Thursday, December 10, 2015

LSU: Should A College Athletic Director Be Allowed to Leverage A Sports Commentator To Run a Power Play to Get Rid of a Coach?

Nov 28, 2015; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles is ...
Coach Miles carried off the LSU field after victory over Texas A & M. Source:  Crystal LoGiudice/USA TODAY Sports

From Denny:  "Hey, I've got an idea; let's leverage this guy Booger McFarland, sports commentator from ESPN and SEC Nation, to be our mouthpiece.  He's already made it clear he is willing to do anything and say anything as mean as possible.  You know he doesn't have any integrity.  He's one of us, he he.  He can slander Coach Les Miles and call for his firing, promoting our weak reasons for why he has to go," says Athletic Director Joe Alleva to a few disgruntled members on the LSU Board of Supervisors and a few wealthy boosters.

Alleva turned Booger loose to grind on the LSU Tigers and run down the brand of both the college and the coach, believing that was a great strategy to get rid of Coach Miles.  After all, Booger bragged he "is great friends with Athletic Director Joe Alleva and LSU President King Alexander."

"Yeah, and let's hide our nasty strategy from the majority of the LSU Board of Supervisors.  Let's keep them in the dark until we have to tell them.  They don't need to know until we have whipped up public sentiment so negative we can easily get rid of Coach Miles.  They never need to find out our game plan until after the coach is gone.  We can brag about what we did and celebrate then.  Agreed?" promises the few conniving members on the LSU Board of Supervisors to Alleva, Alexander and each other, hoping to contain the truth from seeing daylight.

Of course, their nasty plan backfired because of both LSU fan push back and political pressure demanding they quit being Stuck on Stupid immediately.

These were the idiots that decided it would be good business to run down the LSU brand - to which in the public's mind Coach Les Miles is so strongly attached - and run down the very successful football program.  Weren't any of these clueless guys aware that LSU's football program is one of the very few profitable college programs in the entire nation?  Why would any person with a brain and an ounce of emotional maturity be Stuck on Stupid and blow up the profits to the state?

And who installed these fools on the LSU Board of Supervisors?  It's past due time that these pot stirrers - with no business sense - get kicked off the LSU Board.  Gov. elect John Bel Edwards will be in office in early January.  He needs to seriously find some better candidates to replace those diva pot stirrers and fast.

"Well, guys, if this blows up in our faces my fingerprints were never on it," declares scared stick LSU President F. King Alexander, "It's on you, Joe."

Yeah, Alexander was in on the plot as well because he never came out and spoke to the public or the press in support of Coach Miles for well over a week while Miles roasted over the open pit of public and media speculation.  Clearly, Alexander and those few LSU Board members hoped Coach Miles would despair at getting savaged that he would feel compelled to resign.  Coach Miles handled the heat and stayed in that hot kitchen to the bitter end, winning public support, forcing the LSU Board, Alexander and Alleva to relent...

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

LSU Saw The Light To Keep Coach Les Miles. Political Pressure and Fan Pushback Brought It About

Les Miles Texas A&M v LSU
source: Getty Images

From Denny:  What a game tonight as Coach Les Miles led his much tighter team to a great win against Texas A & M.  This was a must win game for our coach to be considered to remain as head coach.  Just 20 seconds after the game AD Joe Alleva came out and announced that Les Miles will stay on as head coach.  It was Coach Miles' first hearing of the decision just moments after the game.

The past few weeks a group of boosters have tried to orchestrate his firing.  What a bunch of divas, thinking a bunch of angry rich old white guys could throw their weight around and force his firing without even consulting the fan base of thousands of fans across the nation who follow LSU football.  Coach Miles is the very picture of "grace under fire," something those boosters did not mirror.

The attitude of AD Joe Alleva and his booster posse have greatly angered the state of Louisiana and the city of Baton Rouge in particular.  Political pressure started coming to bear when the LSU fans loudly and bitterly complained about this nasty and unprofessionally handled situation.

LSU admin needs to think seriously about dumping AD Joe Alleva and those boosters.  This makes his second scandal after North Carolina that the public has soundly rejected.

Coach Les Miles was well celebrated by the fans in the stands both before the game with a standing ovation and after the game with chants of "We want Les!"  The Tigers carried Coach Miles on their shoulders to demonstrate their support of LSU's most loved coach.

Well done, Coach, you really were grace under pressure.  It was yet another teaching moment for a lot of people, not just your team.  Hint:  LSU admin, "can you hear me now?"  Coach, now go round up that number one recruiting class that LSU admin and their idiot boosters chased off.

Now LSU admin, don't make me turn my glaring focus upon you ever again.  I'm supposed to be focusing upon international and national issues not local sports.  But hey, when someone thinks they can just behave badly toward a righteous man who is stuffed full of integrity, then it's your turn to hear this woman roar and gather up social media and LSU fan support.  Well, now you know how the Pentagon, the NSA and Congress feel.  As it is the White House is breathing a sigh of relief it was you who got scorched this week.  GEAUX TIGERS!

Check out this article I wrote yesterday criticizing LSU admin.  It really was unbelievable how this all flared up and pissed off the fans:

Idiot Gridiron Club Boosters Fire Winning LSU Coach Les Miles

Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- An over-sized mock-up of head coach Les Miles' signature ball cap rests on a table next to a supportive sign, greeting people near tailgaters at Big Wayne's Island,''embattled before the LSU-Texas A&M football game in Baton Rouge, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015. Rumors have been flying that the game might be Miles' last home game as a Tiger.
Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- An over-sized mock-up of head coach Les Miles' signature ball cap rests on a table next to a supportive sign, greeting people near tailgaters at Big Wayne's Island,''embattled before the LSU-Texas A&M football game in Baton Rouge, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015. Rumors have been flying that the game might be Miles' last home game as a Tiger.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Idiot Gridiron Club Boosters Fire Winning LSU Coach Les Miles

Les Miles Texas A&M v LSU
source: Getty Images

From Denny:   Well, it's official.  LSU Coach Less Miles is coaching his last game Saturday, 28 November 2015.  But wait - it's official:  Rich old white men are behaving like diva tittie babies throwing a collective temper tantrum, a few angry old men ignoring the wishes of thousands of LSU fans. Are they related to Putin?  Sure looks like it because these guys have zero class about how they go about parting ways with a winning coach who is also a terrific guy and an effective teacher.

Les Miles coached 142 games while at LSU for almost 11 years.  His record?  Pretty stellar stuff: 110 - 32.  Miles took his LSU Tigers to two SEC championships, three SEC West titles and also a BCS National Championship in 2007.  Since that win the boosters have hankered for more, unable to think soberly or realistically since they are in possession of a very young team.  Those immature rich old men want what they want and no one will be tolerated to stand in their way.  Well, Coach Les Miles was standing in their way - to hear these guys tell it.

Coach Less Miles will come out of this well.  He is already a wealthy man and will be wealthier still after his contract pays out.  A good $15 million is expected to finish out his contract.  Coach Miles is so well liked across the nation that he will be hired within hours by anyone from ESPN to college or NFL teams wanting to hire him.

Coach Miles has done a lot for this Baton Rouge community and the state of Louisiana by promoting the LSU brand.  He should have been allowed one more year to pull up such a young team to the standard LSU fans have become accustomed to enjoying.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Russia: What Is Putin REALLY Doing in Syria?

Shaking hands reluctantly:  Putin, left and Obama, right/AP photo

From Denny:  You know when Putin is desperate for money - and for international cover - when he comes to the U. S. acting like he is bosom pals with President Obama.  Of course, the real reason he was meeting with Obama - after two years of absence because he was pouting - was to see if Obama was clueless as to what Putin was about to do in Syria.  Putin was satisfied that Obama was indeed unaware and easily fooled.

Putin took that as a sign he could pee on Obama and so he did.  Well, that was stupid because Obama does not forget or forgive easily.  It might take Obama some time for retaliation but he will do something Putin will really fear.

As to Syria you really have to wonder where the hell is the Arab League in this terrorism-civil war drama?  Why is it the Middle East expects and blames the U. S. and the EU for not doing enough to stop Russia?  Seriously?  Why are the Middle Eastern countries not doing enough to stop Russia and IS?  It's their back yard.  Why don't the Middle East countries devise their own no-fly zone?  Why should it be the U. S. and the EU to do their job?  "Da ya think?" it has something to do with Middle East wars are money pits with no good outcome seen for decades?

Just because Putin has recently met with the EU countries about Ukraine doesn't mean a thing.  France and Germany and others seem to be convinced of a deadly strategy:  Let's cater to a psychopathic dictator and not complain about what Putin is doing in Syria at this conference. We will complain outside of this Ukraine conference as France did.  Seriously?  Putin sees the EU as weak and easy to manipulate, a psychopath's dream...

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Comfort Food From Louisiana: Recipe: John's Cajun Pot Roast

Pot Roast

Another version of Pot Roast Image by Offbeat Photography via Flickr

Thought my military friends might enjoy the WWII story that goes along with this recipe...

Comfort Food From Louisiana: Recipe: John's Cajun Pot Roast: From Denny: Here in Louisiana we aren't shy about dining on meat even in hot weather. Pot Roast is a perennial American favorite and Cajuns have their spin on it. My father-in-law, John, was Cajun and a wonderful cook. He didn't have a wide range but what he cooked was awesome and everyone licked the plate! :)

He had been an Army cook in WWII. Originally, he was an infantry soldier in General Patton's pack. The story goes that Patton's troops were forever outrunning their supply lines. What that means to those of you who have never been in combat is that they often were on rations or went hungry. Everyone knows an army runs on its stomach.

Well, John was not about to be denied a good meal. Like any good Cajun country boy he just went out and shot himself a big plump rabbit. He soon had it skinned, skewered and roasting over an open fire. The whole camp smelled it and came moseying over for a friendly meal. John looked at them and yelled, "Ya bunch of Momma's boys! Go get your own damn rabbit!"

Of course, John was an only child and yes, a Momma's boy but at least he knew how to hunt and was independent enough to take care of himself. He had a real disdain and fear for those spoiled soldiers whose mothers did too much for them. Why? Because he saw them get shot first, killed and in large numbers during the war. He was upset they refused to be teachable in order to save their lives. "War is not a country club!" he often used to say...