Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Check Out Keith Olbermann on Current TV: Gaffe Fests From Santorum and Romney

From Denny: We all heard of former Vice President Al Gore's new Current TV network nabbing former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann to help build the fledgling network's audience.

Olbermann has continued his Countdown show, opining on the zany American politics and politicians in their grab for personal power and financial gain using suspect ways to achieve it.

In this clip he and Mother Jones' Andy Kroll examine the crazy GOP candidates who will literally say anything to get elected.

Keith used to be a sports commentator and a great one at that. If you have never listened to him then you are in for a treat. Much like Jon Stewart he is smart, able to slice and dice the facts accurately and finds himself amused or outraged by it all.

Take a look at this week's offerings. While I am enjoying this new computer it sure was a surprise to discover no speakers came with it. So, while I wait for the mail, let me know how funny are his insights. I sure have missed the guy, wishing my cable tv provider carried his show. If you like him, please call your local cable tv provider and request they carry the new network.  It's also on the website where you can easily make the request your provider.

From Countdown: Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are allergic to facts. How else explain their recent gaffe-fests? Keith dives deeper into the truth -- and the mangling thereof -- with help from Mother Jones' Andy Kroll.

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