Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Funny Jon Stewart Mocks Perry Romney 10K Bet

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From Denny:  This is too funny.  Jon points out that on the GOP national debate stage a Mormon is gambling with an evangelical about who is the biggest liar of the two, to the tune of 10,000 large.  According to comic John Oliver, this feeds into the narrative of Romney being an out of touch rich guy millionaire.

After all, the average person in Iowa makes a $10 bet not a $10, 000 one.  Only rich guys throw money around like that demonstration.

How dumb can you get?  In the worst economic depression in 70 years you have a millionaire making expensive bets in front of an audience trying to figure out how to keep their kids in college and pay their mortgage.

John Oliver basically buries Romney as "everything tells the tale about Romney as the guy who just fired your Dad."

Jon interviews John Oliver about how Newt Gingrich compares to Romney as just another rich guy running for president.  Oliver disagrees and states, "No, no, Gingrich rates as the Infidelity Guy."

Then they move on to the Achilles heel issues of all the candidates.  They both decide that Rick Perry has no Achilles heel but rather an Achilles head, with the ensuing amusing explanation.

But the best part of the video comes at the end as Oliver explains how Romney is a rich guy and what dastardly rich guys can do to your family - just because they can.  You have got to see that part, as it is the very foundation upon which Oliver sees Romney demanding us to vote for him in the general election.

Laugh on.

Indecision 2012 - ABC News GOP Debate - Mitt Romney's Bet

John Oliver reports on how Mitt Romney's $10,000 debate bet feeds into his out-of-touch multi-millionaire narrative.

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