abroad to wage war against America and is actively plotting to kill U.S. citizens, and when neither the United States, nor our partners are in a position to capture him before he carries out a plot, his citizenship should no more serve as a shield than a sniper shooting down on an innocent crowd should be protected from a SWAT team." And that's the lie frustrated government officials keep telling themselves to rationalize their actions.
Now enter this weird story expelled from this White House like a large turd today, issuing loads of usable information:  

* We don't know what country this U. S. citizen is currently residing.  
* We don't know his name.
* We have no proof he is a member of Al-Qaeda.
* We have no proof of his terrorism deeds overseas.
* We have no proof of his intended targets who are U. S. citizens overseas.
* The DOJ has yet to build a complete case against this U. S. citizen.
* The anonymous officials refused to be named who gave this so-called "story."
* The White House claims there are ongoing counter terrorism activities so they cannot name the country.  How convenient.

Considering how much this Obama government has been willing to lie to the world about the nasty doings of the NSA they actually expect us to believe or go along with this latest weird story concoction?  This White House should just pack up their things and leave now.  Why wait until January 2017?  Yeah, baby, our tax dollars at work.

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