Sunday, January 5, 2014

Funny Ad: Clean Up Congress: Pee Pads For Washington Politicians

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... updated video embed code... From Denny:  Want to teach your politicians how to pee properly - instead of lifting their leg on you?  Just check out these new and improved pee pads for your favorite animal left indoors while you are away at work.  It's tough to trust your pet politician when you are not there to watch over their antics.

You just never know what they will do to smell up your home if you aren't there to stop them.  You just never know when they will pee on your leg unexpectedly.  They do so love to stink up the place with last minute legislation, earmarks and no-bid contracts at midnight that no one has been allowed to read in time before a crucial vote.

If you can't stop those pet politicians from peeing on you directly then it's time to start training them how to pee properly on this special pee pad.  You see there are special pheromones to attract them to pee only on the center of the pee pad as opposed to dribbling off the edge and on to you every day.  And, this product is made in China too!

Definition of pheromones: "a chemical substance produced by an animal that stimulates a response in other animals of the same kind."  Read that as real politicians were milked for their pheromones in order to mass produce these special pee pads.  There's nothing like cleaning up those piles of messes in Congress.  Now that's some training worth spending your taxpayer money on for this generation of pet politicians.  If we can't stop the bad behavior at least we can limit it to special areas.  It is difficult to train a dirty dog politician for new tricks.  Maybe we should call in a few lobbyists to help?

Check out this funny ad using real dogs as actors.  There were no politicians hurt in the producing of this film.  Someone email this to Congress and the White House.  They need to refresh their training.  It's obvious these disobedient animals continue to not get it right, soiling everything in sight.  Americans do prefer a clean House.  Order now and clean up Congress with Bullseye Pee Pads and Pee Terminator!  Politician friendly!...

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