Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sanctions Whiner Putin: What Are Two Desperate Criminal Moves To Recover Russian Economy?

From Denny:  Russia, and Russia's Crime Syndicate Leader/President Putin, are now firmly planted in the World's Bully category.  We all know that world domination is high on the agenda of the conservative Old Soviet mindset political animals, desperate for world respect and the world's bank accounts emptied into their own.  

Russia, under the leadership of Putin the past 10 years, has actually gone backwards when it comes to world respect, world fear of "a great nation" and progress, well, progress is virtually nonexistent under Putin. Ever wonder why Putin keeps putting out the plea to entrepreneurial Russians - who have done well in other countries - to return to Russia to make the country great again?

The entrepreneurs fled Russia 20 years ago, not replaced by much of anyone.  Why?  Because everyone reluctantly accepts that Putin will one day storm into their businesses with government thugs and take it all away from them.  So, instead, the smartest Russians left their homeland in search of a less disturbed and less violent way of life, easily found in the West.

It's common knowledge that Putin made his way to the top of the Russian political system by stealing first from Russian businesses.  The problem now is that he has been stealing so deep - and for now a good decade - that he has exhausted their resources.  Putin and his Gang of Fools have been stealing from the national treasury as well, especially from the military budget because all that money was just too much of a temptation.

So, what are Putin's latest desperate moves to recover his economy? ...

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chasing ISIS: Why Are Republicans And Pentagon Suddenly Forcing Iraq War Two?

From Denny:  The selling of Iraq War Two to the American public was in full tilt mode on all the Sunday talk and news shows.  Retired generals and other Pentagon talking heads are selling the "need" for U. S. ground troops to kill off the ISIS insurrection.  They all claim that almost 3,000 air strikes have had zero effect upon the psyche and operational ability of the marauding Sunni ISIS group of petty thieves, drug dealers, rapists, clueless teenagers and murdering psychopaths that are hellbent upon an unrealistic goal of world domination.

I tell ya, a person really has to wonder what drugs these Pentagon guys are on, as sometimes they really believe their own fear mongering wild-eyed press briefings.  It's clear they are helping the defense contractors make money:  it's called depraved War Profiteering.  Yeah, sure looks like the spouses and family members of these Pentagon heads are on various defense contractors' board of directors like Do We Cheat 'Em And How...

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