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Strike Outs: Bunning, Charlie Rangel, Health Care, USPS, Toyota: Funny Political Cartoons, 6 Feb 2010

From Denny: Cartoonists weaned themselves off the Olympics and went full tilt onto the battle for health care reform. They also enjoyed lampooning Republican Senator Bunning denying 400,000 people their unemployment benefits paychecks. He seemed to think it was funny that now many people will lose their homes or could not afford to feed their families because of his thoughtless act that lasted almost a week. Those people will never recoup that one week's worth of monies.

Have you noticed that the Chilean earthquake, 500 times more powerful than the Haiti earthquake, has received so little media attention? Check out the cartoons on this sentiment.

They mentioned in passing the sadness over the recent Sea World death and the death of six day mail service from the United States Post Office. Over time email has won out over cutting down too many trees to send mindless products overflowing in mail order catalogs of garbage made in China, poisoned with heavy metal contaminants we don't really need anyway. (Gee, "Do ya think?" I have an opinion about Chinese products? :)

Lampooning the arrogance, financial stinginess and foot-dragging service of Toyota won out as the all time favorite of cartoonists to blast this week. Climate change received a few nods too. Democrat Rep. Rangel of New York hasn't won any points of late and it was long over due for him to step down. Actually, what we need are term limits as both sides of the aisle have people who have been in Washington far too long and it has compromised or corrupted them.

I propose no more than five year terms for Senators, one or two terms maximum. House Representatives should get no more than five terms, for a total of ten years. And the Supreme Court? We should have impeached the fakers like Thomas and Scalia a long time ago for wrong-doing in the 2000 Presidential election as it was clear there was a conflict of interest with their children working in the Bush campaign. Term limits for a Justice should be a maximum of 15 to 20 years and then they are forced to retire - or if they hit the magic age of 80.

As to credit card reform, we all need to put our feet in the backs of the politicians to do far more than the anemic legislation they passed 18 months ago. The lobbyists won out then, already planning the highway robbery tactics of good and bad accounts gamesmanship, acting more like shady back alley loan sharks than legal bankers. Expect the rising tide of public anger to demand break-up of these monopoly banks. As it is the smaller banks are under their thumbs for they must borrow money from the big banks. Only the largest banks have the buying power to buy from the federal government. If Obama would stop that practice then the smaller home town banks would stand a chance and could compete. The consumer would win out too and not be held hostage to monopoly banks.

I guess that pretty much sums up the feeling of the American public: we feel like we are being held hostage - by our government, our insurance companies, our banks and our cars.

Take a look at what the cartoonists have commented upon this week. Get a chuckle and have a great weekend! Spring is almost here. Hold onto your cabin fever sanity... Winter is almost over and Spring is so close that I can practically hear it breathing... :)

Obama and Health Care:

Republican Senator cavalier with over 400,000 lives denying unemployment benefits:

United States Postal Service losing so much money that it will now go to five days a week service:

Chilean earthquake:

Ethics and or senility - it's time to go, permanently:

And the climate change cartoons keep rolling into the house:

Post Olympics syndrome:

When NOT to take your child to work, uh, like an air traffic control center where there are thousands of planes in the air in the same space:

Toyota's Turmoil:

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