Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jon Stewart Mocks New Jersey Obvious: Gov. Chris Christie Payback Scandal

NJ - Fort Lee: George Washington Bridge at night
NJ - Fort Lee: George Washington Bridge at night (Photo credit: wallyg)

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From Denny:  Talk about the typical greedy politician.  Need a good laugh?  Wait until you hear what Jon Stewart had to say about Republican 2016 contender Rep. Paul Ryan's imagined thoughts - upon hearing of Christie's investigation misfortunes.  (Ryan was Romney's horrifically bad choice for VP in 2012.)

Comic Jon Stewart wastes no time exploiting the latest political scandal.  New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was up beyond 20 points ahead of his competition in the election, winning his second term in November.  But, in September, to ensure he mocked his Democrat competition, Christie just had to grind them in the ground. He does carry the reputation of the excessive bully like a cheap suit, complete with full blown temper tantrums - which Stewart reveals on tape.

What did he and his stupid aides do?  Clearly, the Christie office wanted the fun of dancing on someone's head.  Maybe they should go to work for the NSA who enjoy dancing on the heads of the American people with complete disregard.  Well, instead, the Christie Crowd decided local political payback was in order, Jersey Style, for those Democrat mayors that did not endorse Republican Christie for governor.  Jersey Style payback was exacted by closing down the GW Bridge down to just one lane four days running.  Lives were in peril for health emergencies and people could not get to work on time and children to school.  Oh, yeah, and it's a federal offense that could impeach Christie.

Of course, those slighted Democrats have since started investigations of Christie in regard to more than just clogging up traffic on the bridge but also mismanagement of the Superstorm Sandy federal funds.  It's definitely a two-fer.  Political vendettas are a bitch as Gov. Christie is about to find out.  Looks like the bully is about to get bullied by bigger bullies.  Sit back, sports fans, and enjoy the show.  We will at our house.  Meanwhile, catch up on the latest installment from Jon Stewart -  coz we all know there are more episodes coming soon to finish out the season!  There's nothing like jonesin' for a political scandal.  Woo! Hoo!

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