Saturday, January 22, 2011

China Visit: Funny Cartoons

Check out the funny opinions from the national cartoonists since China came to town.

From Denny: China - America's banker and proud owner of a sizable amount of our national debt- came for a visit this week. You know how it is when you just happen to own a trillion dollar investment? You just have to "check on your things."

China is known for being an extreme introvert when it comes to international responsibility. They still are not convinced to be an international joiner to the level of being accountable for heinous or illegal actions.

Every time China is challenged to grow its mindset it invokes "national sovereignty." This mental obstruction of theirs prevents them from stepping over the line to adopt healthy agreements like trade rules that every country adopts as a standard.

Of course, the Republicans enable China to continue in this obsessive attitude by agreeing with their argument that their country - and ours - should be free to do as we please in the world without consequences or being taken to task. Even if we don't make these rules legally binding it's high time the world community get together and agree on a culture of behavior and attitude so we all can trust each other.

Currently, China stinks at human rights abuses, continuing to be arrogant toward its own citizens that challenge China's government to do better. China is still caught up in the Emperor mentality, not allowing political discourse and arguments to help thrash out some practical solutions to national problems. The Communist Chinese like their government neat and orderly, squashing dissent.

Where China has improved is in the area of nuclear nonproliferation. They recently stepped up and played a constructive role in dealing with their backyard neighbor North Korea. They have also talked with the crazies in Iran about the wisdom of their nuclear program. How far they have gotten with both countries remains to be seen but at least China is willing to take on the odious job. For that they can be commended.

One thing is for sure since this state visit, there is a new saying in town:  "Hu's your Sugar Daddy, America?!"

State visit from China, America's banker:

Nick Anderson 

Rob Rogers

Bruce Beattie

Drew Sheneman

Jeff Stahler

Chip Bok

Steve Sack

Chip Bok

Robert Ariail

Lisa Benson

Jerry Holbert

Gary Varvel

*** Photo by Mandel Ngun/France Presse

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