Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crooked Congress: Should Voters Disband Government, Press Reset?

From Denny: Poll after poll bears out the prevailing American public's opinion of government: they are all crooked and should be thrown out of office.  The real question is this:  Is Congress and this White House so in bed with Big Business with the selling of insider information to hedge fund managers and other crooked dealings that it's time to disband the American government?

As usual, greedy people cannot be slowed down or stopped until they hit a force bigger and stronger than themselves.  Big Business, Congress and this White House are so out of control with their abuse of power that the very people they govern no longer receive any benefit from keeping this government in power.

Think about it:  what does the average citizen get out of government?  We need use of the roads and highways to get to work. Yet, for 30 years now, Congress has refused to use taxpayer money to rebuild and restore America's highways and bridges.  Instead, they allowed the infrastructure to fall apart.

We need a reliable energy infrastructure.  Is Congress doing anything to improve that either?  No.  Our electrical grid is held together by the equivalent of safety pins on a sagging hemline.

What about our trucking industry?  President Obama continues President Bush's sellout by allowing unchecked and unregulated Mexican trucks to drive anywhere they want throughout America.  It's common knowledge that's how the drug cartels move their product and yet a crooked Congress and White House allow it.

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