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GOP Stealing Elections Again As Trial Balloon For Taking Back The White House In 2016?

President Barack Obama pauses during a a news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington, November 5, 2014. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
Stiff upper Lip For President Obama after 2014 Election Losses - REUTERS/LARRY DOWNING

From Denny:  Wake up, you clueless Democrats; you just got snookered again by the Republicans stealing elections out from under your noses.  For the past two weeks the word here in the South has been from my Republican friends of how they "know for sure" they are going to win big and take back the Senate.  When I asked why they were so confident, they winked, grinned wide and said slyly, "Well, you know the fix is in nationally."

Of course, it didn't surprise me at all.  I've been suspecting it for some time. Republican greed is so ridiculously out of control.  All you had to do was observe some of their behaviors to know what they were up to.   I was just waiting patiently to see if they were actually stupid enough to carry it out.  The answer for Election Night 2014 was a resounding "Yes! We Can!"

Did you check out Sen. Roberts (R-Kansas) desperately dialing for dollars from K Street lobbyists to the tune of $100,000 per call to save his campaign?  Well, today it's K Street lobbyists who are calling Sen. Roberts and demanding all the legislation they want passed to make good for all that money they invested.  Sen. Roberts is not the only Republican who will have to pay up to their lobbyist sponsors.

For months all the polling has shown many a race to be neck and neck and "too close to call" like the Kansas Senate race.  Then, all of a sudden, there is "a stunning upset" in many a race on election night where the races were "decided" by 10 to 15 points?  Doesn't anyone in the Democrat Party have the BS detector going off in their heads yet?  You should.

You have a slew of hated Republicans all across the country that their own states can't tolerate and yet they get re-elected by wide margins?  Come on, seriously? ...

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Exit poll data was no surprise:  Of course, most voters expressed frustration with Washington gridlock as well as the dismal performance of both political parties and President Obama.  Obama's job performance?  55 percent disapproved with 42 percent strongly disapproved.  And yet after this election this President still doesn't accept any responsibility?  Is this guy living in fantasy land?  How many were "angry" or "dissatisfied"?  They came in at 60 percent to only 40 percent who called themselves "enthusiastic" or "satisfied."

Oh, but it gets more interesting:  of those who disapproved of the job Congress was doing the numbers soared up sharply to 78 percent.  Get this; it was 60 percent who said they were "angry" or "dissatisfied" with Republican leadership.  The congressional Republican and Tea Party brands were equally despised.  Now with this kind of exit polling, known in advance from mountains of polling for months, is it any surprise the Republicans decided to pull the trigger to steal these elections?

This 2014 midterm election is just a re-do from GOP strategist Karl Rove of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections they stole then.  Republicans are weary of not crowning themselves King of the White House and just could not wait any longer to "regain" the White House.  This midterm election is nothing but a trial balloon strategy for how to steal the 2016 election, waiting to see if the Democrats have the will to challenge them.  And, you know what, the Democrats are wimpy enough to not challenge the Republicans, so, "why not?" they reason.

If President Obama wants to improve his life over the next two years he and his Team Obama had better get some fire in the belly.  They need to seriously investigate every one of these unusual elections where suddenly the Republicans went from the cellar into the stratosphere in a matter of minutes.  Besides, it's the only way to stay ahead and provide balance to how President Obama is about to be slammed with lawsuits, investigations and possible impeachment from the Republicans.  Remember the last two years of President Bill Clinton?  Yeah, the country is about to be "regaled" by the Republicans in a similar fashion as they pounce upon the Democrats to destroy all they can, however they can, ignoring the needs of the country.

Well, the Pentagon and the darling of their heart, the Rand Corporation that runs the Pentagon out of the Office of Net Assessment, are salivating at the new contracts coming their way now that the Republicans are back in control.  Gen. Dempsey and Sen. McCain (R-Arizona) are dancing a jig.  Those two have been thick as thieves for some time now against President Obama.  Sen. McCain becomes the new Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman, a committee that cannot control how much money that fills the Pentagon coffers but can set policies, thereby determining how the money is spent.  Is it any wonder Gen. Dempsey is doing major sucking up to Sen. McCain?  Gen. Dempsey must have known the Republicans were planning to steal the election too.

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The Democrats are currently selling their election night losses as not able to beat back the news cycles of ISIS terrorism and the Ebola contagion outbreak.  Hello! Clueless! Listen up!  We can argue that President Obama and the CDC didn't handle the Ebola issue well at all.  We can argue that the ISIS terrorism numbers are exaggerated greatly by Middle Eastern states feeding false information to the United Nations' report.  Instead, let's talk about the real issue of this election:  it's the economy, Stupid.

Yes, Hillary Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton had better have a Come To Jesus Meeting and listen to their daughter, Chelsea, about how to better run Hillary's 2016 campaign.  The old Clinton Magic ain't working.  It's time for Hillary to reconsider a Caretaker Presidency with hawkish overtones.  Ain't nobody interested in Centrist Democrats anymore.  People want a People's President and People's Congress - and we all know that the Republicans will never provide this.  Hillary had better do more than "lean in" but rather "turn a hard left" and turn progressive.  If she can't steer that direction she is doomed for gaining the Presidency.

But more than that today's Democrats had better get serious and investigate whether all the votes cast were actually counted in this midterm election.  And get ready to see this same strategy played out again for 2016 when the Republicans will feel even more bold than they do today.  If the Democrats are too weak and unfocused to delve into these investigations they will lose for sure in 2016.  As the Republicans play Bully Chess with the Democrats the Democrats had better stand up and learn how to do the same or fade away.

As to the Republicans, well, they just don't know how to handle success, even when they steal what is not theirs to take.  They will play the game of "almost nice" for a week or so while they plot to run roughshod over the country, fleecing the taxpayers, mistakenly believing the country gave them a mandate.

What really happened here in this election, besides the Republicans stealing votes to tilt in their favor, is a country that is fed up with both political parties standing around bickering or taking vacations at full pay from the taxpayers.  The middle class is fed up and expects results.

The middle class tried it as first giving the Democrats the House and the Senate with a Democrat President only to be disappointed in 2008.  Then it was on to the next voter strategy of giving a Democrat President a Republican House and a Democrat Senate in 2010.  Voters were worried about the Republican agenda so delivered a second term for Obama in 2012, even though they had lost their enthusiasm for him.  Now the voters are desperate to get the country moving so have delivered a Republican House and a Republican Senate to this Democrat President in 2014.

Yes, the next two years will be interesting to watch but it sure will get ugly.  If you think the Millennials are turned off to politics now wait until 2016 when both sides need their votes to control the country.  By then the Republicans will have so worn out their welcome with the voters that those 24 Republican Senate seats will disappear as quickly as the seven appeared in this election.

We all know the Republicans in control of both the House and the Senate will not be doing the work of the American people.  Oh, that they would.  But we all know the Republicans just can't stop their greed until the greed stops them.  Enjoy your two years, Republicans, because that is "as good as it gets" for a very long time.

The American voter is fed up, giving each political party a very short leash to accomplish what the country wants:  jobs, a better economy, equal pay for women and a future for their children.  None of what the voters truly want will be accomplished as long as both political parties cater to Wall Street's whims and the bizarre antics of billionaires.

Well, at least my two candidates survived into runoffs:  Sen. Mary Landrieu and former Gov. Edwin Edwards.  Guess the Republicans know that I'm keeping a keen eye on their political antics, like an owl on a branch, piercing sight that cuts through all the BS.

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