Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stupid Grilling of Sec. Clinton on Benghazi: Funny Colbert and Jon Stewart Weigh In

From Denny:  What was supposed to be a Congressional hearing to discover what happened in Benghazi, Libya when the Ambassador was killed by terrorists - and how to prevent it from happening again - turned into a 2016 Political Showoff Fest.

Hillary Clinton was present for all the right reasons but she had little company from the rest of Congress.  The Republicans pulled out all the stops to literally stop Sec. of State Hillary Clinton from daring to run for President in 2016.

Of course, the Republicans believe themselves to be legends in their own minds, especially Sen. Rand Paul from Kentucky.  This guy bristled as he soundly condemned and blamed Sec. Clinton for "the worst thing to befall America since 9/11," saying, "If I were President I would have fired you immediately."  The Tea Party darling is a lousy politician, thinking he could dance on the head of one of the most popular politicians - and one of the most admired women in American history - and still run for higher national office.  He killed whatever prospects he might have enjoyed in his imagination.  You would think for an ophthalmologist the man could see better down the road than he does.

Other Republican Senators and Congressmen thought this was their huge opportunity to showcase their "talents."  In their minds a grateful nation would see things as they do.  Nothing could be farther from the truth as they literally farted from their mouths they were so foul in their grandstanding, especially Sen. Johnson from Wisconsin, Sen. McCain from Arizona - the Senate's notorious crank who no longer makes sense - and the finger-wagging self-righteous Rep. Duncan from South Carolina.  They all acted like bigoted angry misogynists.  Every woman in America watched this miscarriage of government, rolled our eyes and then turned off to their politics.

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On the other side, it sure looked like the political hacks had organized the Democrats to utter glowing speeches in favor of Sec. Clinton to the point of pressing upon the viewer's gag reflex.  A lot of those Democrats were trying to encourage her to run in 2016 - or offer up their job resumes.  Both sides were overkill.  In the end, the Democrats looked a bit silly.  It was the Republicans that came across smelling like 10 day old roadkill on a hot summer's night.

Sec. Clinton handled herself with diplomacy, strength of conviction and principles - and smart political maneuvering.  She's ready for a run in 2016.  And these idiot Republicans may just have given her cause to do so.  Those guys never learn.

Here's a news clip from the hearing.  Following are three clips featuring Stephen Colbert's and Jon Stewart's hilarious reactions to the political parade at the hearing.  Of course, their clips contain portions of the footage from the actual hearing to prove their point:  Too many Republicans end up members of The Total Putz Clan.  4 video clips.

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Thursday January 24, 2013

Benghazi Attack Hearing

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stomps Senator Ron Johnson's Johnson during the Benghazi hearing, but conservative pundits say she faked her anger.

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Thursday January 24, 2013

Grill Hill

Instead of facing a thorough inquiry and critical analysis of the misjudgments leading to the Benghazi tragedy, Hillary Clinton is questioned by House Republicans. (03:13)

Grill Hill - Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Testimony

Hillary Clinton and House Republicans tussle over Benghazi, while House Democrats battle for a spot in Clinton's future cabinet.

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