Monday, October 5, 2009

Roundup of Sunday Funnies, Cartoons - Olympics, Obama and Oh, No! 5 Oct 2009

English: President Barack Obama shares a momen...
English: President Barack Obama shares a moment with Jay Leno off set of the Tonight Show at NBC Studios, Burbank, California 3/19/09. Français : Le président Barack Obama partage un moment de détente avec Jay Leno lors de l'enregistrement du Tonight Show aux studios NBC, Burbank, Californie 19/03/09. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny: I like the way this cartoon was put up crooked on the cartoon site, probably unintentional but somehow telling. It's pretty much how regular Americans feel in their life right now: everything is askew since the job situation is up in the air. Most Americans only work up to 33 hours a week and without benefits. Big Business has been throwing its weight around to bully the American worker for the past 25 years.

All this colossal mess started with the electing of Republicans into Congress who were unashamedly in the pockets of lobbyists. While Washington has always suffered from the lobbyist plague, today lobbyist ratios have increased to hundreds per legislator. They were allowed to run amok during the Bush years and multiplied like whore rabbits. Will someone please quit feeding them or organize a "hunt and shoot on sight" with the gun lobby?

The Jay Leno Show

Jay Leno:
The International Olympic Committee voted, and Chicago didn't win. Which, hey, I can understand that. It's October, Chicago never wins in October.

Palin chose an author known as a White Supremacist to write her book. No wonder it's a best-seller with the racist crowd:

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon:
Sarah Palin's 400-page memoir: It starts out OK, it get's really exciting, and then confusing, and then the last 100 pages are blank.

The unsympathetic Polanski trying to weasel his way out of answering for his creepy ways:

Definitely a satire on the Republican Party's mental hospital antics of the Birther and Death Panel bizarros that have backfired on their strategists with the public:

The Tonight Show

Conan O'Brien: First lady Michelle Obama just made an appearance on "Sesame Street." It was all going very well. But then Big Bird showed up and things got a little uncomfortable.

Big Bird: Well, look who's here to push her husband's socialist health care agenda.

Michele Obama: Well, Big Bird ...

Big Bird: Or maybe you're here to finally show us your husband's United States birth certificate.

Michele Obama: No, Big Bird, I'm not.

Big Bird: That's 'cause you can't.

Ah, local politics is always dirtier than the national. It's dirty in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and every other state in the Union. The listed are the stars of long-term corruption.

The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert:
There's no better way for the International Olympics Committee to shed its reputation for corruption. Because next to Chicago, nobody looks corrupt.

The Jay Leno Show

Jay Leno:
Tom Delay on "Dancing Wth the Stars" the other night. There was one very odd moment when the judges revealed their score.

Judges: 6-6-6.

The Late Late Show

Craig Ferguson:
Forbes magazine released its list of the 400 richest people in the country. It was shocking to me. I had no idea there were 400 rich people left in the country!

Well, this little list should keep them talking at the water cooler this Monday morning! Have a great day! :)

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