Thursday, May 14, 2015

Did You Enjoy Yesterday's Cyberattack Courtesy of BFFs Russia, China and Iran?


From Denny:  So much for the cyberattack no one is talking about - yet.  Yesterday all communications were down for several hours:  internet, cable, TV, cell and even the old school land line here in Louisiana.  Yeah, those all powerful NSA gremlins are ever so good at handling cyberattacks - not.  

The past two NSA Directors wasted years of development focused upon Stupid - mainly watching and annoying other Americans and American journalists, instead of preparing to defend against cyberattacks from America's real enemies:  Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Of course, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are terribly pleased with themselves, believing they accomplished a great feat.  Yet, yesterday's attack that caused parts of the U. S. to just shut down for hours anything not essential (read that as people like me) really didn't do much more than annoy the U. S. like a chomping mosquito on your butt.

The reality is that Russia, China, NK and Iran all taxed their resources to bring about that cyberattack.  And for what?  To register their usual petulance they are not respected and feared as The Great Leaders of the World?  Seriously?  These countries' leaders spend far too much time watching porn and reading fantasy comic books that they don't realize just how ridiculous they are perceived by the rest of the world.

What should be our response?  Counter cyberattacks?  Sure, we can do that too.  But the reckless behavior of Russia, China, NK and Iran all point to something deeper and darker that must be addressed.  If these countries are this annoying while sanctions exist against them, how much worse are they going to become if we are willing to lift any of those sanctions?...

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Russia to Daddy France: Help! Send Money. I'm Overdrawn at the Bank
The original photo source: Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) shakes hands with his French counterpart Francois Hollande during a meeting in Yerevan, Armenia, April 24, 2015.  REUTERS/ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/RIA NOVOSTI/KREMLIN

From Denny:  The Russians are always as entertaining as they are annoying.  Besides, slamming - and taking to task - a violent global bully is even more entertaining.  One of their latest foibles?  Wrangling with France over a suspended contract on a $1.2 billion euro Mistral helicopter carrier deal not delivered after Russia invaded Ukraine and seized the Crimea region, annexing it to Russian territory.
Of course, to hear the Russians tell it they whine how they are the injured party on this Mistral deal because of those unfair sanctions.  They also use that same line about invading Ukraine, "Oh, how those awful Ukrainians have started a war against Russia!"  Putin should get the Big Fat Ass Trophy for Global BS Artist.

What Russia wants Daddy France to do is cancel the contract because France has no intention of delivering since Russia started military aggression against Ukraine. The last thing France or the EU should be doing is selling military ships to Russia when Russia is in hostile aggression mode, trying to march across Europe in the most naked land grab in centuries...

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Maybe Kudos Watch: U.S., Germany Finally Convince Iran To Face North And Smell The Nuclear Coffee?

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From Denny:  Everyone who is fed up with the Middle East Sunni-Shia 1400 Year Idiot Religious War raise their hands.  What?  The whole world is disgusted with Iran's current Proxy Wars, spreading terrorism across the globe, destabilizing the Middle East?  Imagine that.  How about "Imagine Peace" for a change.  

Well, this initial framework for a nuclear agreement among the U. S., Germany and other countries with Iran goes a long way toward creating a peaceful relationship for the global neighborhood.  As it is, if Iran decides to back up on any part of the agreement, their Sunni nation neighbors will also be procuring nukes to balance Iran's aggressiveness...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2016: Funny Jokes About Hypocrite Ted Cruz Running for President

Check out the 2 new updates at the end of the post! From Denny:  Ted Cruz.  Just the sound of his name makes most people cringe - like screeching nails on a chalkboard.  But he's definitely political theatre.  He's wonderfully entertaining as you watch Republicans gnash their teeth in agitation and fear.  Democrats find him hilariously funny.  Independents, well, we do a whole lot of eye rolling at our house every time he shows up on the news.  Of course, the news networks are talking him up in the hopes his campaign will spend lots of money on political ads for him. Cha ching!

And, then, the next "of course" is that the journalists and talk show hosts were quietly told to never mention that Cruz is simply not eligible to get into the White House because he was not born on American soil - or a U. S. military base - even a U. S. embassy...

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bibi Defies God To Steal Election: Time For U.S. to Quit Funding Israel?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waves
 to supporters at the party headquarters in Tel Aviv.
REUTERS/Amir Cohen

From Denny:  OK, everyone, get as far away as possible from the physical proximity of Netanyahu as you can.  Run.  This man is about to get hit with Heavenly lightning bolts that will burn him to a crisp.  God is furious with Bibi for defying Holy Spirit's instruction to step aside and relinquish power.

Yeah, Netanyahu was praying so loudly to God to retain power that I could hear God's angry reply all the way over here in my writer's cave in south Louisiana, the U. S.  Bibi defied God and declared he was going to take the election in spite of what God told him.

And we all know you don't blaspheme Holy Spirit and get away with that level of crass spiritual rebellion, especially if you are Jewish.  There is a reason God calls the Jews his Chosen People. It's because if you can take the most rebellious folks on the planet and teach them spiritual obedience, then, well, anyone is capable of learning it too.  Bibi seriously screwed up by forcing his will against God's.

Bibi is so clueless that he doesn't even realize he is already circling the drain before he makes his first speech as the "reelected" crook.  It didn't help any that he used racism and fear mongering as a kick starter.  Yeah, that really helps advance humanity on the development scale.  (serious eye rolling happening at our house)

Of course, to ensure his fragile hold on a win, Bibi stole the election because the U. S. Republicans showed him how to do it.  If the shocked and surprised Israeli pollsters are smart they will do some digging and investigation into how this election was stolen because American pollsters "enjoyed" the same experience in the same manner for the last U. S. election ...

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