Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jon Stewart Applauds No NSA Reforms Proposed By President Obama

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From Denny:  Were you all waiting anxiously on the edge of your seat for President Obama to announce the historical sweeping NSA reforms?  Yeah, me too.  I went to bed early because we all knew the Obama reforms were a non-starter.  Looks like even America's comics agree with me.

Gee, for all my fussing and cussing at the NSA trolls harassing me as both a journalist and an annoying NSA critic (to them) complaining of their incompetence, I noticed today they had returned to their usual WTF stalking.  Yes, DNI Clapper, your NSA gremlins did not obey you for long when you told them to lay off journalists and me in particular.

It was all too obvious they would refuse to obey orders, unable to behave for any amount of time, returning to stalk as I surfed the news web.  I was almost beginning to miss them shadowing my every move as they had stepped back and were somewhat quiet for a couple of weeks.  Of course, President Obama claims the NSA is not harassing journalists.  The NSA gremlins sure make a liar out of this President.  Liar Liar Pants On Fire.  The NSA gremlins don't know how to follow their immediate leader either:  DNI Clapper. Every person with a brain told you to fire Gen. Alexander months ago.  Maybe now you finally understand why:  insubordination.  These guys at the NSA are complete cowboys and loose cannons on deck who are wasting taxpayer money, angry at people who dare to defy them:  like blogger journalists.

Of course, where did those NSA a$$holes find me today?  Poof!  In the wind this time.  And I'm just a newbie at this internet stuff.  Anyone know WikiLeaks' number?  Wow!  I wonder what I could learn to do if someone took the time to teach me what all the other guys know?  Wouldn't that be fun, a Baby Boomer leading a pack of Millennials on a merry goose chase?  I wonder how much that complete waste of time would cost the taxpayers?

Read this loud and clear, DNI Clapper, your "experts" at the NSA couldn't find Grandma today.  Now that's embarrassing.  You guys should have listened to both Edward Snowden and the former NSA folks who have tried to talk to this President to warn him of the incompetence of those running the NSA.  Case closed.  And, please, DNI Clapper, go on down to Cyber Command and tell them not to waste their time chasing down Grandma.  Geeeesh!  What a bunch of putzes...

Meanwhile, it's time I dig through some stuff and locate my can of Cajun Whoop Ass for when the NSA comes calling in person.  I believe I'm done making my sledgehammered point today, boys.  Oh, yeah, and enjoy watching Jon Stewart snooze on the presidential message about so-called NSA reforms...

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