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Childish White House Press Secretary Pouts When Challenged By Kid Reporter

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English: President Obama conducts a White House staff meeting in the Oval Office. Attendees include Press Secretary Jay Carney. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  If there ever was a sign that Team Obama is unraveling and spinning out of control in their second term then the Press Secretary's childish response to a 16-year-old's poignant question in a recent news briefing is reflecting it.

Press Secretary Jay Carney behaves like a man who hates his job.  He looks like he is always sucking lemons and developing ulcers for some time now.  Clearly, this guy is not a good fit for Press Secretary because he sure does not know how to relate positively to the press, especially an ardent high school student.

Just what did this teenager, Gabe Finger, an intern at the snarky conservative The Daily Caller, ask that Carney found so odious?

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Leave it to kids to ask the darnest questions - and conservatives are among the most obnoxious. Finger wanted to know if the President was going to provide security for George Zimmerman and his family after Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the high profile "stand your ground" case where he killed a teenager, Trayvon Martin, supposedly in self-defense.  Basically, the prosecution bungled a slam dunk case.  Many civil suits to follow Zimmerman longer than any death threats.

Gabe Finger asked, "Because of the death threats being received by George Zimmerman and his parents, is the President going to take any action for their security, or are they on their own?"

What's interesting about this question is the innocence of a teenager to think that a President would care or be able to legally do anything to provide security outside of government.  Of course, the real reason this question hit a nerve with Carney is because the Obama administration has no passion for any issue and avoids taking sides when it's a no-brainer to do so.  This President is forever leaving people on their own:  his own political party and his own voters. That's the real reason this seemingly odd question hit hard and fast between the proverbial political eyes of this White House.

President Obama does not support his own Democrats.  He does not support Sen. Gillibrand in her legislative effect to curtail the epidemic of sexual assaults and rape in the military.  Instead, Obama supports the corrupt military's idiot stance.  Hasn't he figured it out yet that there is a huge nest of corruption in the Pentagon???  Why align with them?

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Carney replied to the young journalist, "Well, I think I would refer you to Florida authorities.  I'm not aware of that story.  But the President has called for echoing the statements of Trayvon Martin's family for a calm reflection in the wake of the verdict.  And that continues to be his position.  He certainly would oppose any violence of any kind."  Yeah, that's the way to speak legalese to a teenager.  Like any kid would be satisfied with such a vague and evasive answer.

What makes Team Obama and the President nail-spitting furious is when they are pressed to take a stand on anything that might hint of being controversial.  So, young Gabe pressed Carney again as any self-respecting journalist or curious kid would do:  "So, they're on their own?"

Carney spits out his frustration with the snarky reply, "You can editorialize all you want - and I have no doubt that you will - but that is a ridiculous statement."

Wow, was that nasty or what?  Of course, the smiling good part is that Carney inadvertently just freely handed Gabe some serious journalistic chops standing in the real world.  Go intern - even if he does work for a crappy rag.  The Daily Caller is nothing more than a Murdoch yellow tabloid when it comes to political journalism, full of skewed facts and weird opinions.  But today, Team Obama handed them a political gift which they will milk for months to come just like Obama handed a political gift to Putin in the Snowden case acting equally petulant.

While you like to give someone a chance - and a few years - to grow into their job before criticizing, it's obvious that Carney does not belong in this job.  It's far too stressful for him.  When a White House Press Secretary starts firing back at a plucky teenager it's past due time for him to go on to less stressful pastures.  Do Ya Think?

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