Thursday, July 21, 2011

Obama: New Book Examines If Barack Is Like His Father

Obama (right) with his father in Hawaii. ca. 1971the two Baracks, Image via WikipediaFrom Denny:  Author Sally Jacobs shares details from her new book which focuses upon the life of President Obama's enigmatic father. Barack Obama, Sr. was profiled as bold and reckless. The book is called "The Other Barack."

Barack, Sr. lived large, drank heavily and had multiple wives because he had come from a polygamous background. To him it was socially normal.

President Obama is rooted, extremely cautious, responsible, monogamous and an attentive father.  He's the typical profile of the child of a raging alcoholic.

You see a lot of this reaction from the next generation in politics, the military and the intelligence community.  Even President Bush 41 reacted in a similar fashion to his father, Senator Bush, who was an alcoholic.

Barack, Sr. left his son when he was an infant. The only real time they spent together was one month in 1971 when young Barack was nine years old.

What do they have in common? Healthy intelligence, an interest in politics and a desire to cast themselves as mediators, conciliators and as someone capable of compromise. Barack, Sr. was passionately interested in the politics of his new country.

The President Barack decided to become an attentive and quality time father in direct contrast to his father. As President, is he now capable of giving that same attention and devotion to the well being of the American people?

In order for the collective American family to rise above this economic chaos it's time to unravel all the NAFTA trade deals that have American workers at such a terrible and devastating disadvantage. Until we create jobs by the millions - instead of sending them overseas by the millions each year - will we finally pull ourselves out of this mess.

Giving multinational companies the rights - to avoid being answerable to our American courts - and to abolish our individual American rights is inexcusable. Congress and this President have enabled this travesty through the trade deals and allowing corporations to rule our federal government with an iron fist.

Currently, there is privacy rights legislation making its way through Congress that takes away the right of the individual to sue a corporation for violating their privacy.  In other words, Senators McCain and Kerry have decided the average American no longer is allowed to have any rights they are allowed to pursue in the justice system. That's unconstitutional.

Get this, this new so-called privacy rights legislation up for a vote is that instead we are supposed to only allow the FEC to take the violators to court. The only people who can get any monetary compensation for punitive damages are small businesses - not individuals. and that compensation is only capped at a paltry $3 million. This is an outrage.

It's issues like this that Obama should spend his time and efforts. It's time he unwind NAFTA and other bad laws masquerading as reforms - like the tax breaks to the rich. You just can't run a country and several wars on the backs of poor people without any decent paying jobs to contribute into the economy and the national treasury.

Just this week, here's the latest tally of lost jobs:

NASA - 9, 000 jobs evaporated all at once - and Obama fired them
Cisco - 6, 500 jobs
Borders book stores - 11, 000 jobs eliminated

We have finally hit that exponential curve where this economy and this country has spiraled out of control because of greedy corporations and foolish politicians who enable them.  The time of reckoning has arrived, like it or not.

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