Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Damned Java Hack Causes Blogging Issues, Posting More Soon

From Denny:  To all my friends and readers out there in virtual land, a note:  the Java hack has disrupted the Chrome browser and the Blogger platform off and on for some time.  Availability to post is limited - especially when reduced to using back-up IE browser which handles like a trumpeting war elephant on a college dorm panty raid.

Looks like right now is a good time to start writing. Will see how long access lasts.  By now you all know I'm not the most patient person with sluggish technology.  All hell breaks loose in this house when tech decides to go on holiday or offer whining excuses as to performance.  Maybe some snarky tech scientist should invent Computer Viagra to remedy performance issues.

Sure have a back log of Inauguration posts.  Did manage to watch nine hours of the Inauguration coverage:  the serious, the solemn and the funny.  Sure felt hinky the first 3 - 4 hours about something ominous in the works in the security background - like an increased threat level because of the gun rights nuts - so I kept watching the entire day to monitor the President's situation.

Was well impressed with the many layers of security - and that above and even below the parade route.  I would have preferred though to see an increased to a triple level of Secret Service agents walking alongside the car, and, especially when the Obamas walked parts of the parade route.  Secret Service can feel free to snarl at me all they want but that's my added recommendation to a job well done otherwise.  Nothing like polishing the good to get better, right?

After a few hours into the Inauguration coverage things seemed under control and didn't have to worry about President Obama as he would succeed in finishing the day alive and well.  Yeah, praying for people to keep them safe is always a wise thing to do.  There are many different ways to have someone's back...

Also, watched today the couple of hours of Sec. Hillary Clinton's dynamic testimony to the Senate about the Benghazi, Libya issue and how to solve the security and procedural problems for the future.  She rocked!