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Obama Step Aside: Should Hillary Clinton Replace Him for 2012?

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From Denny:  Voters are severely dissatisfied with both the GOP candidates and President Obama.  Because of a rocky economy, 36 million foreclosed homes dumped onto the market since 2007 plummeting home values for everyone not foreclosed (another 20 million foreclosures on their way) - and uncertain employment - everyone is looking elsewhere for answers and real leadership.

The name of Hillary Clinton is on the lips - and in the hearts - of many Democrats disillusioned with the Obama term.  Many women are looking for more women in government to meet their needs instead of the current male dominated politicians playing ego games and stuffing their wallets while in office.
The figures reported are that there are over 150 million employed in America.  That figure is old and wrong, down to about 120 million employed.  The country is in need of 31 million jobs currently in order to pull the economy back from the brink of collapse.

That's right.  At the rate of foreclosures, and by the end of 2012, under President Obama, half of the employed will have been evicted out of their homes:  60 million homes.  All this in spite of so-called help from the federal government.  Obama has done ZERO to prosecute the crookedness from Fannie Mae and the many Bush era contractors, mortgage companies and banks administering these programs.

In short, these guys took taxpayer money and shafted the middle class taxpayers in need.  By now, with the rampant scams reported, Obama should have called a halt to all foreclosures and evictions like he did last year at this time.  Much is in need of thorough investigation.

Yet, Obama remains silent and refuses to get involved, allowing Big Banks to run over the consumers, breaking so many laws it's astonishing.  If he doesn't get on the job, what will happen after he is out of office?  It is Obama and Team Obama who will find themselves answering to a court, suspected as party to the corruption.  Obama may end up our first president to be on trial, that's how scandalous are the crimes happening in our government and foreclosure mess.

It's time for the Democrat super delegates to put some steel into their spines and push Obama to the side.  His complete lack of executive skills and lack of compassion for the struggling middle class is an insult to every voter he demands to vote him back into another term.  His poll numbers continue to decline that is also met with no longer loyal ground troops willing to work for him.

Former President Bill Clinton has been repeatedly asked The Big Question for the past year by anxious journalists and Democratic party faithful:  Can you get Hillary to run in 2012?  Both Bill and Hillary dodge the question, saying it's off their radar.  Hillary wants out of the public sector, desiring to go work on women's issues around the world.  And Bill, well, we all know he wants back into the Big House.  In his heart he never left.

But "What if?" conditions became so dire that the situation changed and Hillary decided to run at the last minute?  What kind of conditions would need to appear on the horizon for Hillary to take it seriously and accept the call, if reluctantly?  Will the Democrats screw up the courage to nominate Hillary at the 2012 convention - instead of Obama?

What would make Hillary the best candidate for president in 2012?  Well, for one thing, she's a woman.  The Democratic Party is about 75 percent female and would rally behind her.  So will older Americans and the very young.  All the demographics that Obama can't pull and never will.

Hillary's speech-making skills leave a lot to be desired (as do mine).  What she has in her favor is a long list that no one else running for president possesses:

* been in the White House twice and seen it up close and personal, as First Lady and Sec. of State
* been Senator and has a network and knows how to negotiate and pass legislation
* been Sec. of State and knows foreign affairs well and has established a strong network
* willing to chick slap Israeli conservatives and other foreign leaders back to their side of the line
* cares deeply about women's and family issues
* is an intensely tireless effective hard worker not shy about getting involved
* has tremendous name recognition and a positive brand
* does not really want to be president

And it's the last item that matters the most.  With all the bullying screaming egos throwing their weight around on the GOP stage and Obama wimping around it's about time a woman stepped up to get the job done.  These men have been farting around with the economy and our lives for far too long.  Everyone has run out of patience for their antics.

You can always trust real power and authority with someone who really accepts it reluctantly.  The person who doesn't want it is the person who will be able to gracefully walk away when their term is finished.

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So, now hear this Democratic Party, get Hillary Clinton on board.  Without her, the party is going down in the flames of voter apathy.  It could be another 20 years before you can get the voters enthused like in the 2008 race.  This time the candidate must be authentic.  An interesting effective choice for her vice president would be Rep. Chris Van Hollen, another authentic.

I was saving this Draft Hillary for 2012 post until January.  But after the Team Obama press secretary came out this afternoon with some outrageous drivel about how they are not political animals at this White House, well, you can see the result. :)

Do I think Hillary might answer the call now?  Yes.  Even she sees things are going badly.  Bill Clinton knew it when Obama wanted to be photographed walking with Bill.

Obama looks like a deer caught in bright headlights.  He and his team really don't know what they are doing and now it shows miserably.  You just can't fake it for three years and suddenly think you can turn on the reality switch and it would work.

Everyone knows Obama won't get reelected.  Too many former homeowners furious with him. I've been repeatedly warning Obama about this foreclosure mess and he and his team never took it seriously, not realizing the severity of the huge numbers.  You just can't have millions of people angry at you and think your poll numbers will still float.

How many lobs over the net for the past couple of years does a journalist blogger have to send you guys?  It was too easy for you to turn things around in this country if any of you were actually teachable.  But, instead, you chose arrogance and indifference to the needs of this country.

Hey, don't say I didn't try to help you.  Thousands of Democrats tried to help you, all to no avail.  You didn't even listen to the experienced Bill Clinton trying to advise you.  That was double stupid.  Why would you ignore the advice of a guy who had been in the office?  He knew his way around the labyrinth.

Bill Clinton also has had plenty of time to reflect upon what he would do differently if he had a second chance.  He just might get that second chance.  Perhaps it's the needs of the country that can finally convince Hillary to run in 2012.  If Hillary is still adamant about staying out of the race, then the Democrats had better draft someone else - and fast.

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